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8 reasons why we looooove Jasmine Thompson

She’s only 14 and yet singer Jasmine Thompson has already hit 100 MILLION views on YouTube and has a chart hit. Therefore we decided to compile a lovely little list on why we love her.

Her voice
First things first (I’m the realist) she has got an incredible voice. Her unique tone sends shivers throughout your body the second she opens her mouth. Especially at such a young age, we can’t wait to hear how she sounds in a few years time. Check out her cover of  Let Her Go below:

2. Her hair
She is a stylish teen and her hair is always on point. We’d love to hear her secret (cough cough)

jasmine thompson

3. Her fans
She’s only 14 yet she has already got almost 50,000 fans on Twitter and they are all lovely and supporting.

4. She’s already had a chart hit
Here is a bit of a sneaky one. We have all heard Jasmine before when her vocals were used on a Sainsbury’s advert. Her appearance caused the version to reach #32 in the charts, impressive right?

5. She’s down to earth
She acts normal, believe it or not. She tweets about going to the Dentist, doing homework, and constantly thanks her fans. We love a nice popstar!

6. She’s working with Robin Schulz
She’s working on a track with the mighty Robin Schulz who has hit the top spot in the charts twice already this year.  The track is called ‘Sun Goes Down’ and you can check it out here:

7. She’s an Instagram-aholic!
She loves a good selfie, although who doesn’t? Jasmine is always on Instagram snapping her life, including this adorable throwback of her with some ducks when she was younger… n’awwww!

#tbt me and the ducks

Фото опубликовано Jasmine Thompson (@tantrumjas) ноя 11, 2014 at 8:15 PST

8. She’s going to be doing a gig
She is going to be appearing at the ‘This Must Be Pop’ live show in December and with tickets only £4, it would be a shame to miss Jasmine’s amazing vocals live. More information here.


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Our Christmas book wish list is already as long as Zayn Malik’s new hair but that hasn’t stopped us lusting after new 5 Seconds of Summer books.


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The 5SOS Fam in Wales knew that it would be impossible for all the fans to be able to go to the glorious fan convention in LA, so they put their own event on. Oh, and it was for charity. Continue reading

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EXCLUSIVE: Watch the ‘Night School’ web series trailer a whole 24 hours before ANYONE else.

Throw in an attractive guy to the mix of a book trailer and you’ve got our attention. It just so happens to be a fudging awesome book too, nipple and a great read, that’s what we call win-win.

Carter rises from the waters

Following the success of the ‘Night School’ series CJ Daugherty’s treated us this festive season to a series of short films. It’s your lucky day because we’ve got an exclusive first look at the trailer a whole 24 hours before ANYONE else.

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