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Little Mix fanmail address is:

Little Mix
Modest! Management
The Matrix Complex
91 Peterborough Road




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        1. Yeh but did you send one off for them to sign or did they have one already signed? :/

  1. Wow I am going to send Little Mix fan mail and see if they reply to me I love Little Mix so much I love them all but Perrie is my favourite out of Little Mix but I l adore them all  they are all fantastic singers and dancers and they are all very pretty and very stunning and beautiful . Love you forever and I always will Little Mix can’t wait for their album to come out does anyone know when their album is out? I so love their X Factor single Cannonball The video to it is super. I can’t wait to see what Little Mix bring out next.  I voted for them on the X Factor 2011 final when they won I went wild screaming, cheering and jumping everywhere I was so happy I was crying happy tears. Love you forever and I always will Little Mix you have a fan for life. I am their number one fan in Hull England UK. 

  2. we love you little mix in huddersfield we voted for you when you was in the final love you lots please come to see us  :) xx wishing you all luck in the future x

  3. heyyaaa omg little mix i love u im ur biggest fan ive sent a letter to u hope u get it n reply xxx

  4. Do they actually read it? Or does someone else read it and reply for them? because they are so busy working on new songs n doing photoshoots atm :)

  5. It doesn’t matter if other celebs have the same adress, but if you read it properly it has their name in the adress so they know who it’s for. Dah

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