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Does Harry Styles have 4 nipples?

Does Harry Styles have 4 nipples?

You want to know how many nipples Harry Styles has.


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  1. I think you should have a concert in Wisconsin I have nerver been to a
    Concert before call me Harry 6082358548

  2. i love NIALL hes my 4th,5th,or 6th cousin! I am not shore! I never meet him but my mum said ” hey did u know that u have a cousin in Ireland named Niall”? i said, “relly?” she said, ” yea hes in this new boy band 1 direction.” me, “…….aaaaaaaaaaaa….a….a…a…a..a….aaaaaaaaaaaaa omg omg omg!” I am like 1000000000000% irish even more than that. I freaked when my mum told me that Niall is my long not lost cousin! I always wanted to become a famous singer like him. every st. Patricts day all my classes told me to irish stepdance in front of the class! I am like a lepercon I am short,I have a burnet like hair, and I am irish! I also talk alot! sooo some one help me become famous and get me to communicat with my cousin Niall. thanx biii.

  3. louis tomlinson is that really you i know loads about you and i am your biggest fan! i have sent fanmail to you on hotmail my account is! plz reply to my mail on hotmail and i have something for you,
    O-open hearted
    U-utterly cute
    I-insainly funny
    Hope you like it! bye cutie boy.

  4. WHY IS EVERYONE MAD ABOUT HARRY HERE anyways i kinda like him my friend at school hates him and i dont like her shes called mollie. but i like LOUIS TOMLINSON best as you can see in my name

  5. look first of all that is prob not the real harry and he does NOT have four nipples just some birthmarhs on his stomach

  6. Harry there is a kid I have a crush on who looks just like you I think I like him because he looks like you but he is very nice and told me he does not care about popularity because I’m not that popular but I’m completely in love with him and I think it’s because I love with you but only like him as he was your personality nice loving giving caring

  7. I really dont think its nasty that harry has four nipples i think of it as the more the marrier. Btw if it was swiched around and your bf/gf had four nipples or even better you had four nipples how would you like it if people kept getting on your nerves about something you were born with would you like it just like lady gaga said “i was born this way” so if any of you have a problem with it build a bridge and get over it :^)

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