What is Nathan Sykes really thinking in these pictures from his live shows?

As we’re all aware, Nathan Sykes is currently in the middle of performing his AMAZING upcoming solo material on his mini-UK tour.

We imagine it must be quite overwhelming to branch out from one of the UK’s biggest boybands and go it alone, and often wonder what Nathan’s feeling during this very strange time in his career. Well don’t you worry, MP!’s gone all Psychic Sally on you to see what’s running through Sykes’ little mind in these press shots from his tour.

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Well, maybe. We’ll probably never know what Nathan’s thinking but we do know that he’s releasing his very amazing debut single ‘Kiss Me Quick’ on June 14.

The Vamps’ Tristan talks about becoming best friends with fans in tour diary.

We all love a good band tour diary, don’t we? Especially when it’s hotties such as The Vamps talking us through their daily routine. In day one of The Vamps’ tour diary, the beautimous Tristan Evans talks us through the tour’s opening in Glasgow.


Speaking of his new bffls his fans, Tris says: “Today was the first time we did our meet and greet… it was great. It was really nice to see you guys. We played for you, we took pictures, we did a Q&A, we became best friends so it was awesome.”

We want to be best friends with The Vamps right now please. Tickets for The Vamps’ meet and greet packages are still available from here.

Check out Tristan’s full tour diary video below:

Wiz Khalifa dethrones Jess Glynne from number one and takes fastest-selling single of the year.

We’re here once again to bring you all the latest pieces of chart news. Another Official Top 100 has just been announced and we’ve provided it in a lovely little breakdown for you.

Wiz Khalifa has grabbed himself the fastest-selling single of 2015 so far with the Fast & Furious 7 track ‘See You Again’, which features Charlie Puth. The track – Wiz Khalifa’s second UK number one single – sold 193,000 copies just this week.


OMI’s massive early summer hit ‘Cheerleader’ jumped 22 places to number two this week after the Felix Jaehn remix of the track was rush-released last Sunday. Continue reading Wiz Khalifa dethrones Jess Glynne from number one and takes fastest-selling single of the year.

Olly Murs takes a mobile dressing room on tour with him. Yes, the whole dressing room.

You won’t hear any diva demands coming from Olly Murs about what he wants in his dressing room whilst he’s on tour because you don’t even have to provide him with one. Before each show, Olly chills out in a mobile dressing room that he brings with him!


That’s right, he takes the whole thing from venue to venue. But what would you take with you in a portable dressing room? Well, Mr Murs has been telling Daily Mail’s Weekend magazine all about it. “The budgets are bigger so I can afford a few luxuries – a leather sofa and black drapes, and this games console to take me away from the stresses of the show. Then, after each show, we pack everything up – including the furniture – and move to the next venue.” Continue reading Olly Murs takes a mobile dressing room on tour with him. Yes, the whole dressing room.

MP! Interviews Stacey Solomon about her debut album and pretty much everything else she gets up to

Of all the instantly iconic interviews I’ve conducted for Maximum Pop! in my time, this was one of the most I was most excited about. In fact, we almost missed our chance, having replied to the PR email after the day they proposed the interview took place but after I told them how excited I was at the chance to meet the woman herself, we sorted out a new date. And I’m so glad we did; Stacey Solomon is everything you expect her to be in person, and more.

As soon as she came in with her ‘people’ (fancy term), I was greeted with one of the friendliest hellos and hugs ever, despite this woman never having met me before. If that didn’t make it obvious this was going to be a far from formal interview (but then again, when have MP! ever done a formal interview? They’re boring anyway, right?), our very in-depth and sadly unrecorded chat about smoothies did. We chatted even more before the interview began about the not-very-current-anymore Natalia Kills controversy (who?) and how half my year bunked off school one afternoon because we heard a rumour Cheryl and X Factor 09 alumni Lloyd Daniel were at Merthyr Nando’s. They weren’t.

So without further ado, let’s get to it.

It’s been nearly six years since you were on The X Factor, do you feel the time has flown by?

Yeah, it really does. Sometimes it feels like just yesterday then I look at the year and I’m like ‘Oh, my God, it’s been forever!’ (laughs).

How are you feeling about finally releasing your debut album?

Just really proud! I feel like I have worked really hard on it, waited a really long time and put loads of efforts in and I just feel proud its actually happening. Continue reading MP! Interviews Stacey Solomon about her debut album and pretty much everything else she gets up to

MP! Interviews: We chat to Scott Adsit AKA the voice of Baymax from Big Hero 6! He really loves Baymax.

The latest Disney animation to have wowed the world, ‘Big Hero 6′ is such a huge hit. We love it, you love it, the entire globe loves it! We had the chance to have a natter with Scott Adsit who provides the voice of Baymax in the movie.

Scott and Baymax

Hi Scott! You play Baymax in ‘Big Hero 6′ how would you describe the character?

He is a huggable, loveable and and he’s very helpful and he goes on a very small journey of getting to know his creator and brother, Hiro. He forms a bond with his primary patient, which is his duty, but he finds family within Hiro and Hiro finds a new family within Baymax because Baymax goes through being kind of a baby where Hiro and then more into a brother where they share adventures and in the end, Hiro learns something from Baymax because he ends up as a fatherly figure.

The film is the second Disney movie to ever win an Oscar – how does that make you feel?

Pretty amazing! It was an incredible night. There was the six of us up in the last row of the balcony as the guests and nominees and we weren’t expecting to win at all! There was another film – a very good film – which had been winning all the awards up until then and we were quite surprised when they announced our name and we made a lot of noise on the balcony! But I’m very proud to be part of something so wonderful and I’m very happy to have made the people at Disney happy. Continue reading MP! Interviews: We chat to Scott Adsit AKA the voice of Baymax from Big Hero 6! He really loves Baymax.

‘The Haunting of Sunshine Girl': If you needed any more reason to buy Paige McKenzie’s creepy YA novel, check out what Booktuber Christina had to say about it

If you haven’t got hooked on ‘The Haunting of Sunshine Girl’ yet, you really need to. This spooky debut from Paige McKenzie is packed with fun thrills and creepy goings on, and feels like the classic ghost story with an urban fantasy twist in the middle.

If you still aren’t convinced that this book deserves a spot on your bookshelf, check out what booktuber Christina L has to say about ‘The Haunting of Sunshine Girl’ (quick answer: she loves it, too).

Go for a ride with The Vamps, Conor Maynard and more as Thorpe Park announces Island Beats gigs

Thorpe Park have announced a brand new string of gigs to make visiting the theme park even more exciting this summer. During July and August this year, Universal Music acts will take to the stage to perform their hits in Lost City.


Island Beats will see The Vamps, Ella Eyre, Rizzle Kicks and Conor Maynard perform at the perfect fusion of rides and live music – with ride times being extended to 10pm.

In partnership with Universal Music, Global Entertainment, Capital FM and Showcase Live!, Island Beats will feature a diverse and current line-up for all music fans to enjoy.

The Island Beats line-up is as follows…

11th July - The Vamps

24th July - Ella Eyre

1st August - Rizzle Kicks

21st August - Conor Maynard

Tickets will be available from here very soon.

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