iTunes Festival 2014: the line-up has been revealed.

As we type this we’re sat outside London’s Roundhouse waiting for the 2014 iTunes Festival. Well, not really, but we’re bloody thinking about it.

With MASSIVE names such as 5 Seconds of Summer, Pharrell, Sam Smith, Maroon 5, Calvin Harris, Kiesza and many more, it’s going to be one massive party this September.

As usual the iTunes Festival, is going to rock the Roundhouse in London for 30 days.

For more information and for the full line-up visit and


MP! Film: ‘If I Stay’ life can change in an instant.

August see’s the release of the beautiful and touching movie based on the novel by Gayle Forman, ‘If I Stay’.

Mia has the average life, she’s a typical teenager. She lives in a small town with her parents and her little brother, Teddy. Her boyfriend, Adam is in his own band (guys in bands are always sexier, nice one Mia). Her life changes completely after a horrible accident…

Chole Grace Moretz brings to us a new teen drama with Liana Liberato and the sexy Jamie Blackley.

photo #7

10 Reasons why we love Luke Hemmings

Luke Hemmings from 5SOS (5 Seconds of Summer) recently turned 18 & to celebrate, Reah from @5SOS_Updaters decided to make a list of the top 10 reasons why we love him.

  1.  The fact that he always has perfectly quiffed hair.
    photo #1
  2. His handsome smile that can brighten anyone’s day.
    photo #2
  3. The depth of his lovely blue eyes.
    photo #3
  4. His caring & beautiful soul.
    photo #4 photo #5
  5. His impressive sense of style.
    photo #6
  6. His totally “punk rock” lip piercing.
    photo #7
  7. The fact that he’s completely clueless at times.
    photo #8
  8. The “eye thing”.
    photo #9
  9. His stage presence & killer vocals.
    photo #10
  10. For posting covers on his YouTube channel & basically starting the band.
    photo #11

Happy 18th Birthday again Luke, thank you for being amazing. Thank you for being you..

Got anymore reasons why you love Luke Hemmings? Let us know below.

Screen Shot 2014-06-30 at 03.23.56

One Direction ‘Where We Are’ concert film is coming to cinemas!


Hope we’ll see the ‘BRAZIL’ tattoo on the big screen!

The One Direction fellas  just announced their ‘Where We Are’ concert film.


Oh Harold, the way that you flip your hair gets us overwhelmed.

The film, recorded at San Siro stadium in Milan, will be on the big screens on the 11th and 12th October 2014 ONLY.


Watch the trailer

Tickets go on sale on 28th July.

For more info check out


Steal Their Style: Neon Jungle

Steal Their Style: Where we tell you how to look like a pop star.
Brought to you by @anyacahill_

Neon Jungle are pretty much the hottest new girlband in the UK and their style is just as talked about as their music is, and that’s talked about a lot. Each member pretty much has their own distinctive, unique and individual style which all manages to flatter each of their incredible bodies.

I’ve thoroughly searched the wonderful web in order to help you gather inspiration to incorporate each member’s style into your own, or maybe just your favourite member, for as cheap and affordable as possible.


(Items:- shorts – forever21, bralet – missguided, flannel shirt – loveculture, Dr.Martens – solestruck, bag – Aldoshoes, All jewellery – New Look.)


Asami, the girl that seems to be a vintage goddess, with an oversized flannel shirt or denim jacket being a regular staple to her daily outfits. She also seems to be a regular to a floral print and a bright barnet, which gives her look a feminine touch without being too edgy. As with the rest of the Neon Jungle members, Asami wears outfits that are flattering to her figure, but an oversized flannel shirt doesn’t mean you can’t look feminine! Asami is a regular to a high waisted skirt, which is usually accompanied by a modest peep of the mid-rif (why not?), with a bralet or a high neck crop top. She then gives it her own individual edge by wearing an oversized flannel shirt or a vintage denim jacket with a pair of boots or chunky soled lace-ups.


(Items:- mesh top- ASOS, short, bralet and all jewellery – New Look, Bag –, Criminal Damage snapback – Selfridges, Boots – )


Amira, the member that defines urban and street chic. She even looks great in a tracksuit. Amira is the frequent hat-wearer of the group, I can only imagine her hat collection… she’s barely seen without one on her head whether it’s a classic black structured fedora or a bucket hat, she will make it look appealing to accompany her outfits. Amira seems to be a massive lover of monochrome, especially black, which emphasises her dark, grungey, street style. Amira seems to like a pop of bright colour in her dark outfits, which she adds with a bright lip and  her brightly coloured hair along with a bright statement jacket or shoes.


Items:- Bralet and sunglasses – Missguided. Skirt, bag, shoes and all jewellery – New Look.)
North East Live
Jess, the member that is effortlessly feminine no matter what she is wearing. She is a frequent wearer of basic pieces such as leggings, bandeaus, jersey dresses and split midi skirts that all compliment her figure. Jess is most definately a prime example that basic pieces can make you look effortlessly feminine and chic, literally without any effort at all. Although Jess seems to love basic block colours, she is not afraid of a bold print, mostly on the skirts she wears. She usually accesorises with minimal jewellery, but is a regular to a pair of gold hoops. Tip – wear a basic outfit and wear a statement piece whether it’s a bold print or a soft, floral print.


