10 ways to wear a bandana for OTRA – look slick for the Bandana Project!

Last year, fans across North America held a pretty epic project. They wore bandanas of specific colours to represent their favourite boys. Thousands of people participated and made friends through the clever idea. The fan action was so good that even Liam took part! This year, fans are making the American success a global project and want YOU to get involved. So we’ve come up with different ways that you can wear your bandanas in a funky way.



1. Hair

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It’s basically on trend right now and one of the most popular ways to wear a bandana! Here’s some of our favourite hairstyles

2. Bracelet


If you’re big on jewellery, then this a pretty cute and simple way to wear your bandana! The girls from @bandanaproject are selling some bandana bracelets pretty cheap, so go grab one!

3. Bows

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Show off your love for your favourite 1D ship by wearing a bow! In your air, as a broach, it’s up to you! You can buy the official Bandana Project ones here.

4. Phone case

unknown (2)Go that extra step and pick out a cute bandana print phone case!

5. Earringsunknown (4)

Buy some cute hoop earrings and cut up a bandana to wrap around the hoops. Et voila!

6. Pocketsunknown (5)
Cut your bandana of choice into the shape of your pocket and sew or fabric glue on.

7. Bagunknown (3)
Get a bandana print bag. It’s useful and a different way to wear a bandana!

8. Nailsbadnana nails

This tutorial shows you how to wear fabric nails- why not try it with a bandana?

9. Shoe laces

Shoe lacesSnazz up your shoes with cute bandana shoe laces. Pretty unique, right?

10. Belt

bandana beltA necessary accessory piece which would look awesome with the bandana look.

So, there’s our 10 ways to wear a bandana! Have any ideas of your own? Tweet us @maximumpop with how you plan to wear your bandana and make sure you follow @bandanaproject and tweet them with #BANDANAPROJECT

The Vamps continue their domination of Australia & celebrate Australia Day in STYLE

We might just be a TINY bit jealous that The Vamps aren’t in the UK right now, but it’s all okay because not only do their Australian fans get to see them, but they are documenting their every move in a series of videos. We can follow them around, it’s great! MP! HQ has become a mini cinema for the day and we intend to watch through boys on their trip. The latest video (of course) didn’t disappoint as we get to see the boys celebrating Australia Day in true Vamps style.

As always, we are very eagle eyed here at MP! and we have noted a few points about the video above…

  • Tris and Connor have a fight over Haribos (don’t blame them)
  • There is a little bit of an episode involving a 10 foot python. Just watch and see.
  • Connor does an excellent impression of a python.
  • Tris got engaged with a fan.
  • James’s fashion attempts are…questionable.
  • There is a LOT of slow motion head swinging.

Whilst we wait for the next video we might as well watch all their old videos, because, why not?


What do Stereo Kicks get up to before they head on stage?

We had a little chinwag with the Stereo Kicks lads before their headline show at the O2 Academy Islington and had one burning question in particular… How do they get pumped for the show?!

They gave us a little demonstration of what they get up to.

How many ginger beers was that lads? @stereokicks

A video posted by Maximum Pop! (@maximumpopcouk) on


Welll, we can’t say we were expecting that, but we love it! We could listen to it all day to be honest. If you haven’t already, go have a look right here at what the boys had to say for themselves when we had a little pre-show, dressing room chit-chat.

The best 1D songs written by Liam and Louis – #TEAMLILO

You know how hard it is for us to pick our favourite 1D member- it’s basically impossible! But we can easily show a lot of love for Liam and Louis AKA the dream team of songwriting.

We’ve always loved every song the lads have released- from ‘What Makes You Beautiful’ right up to ‘No Control’, but the songs written by Payno and Tommo are so good that it can be hard to function when we listen to them. Here are our top songs by #TEAMLILO.

1. Change Your TicketChange Your Ticket

Just how much have the boys matured here? They’ve gone from wanting to stay up all night and breaking tables to wanting their lover to sneakily stay in the hotel with them for that extra bit longer. We wonder why… probably to break more tables, actually.

2. Better Than WordsBetter Than Words

Besides the fact that this song is cleverly made up of other song titles because there’s no words to describe their love for someone, this song gave us the beautiful Niall crotch move on the Where We Are Tour and destroyed our ovaries good and proper. Thank you, boys. We actually mean that. Continue reading The best 1D songs written by Liam and Louis – #TEAMLILO

5 reasons why we love Michael Sutthakorn – Meet your new crush

If you’re looking for a way to win our hearts over, it’s through being cute, funny and musical. That’s basically it. So, you can see why we’ve gone mental over Michael!

Michael Sutthakorn is a singer songwriter from Northern Ireland and here are the top 5 reasons as to why we love him.

1. He does amazing covers 

This is his most recent cover of the wonderful ‘Uptown Funk’ and it is bloody brilliant. Continue reading 5 reasons why we love Michael Sutthakorn – Meet your new crush

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