5SOS know everything weird about each other and we kind of want to know what the weird things are

Being on the road for the majority of the year with three other people means a lot of bonding and 5SOS have confirmed that fact for us.

The Aussie four-piece are currently touring North America as part of the Rock Out With Your Socks Out arena tour and have discussed with Heat magazine how they love the bus atmosphere with the team they have grown close with.

Michael Gus Bus

Talking on the subject, Ashton said: “The tour bus is great. We usually have 12 to 14 people onboard, so it’s like a little family, almost like a football team. The bad sides to touring are more like learning curves. [Actually], I don’t think there are bad sides to touring – it’s just learning how to be on the road. For example, you might not get to go outside for, like, a week.” Continue reading 5SOS know everything weird about each other and we kind of want to know what the weird things are

Teenage Kicks #041: Ashton Irwin’s Converse CONS KA3

Welcome back to Teenage Kicks! Where we find the funkiest footwear in all of pop land. Let’s see what we’ve discovered today…

Ashton Irwin was sporting some converse trainers in a recent 5SOS band pic while showing off his sexy legs. We love.

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Monday’s Comp of the Day: Win ‘Insurgent’ on DVD, which FYI is available to buy today.

We’re a bit barmy over ‘Insurgent’, when we’re not rolling around our living room floor pretending we’re fighting Jeanine we’re staring at Four’s muscles in awe with a bit of dribble running down our chin.

Today you can pop out to the shops and grab your very own copy of ‘Insurgent’ but if that’s not enough excitement you can also catch up with our chat with Shailene Woodley and the ever so hunky Theo James.

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Well today’s your lucky day, we’re giving away THREE copies on DVD. To enter all you have to do is fight off all the factionless and jump on a moving train… we joke. Just follow the instructions in the Tweet below.

Can’t wait to see if you’ve won? Click here to buy your own copy for just £9.99.

INTERVIEW: Theo James chats ‘Insurgent’ and his favourite YA reads.

We know you’ve watched ‘Divergent’ on repeat so much the DVD is getting worn out. Well fear not because today ‘Insurgent’ is finally available to own at home. It’s been far too long since we saw Shailene and Theo’s beaut faces on the big screen while we were shoving popcorn down our necks! To celebrate we caught up with a natter with the gorgeous Theo James.

Working with the same people on set for this second film, Insurgent, does being around people you know make it easier or harder? On the one hand it makes it much easier because it’s more relaxed. On the other you have to make sure you don’t become lazy or complacent because it can be a bit like, oh we know what we’re doing, no problem. You have to keep reminding yourselves to be on your toes. On Divergent we didn’t really know each other so there was still that feeling of wanting to make a good impression.

What was it like working with Shailene Woodley again this time? She’s great. One thing Shai and I found is that when you come back after a year and at first you think it’s fine because we’ve done these characters, it’s all good, then you get on set and you do that first scene and it’s like oh. It doesn’t just come back, you’ve got to click into gear.

Do you feel that there is there less or more pressure with this second movie? It’s interesting because when you first make a movie you want it to be successful obviously, but at the same time you’ve got nothing to lose. With the second movie you’ve proved that you can all do the characters and it’s had relative success, but at the same time you know it needs to be even better.

So the plan was to make this movie even stronger and do you think you’ve managed it? We all definitely wanted to up the game. One thing I am pleased with is that it’s more adult even than the first one. I think that’s very important because audiences are more and more sophisticated, especially young people, so you can’t dumb anything down or they see through it.

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Interview: Shailene Woodley chats ‘Insurgent’ and which faction she’d choose.

We know you’ve watched ‘Divergent’ on repeat so much the DVD is getting worn out. Well fear not because today ‘Insurgent’ is finally available to own at home. It’s been far too long since we saw Shailene and Theo’s beaut faces on the big screen while we were shoving popcorn down our necks! To celebrate we caught up with a natter with the lovely Shailene herself.

There’s been an explosion of interesting, tough and complex female characters on television and in movies in Hollywood. As a young actress, how does it feel to be playing one of these iconic female roles?

It’s awesome, man! It feels great. Women in the world are strong. Women have a voice. Women have a lot to say and if I can be a tiny representative of that; if I can represent that voice in the smallest fashion, then that’s a huge triumph.

