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Harry Styles could land a role in ‘Dancing On Ice’ after seeing this ‘Night Changes’ snippet.

It’s just one more day to go until the ‘Night Changes’ video is released! We always look forward to 4pm here at MP! HQ, it’s the time of day for a cuppa tea and a custard creme.

Harry Ice Skating 1

Harry Ice Skating 2Thankfully we were sitting down when Harry’s snippet for the video was released as he looks like an angel gliding on ice. We can just imagine holding his hand while whizzing around the ice rink at Christmastime. *sigh*

Harry Ice Skating 3Harry Ice Skating 4

Watch for yourself below, but be careful. There’s gorgeous smile and curls that you could impale yourself on.

four 1d

Analyse One Direction’s ‘Night Changes’ artwork with us – What does that rip mean lads?

Forget ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’- these days it’s all about Keeping Up with the 1D boys because this week has been too much for us to handle.

Band Aid, 1DOrlando, FOUR and now they’re releasing another single! And as always, new single = snazzy new artwork. We take a look at the ‘Night Changes’ single artwork and decode the hidden messages that you wouldn’t see at first glance. Oooh.

BEHOLD. The ‘Night Changes’ artwork.

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Happy Birthday, Mikey! Time for 5 Seconds of Summer’s guitarist to get the Birthday bumps.

We know not all of us can be with Michael Clifford on his 19th birthday, but we don’t see that as any reason not to grab some cake and party to a 5SOS playlist anyways.

The boys themselves decided to hit up Universal Studios for Mikey’s big day, Ashton looking particularly happy to be snapped with a couple of minions.

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Taylor Swift makes chart history with ‘Blank Space’

Tay Tay has only gone and made history on the Billboard Hot 100 with ‘Blank Space’, it went from No. 13 to No.1! It even knocked ‘Shake It Off’ from the top of the chart and made her the first woman in the Hot 100’s  history to succeed herself at the top spot, what a mouthful.

taylor blank space

“Blank Space,”  was released on Big Machine Records and promoted to radio by Republic Records, which took over  the No. 1 spot following the Nov. 10 release of its official video.

It became her THIRD (wow) Hot 100 song to get the No. 1 spot following “Shake it Off” and our fave track about Harry Styles “We Are Never Getting  Back Together”, plus shes the only artist this year to get two Hot 100 No. 1s, go Tay!

We’re so proud of Taylor! Now its time to carry on listening to ‘1989’ and shake it off.

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Liam night changes

We go on a funfair date with Liam in the ‘Night Changes’ teaser – living out our dreams

We only have two more days left until the music video for ‘Night Changes’ is unleashed on the world and we don’t know if we are ready. First we go for a meal with Zayn, a walk with Louis, snuggle up with Niall and now Liam has decided to take us to a funfair- we are overwhelmed by their love for us.

He even gives us his scarf when we’re chilly and wins us a big cuddly bear. Our feels are sky high.

We need a quick lie down- something tells us that Harry’s got something up his sleeve for us tomorrow.

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