Alarm Pop: The best debut single from a former band member ever has arrived. Listen to Aston Merrygold’s ‘Get Stupid’ here.

No disrespect to Nathan Sykes, Cheryl, Zayn Malik(?), Vicky B or even Aston’s former bandmate OWS, but we think Mr Merrygold’s debut solo single ‘Get Stupid’ might just be our favourite debut single from a former band member ever. That’s right, E V E R.


Yes Aston, it’s your sweet booty that we’re kissing right now. Continue reading Alarm Pop: The best debut single from a former band member ever has arrived. Listen to Aston Merrygold’s ‘Get Stupid’ here.

Olly Murs has heard 1D’s new music and says it’s incredible. Let us have a sneaky listen, Ols?

We think Olly Murs is teasing us, the little so-and-so. He’s been listening to the new 1D music the lads are working on and he loves it.

He also thinks that despite Zayn Leaving, the boys are still as strong as ever.

Speaking to Shazam Top 20, Olly said  “They don’t need another person. It was such a shame to see Zayn leave, but they seem so confident and relaxed and I think it’s going to be incredible for them.”

“I think they’re going to be as strong as ever when they come out with new songs later this year, and by the sound of it, their new music sounds incredible.”

We agree!

“They’re One Direction – they’re the biggest band in the world and they’ve got the best fans in the world, so I think they’ll be back with a bang.”

Awww, babe. Backing his friends til the end!

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Trust Mr Murs? Think the album is going to be AMAZING? Obvs. Let’s have a chit chat on twitter @maximumpop

Teenage Kicks #034: Tanya Burr’s floral plimsolls

Welcome to another instalment of Teenage Kicks! Where we look at the funkiest footwear in all of pop land. So, who’s shoes are we wanting today?

Tanya Burr has recently done a huge summer haul on her YouTube and we loved it, but had our eye on a specific pair of plimsolls she shows us…


These beautiful shoes are from H&M and are available for £7.99 – what a bargain! These shoes are so pretty and perfect for the summer seasons. We are in love and ordering them as we speak.HM SHOESIf you get your mitts on these beautiful shoes, please send us a shoefie and tweet it to us @maximumpop along with #MPTeenageKicks so we can admire your sweet feet treat.

Loved that? Try Jade Thirlwall, Leigh-Anne Pinnock, Louis Tomlinson and Ella Eyre

Liam Payne covers ‘Wonderwall’ when on holiday and our feels are at an all time high.

When touring the world for nine months a year and singing to millions of people, you think a popstar would want to have a rest on their holibobs. But not Liam Payne.

While in Monaco last week, Payno got up and did a bit of karaoke and covered Oasis’ Wonderwall and all of our feels are just messed up. Have a look at what we mean…


Liam also recently mentioned the new album has an Oasis sound to it… someone’s a big fan, then?

Are you okay? Deep breaths. Let’s discuss it together on Twitter @maximumpop. Curse you, Liam. Giving us unnecessary feels.

It’s Shawn Mendes’ turn to get the Tide treatment in new YouTube upload.

It’s time for us to update our page of every YouTube cover The Tide have uploaded ever as this week sees a new addition to their sexy singing channel. This time they’ve stuck with their teen boyz and given Shawn Mendes’ ‘Stitches’ a lil’ Tide twizzle.


The new cover was filmed in Barcelona where The Tide have recently supported their label owners The Vamps on their current European tour, and it seems like they’ve hijacked some kind of Coca-Cola bar to shoot the vid. Maybe they were looking for Narry?

Anyway, the cover’s very lovely and we think we might want them a little bit than we already did, if that’s at all possible.

Check it out right hurr…

Harry Styles can’t get cuter – or so we thought until he decided to wear a pair of wellies!

Harry Styles is on a mission and that mission isn’t to save the world (although, he might be doing that too). It’s to single-handedly ruin the lives of the world population by donning  a pair of wellies.

Continue reading Harry Styles can’t get cuter – or so we thought until he decided to wear a pair of wellies!

Watch: Prides release spectacular new video for ‘Messiah’ single.

We love a brand new video over here at MP! Towers and this is certainly one that we’ve been waiting for. Ever since Prides FINALLY announced details of their debut album last week, we have been buzzing for the music video that accompanies single ‘Messiah’. And we got to see it before you – ner nicky ner ner!


The video for ‘Messiah’ shows just how contagious the Prides boys are. Set on the bands local Glaswegian streets, it has a narrative that shows the lead role having having her body taken over by dance to the track, and it’s definitely catching – we’ve been throwing shapes around the office all morning. Continue reading Watch: Prides release spectacular new video for ‘Messiah’ single.

Tuesday’s Comp of the Day: Win a SIGNED The Tide t-shirt.

We love The Tide so much we turned into their mother’s and fed them some British delicacies.

Turns out they bloody loved it so much they’ve sent us some signed t-shirts! Touched by their own fair hands, those beautiful lads know how to treat us well.

We’ve got 3 t-shirts to give away, yup THREE. If you want to win one of these fashion must-haves then follow the instructions in the Tweet below.

We’ve got 1 small, 1 medium and 1 large to give away, don’t forget to let us know which size you want :) good luck MP!ers.

Who is destined to be your YouTube BFF? It’s quiz time baby!

We spend hours watching our favourite YouTubers go about their fun lives, stuffing their mouths with marshmallows and attending swanky events. Their lives look pretty rad, but there’s one thing missing from them… and that one thing is us.

We’d make an awesome BFF and we know that you would too. Take our quiz below to find out who is destined to be your YouTube best pal, will it be Tyler Oakley? Grace Helbig? Let’s find out.

Don’t forget to send us a Tweet over to @maximumpop with your result and let’s see who your new bessie is going to be.

Get ready for a tearjerker of a movie with ‘Me and Earl and the Dying Girl’.

The newest book-to-screen adaptation ‘Me and Earl and the Dying Girl’ has released their official UK release date of September 9, 2015!

‘Me and Earl and the Dying Girl’ stars Thomas Mann, as Greg a teenage boy not fond of relationships (both friendship and romance), and Olivia Cooke, as Rachel the girl with cancer that Greg’s mother has encouraged him to befriend. The story follows the two and their budding friendship, along with Greg’s movie-making-best-friend Earl.

The movie won both the Grand Jury Prize, and the Audience Award at the 2015 Sundance Film Festival. The original book was written by Jesse Andrews. Check out the official international trailer here:

Looks good huh? We’ll be nibbling popcorn while it’s on.

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