(Items:- Jersey – Criminal Damage at ASOS, Shorts and socks – New Look, Timberlands – ASOS, Choker and bag – Forever 21)

NCS YES Live - Show

Last but certainly not least, the lovely Shereen. The member that looks effortlessly good in anything she wears. Shereen is known to be a big lover of a chunky boot or heel, which she occasionally wears to dress up a simple outfit. She’s also frequently seen wearing high necked tops and statement necklaces which compliment her figure, but as I can see she is a frequent wearer of an oversized tee or jumper, but she makes it feminine by showing off her lovely legs (accompanied by some shorts, of course!)


5 Seconds of Summer to perform at iTunes Festival on 4 September

They don’t stop and we like it!

5 Seconds of Summer will at iTunes Festival on 4 September at the Roundhouse in London!

If you live in UK, apply HERE FOR TICKETS! We’re already sat outside waiting for them..


Introducing Nathaniel: Who ordered the hunky Aussie with a big voice?

Here at Maximum Pop! HQ we admit to being partial to cheeky boybands – but let’s face it, there is nothing like a sexy man in a blazer who can hit soulful, high notes.

Introducing Australia’s finest new export: Nathaniel, a South African-born singer/songwriter who rose to prominence on X Factor Australia two years ago.

Nathaniel’s debut single ‘You’ is an alluring modern R&B masterpiece that sounds like something Miguel, Usher or Justin Timberlake would snatch Grammy’s with.

The track is produced by DNA Songs, a Sydney-based songwriting/production team that has worked with The Saturdays, Ricky Martin and Bonnie Anderson.

The crisp metronomic beat recalls Leona Lewis’ iconic smash ‘Bleeding Love’ and just like LeLew, Nathaniel doesn’t shy away from the high notes.

The man impressively rocks a falsetto all through the most straightforward and addictive chorus you will hear all year, singing: “‘Cause baby, you-ooh-ooh-ooh. You make me feel alright! Yes you do-ooh, baby.”

We guarantee you would be singing along by the second chorus.

‘You’ became something of a surprise hit in Australia, where it peaked at #4 on the ARIA charts with double platinum sales.

What do you guys think? Does Nathaniel’s ‘You’ have what it takes to be huge in the UK?

‘You’ is out in the UK on 17 August.

Screen Shot 2014-07-21 at 18.31.44

WATCH: One Direction release ‘You & I’ fragrance backstage video

“What do you want to be when you grow up?” “The fluffy bunny in ‘You & I’ backstage video”.

Back in June the lads announced that they’d be releasing their third official fragrance, ‘You & I’.

Last week Nialler teased us with this picture

Now we have a backstage video!

The black & white footage starts in the super-sassy model Louis’ dressing room.


Look at Louis face admiring the ‘You & I’ bottle.

Look at his face admiring the most fine piece of art in the word…
The he gives this beauty to Harold, who’s strutting his bun backstage.

Then Niall doing some tricks with his scooter
tumblr_n90u4gzJSc1roeq4co1_250 tumblr_n9120o2UeT1sz90ezo5_250

Now we need you to be ALL EYES. Not only because it’s time for Big Payno, and we know how he’s into ‘You & I’, but…

tumblr_n90unzFxkz1spdlt1o1_250 tumblr_n90unzFxkz1spdlt1o2_250 tumblr_n90unzFxkz1spdlt1o3_250 tumblr_n90unzFxkz1spdlt1o4_250
Payne reveals A SECRET RING within the package. Dear Future Husband (who could be Harry, Niall or Liam), forget about the Tiffany’s ring because all I want is this ‘You & I’ ring!



Let’s see all the video in its entire glorious beauty.

So, any ideas about what’s next? Can you wait to use ‘You & I’ and spay it on strangers to convert them and join the 1D Family?

Screen Shot 2014-07-21 at 06.01.16

Niall Appreciation Post #NiallAppreciationDay

It’s #NiallAppreciationDay, let’s celebrate him!
Here @1D_Updates_EU tells us why we love the crazy mofo.

Niall Horan, the sunshine that brightens everyones day. Even if he’s not your favourite, he’s still your favourite.

He has the voice of an angel. When he sings, the world stops. It brings the biggest smile to your face and makes you happy within seconds.

His hugs. He gives the best hugs known to man. We would all sell our family just to have a hug from him.




Niall has a habit of always telling the fans about how much he loves us. Of course we all love it! I mean who doesn’t love hearing that from their favourite on a daily basis.

The lad certainly knows how to dance.


Shakira has got nothing on him! I mean look at those hips move.


If One Direction ever falls through then he can always get a job as a stripper.

Selfies. They’re the worst and best thing to happen to this fandom. The day Niall made his Instagram, is the day all hell broke loose.

We even made the news because he posted a selfie and we all cried. Good times.

You have never experienced true happiness until you’ve heard him laugh. It brings so much joy to our lives.


He does this thing when he laughs hard, he scrunches up his eyes.
His smile looks like it could make flowers grow.

July 16th 2013 was not only a great day for the Horans but also for the fandom. Niall’s sister-in-law gave birth to Theo. Nialls photos with Theo were and still are the best photos we have ever seen.


Look at how cute they both are. Like uncle, like nephew.
Accurate representation of this fandom when it comes to Niall. We all feel you Theo!


Niall must be a fun person to hang out with. People like him bring a lot of joy and happeniess to our lives. He’s a pure person and his heart is so full of love. Everyday should be Niall appreciation day!

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