Which action heroines did you admire when you were growing up?

Growing up, I didn’t really watch a lot of films, so I didn’t look to films for action heroines. Instead, I was always deeply inspired by strong female people who existed in real life. I remember studying Native Americans for a long time. There were a lot of Native American women that were really strong who fought for their tribes. I guess Pocahontas was a representation of that. In a way, she was the character who was the face of that movement – but there were many other women I admired, too. Amelia Earhart is another. I love interesting women like that.

In what way do you relate to Beatrice ‘Tris’ Prior, your character in The Divergent Series: Insurgent?

I relate to Tris in many ways. We’re both very stubborn and we’re both competitive. Tris isn’t afraid to fight for what she believes in, regardless of what other people think – and I think I share that quality with her. I’m not afraid to stand up for things if I think they are right.

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Taylor Swift and Nico&Vinz slayed ‘Am I Wrong’. Guys, you did nothing wrong, we LOVE it!

Yes y’all! Our queen Taylor Swift surprised fans during her concert in Vancouver. As you know, Taylor often brings some superstar guests to her shows – Lorde, Nick Jonas, Imagine Dragons. Well, she didn’t disappoint us at this time!

giphy (1)
T-Swizzle invited famous Norwegian duo Nico & Vinz to perform their hit ‘Am I Wrong’ in her 1989 tour. They just slayed it – watch the video below:

Looks like, Taylor was fangirling so hard! ‘I’m OBSESSED with @nicoandvinz and so was that Vancouver staduim crowd!! They are absolutely dynamic performers, the most down to earth guys, and Am I Wrong is such a brilliant song’, wrote Ms. Catastrophe  in her Instagram caption,  ‘SO HAPPY TONIGHT and so in awe of great artists like this.’

We adore this performance as well! What surprises do you have up your sleeve, Taylor?

One Direction have finished their new album and it HASN’T LEAKED YET.

Today is a very big day as it marks two days since One Direction’s fifth album’s  completion. That’s right, it’s all finished, done, and we’re guessing we’ll have it in a shiny little package by Christmas. And those 1D boys want us to get it when they want us to get it. No leaks please because leaking’s for idiots, Niall told us.





‘Drag Me Down’ is just the beginning? This is going to be incredible.

Listen to Harry Styles’ progressive voice change in ‘One Thing’. Our heart hurts.

It’s quite hard to believe that we first heard ‘One Thing’ almost four years ago, isn’t it? A lot’s changed since then. We’re almost on our fifth One Direction album, we’re one member down and they’re now the biggest band in the world, like, ever. But one thing we’ve failed to notice is that the boys have turned into men, and their voices have changed with that.

And some wonderful fans have noticed that Harry’s baby boy vocals from ‘One Thing’ have now developed into vocals of sexy manliness. Admittedly, our hearts are hurting a little bit because it means that our babies are all grown up.

Now, let’s hear that voice progression, shall we?


Can you guess the popstar from the Twitter bio? Take our quiz to find out.

After Zayn tweeted about the new One Direction single, we’ve been glued to the social media site anticipating their replies and whilst we were snooping, we had an thought. How many of our faves’ Twitter bios do we know off by heart? And then we had another though. How many of YOUR faves’ Twitter bios do YOU know off by heart?

So we decided to throw together a little quiz to see how good you are. No cheating, now!

Keeping with the Twitter theme, why don’t you let us know how well you did over on @maximumpop. Give us a follow whilst you’re there, too. We’ll send you cookies!

Zayn Malik tweeted about ‘Drag Me Down’ and we lost all chill.

If you haven’t been living under a rock for the last couple of days then you’ll know that One Direction gave us all a heart attack when they released their surprise single ‘Drag Me Down’ on iTunes without any hint or warning. And even though the vocals and sexy cover art lack our Zayn, he’s still supporting his boys and sent out a tweet to all 15million of his followers, just incase 1D needed an extra push of promo.

When we woke up this morning (can these boys PLEASE stop doing everything whilst we’re asleep?) we thought we were seeing things through our bleary morning eyes but no, Zayn ACTUALLY tweeted about One Direction’s new single.

And it got us all like this…

Oh Zayn, can you send some “Big love. :) x” our way please?

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