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Taylor Swift shakes it off with the cheerleaders – pom poms at the ready!

‘Shake it off’ has been stuck in our head like a bad smell stuck in your dads new car. IT JUST WON’T BUDGE! Not only is the song an absolute pop belter but Tay Tay knows how to have a good time and make an awesome video.

We love Taylor even more for promoting her awful dancing, it makes us feel more welcome in da clerrrbs. Since T-Swizz is basically the nicest person in the galaxy she’s taking us behind the scenes starting with this section where we see her get tossed up into the air like a human javelin.

What do you think? Can you shake it, shake it like a pro or are you more Taylor level?


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The Big Interview: Sheppard let us in on their tour bus secrets and favourite cheese based snack.

Sheppard are the hottest new indie-pop to fly out of Australia, literally or it would be a very long swim. Their track ‘Geronimo’ has been stuck in our head from morning till evening, repeatedly. We caught up with Amy on the phone while they were over in the UK. Sweaty gigs, album news and the inside gossip on tour snacks. Important questions I think you’ll agree.

This is Maximum Pop! We’ve got Amy from Sheppard on the line, how’s it going Amy?
Hi! It’s going very well thank you.

Are you over in Australia right now?
No we’re in the UK! We’re touring here for a couple of weeks before we head over to the US.

Nice! What’s it like being in the UK? Have you done any traditional British things like had your 9 cups of tea a day and your roast dinner or anything like that?
Yeah! We’ve definitely had a lot of tea and a lot of hot breakfasts, we tried HP sauce for the first time…

What did you think of HP sauce!?
It’s interesting… it’s a bit like Worcestershire sauce, we thought, but…

It’s brown, they should have made it a better colour.
Yeah it’s interesting, let’s just say that.

How many cups of tea have you had already today?
Today? Oh, none! I need a few I think.

Amy, it’s not enough.
I’ll become addicted!

How was your show at the Barfly?
Yeah it was just last night, it was fantastic. I mean Camden is such a cool little town and I’d quite like to go back, we sold out which was really exciting! And especially on the other side of the world, it’s a big deal for us! It’s really cool to see some people singing along.

Awesome, that sounds cool. It’s quite a sweaty bar isn’t it? It’s pretty hot in there.
Yeah it was boiling, I mean you can see it, we just posted a picture on our facebook page of us after the show and um we were just drenched! Haha, so I think we need a supply of ponchos for the first row now.

[MP! note: We've added in said, sweaty epicness below]


Let’s talk about the band, there’s 6 of you in the band which is quite cool. I’m thinking right you can do quite a lot of stuff with 6 people, always good if you get invited to a party you’ve got mates to bring along. If you need to wingman each other, you can do that with 6 of you or like you can start your own football team.
Yeah! Acrobatics!

Have you ever made a human pyramid with the 6 of you?
Oooh! Not yet but that’s a good idea.

You could do that.
There’s a lot of things we could do with 6 people.

Do you sort of have roles in your band? Like with One Direction obviously Harry’s the one with the good hair and then Liam’s the sensible one and Zayn’s the moody one. What are the roles for the 6 of you in Sheppard?
Roles, well there’s 2 girls in the band, so we kind of stick together and we do a lot of the social media and we try to keep control of the fashion as well! Dean our drummer is definitely like the class clown at 5am he’s always the one that’s cracking jokes and making us laugh. I’d say George who’s the other lead singer of the band he’s like the boss, he keeps everyone under control! And then Jay, he’s our acoustic guitarist and the third songwriter, he’s a bit more shy and a bit more reserved but he’s really in depth and deep and meaningful. So yeah everyone’s got their own really individual personalities which I think really balances us all out and there’s a nice meaning to the band.

Yeah that sounds like it works, it sounds beautiful!

Beautiful harmony. Let’s talk about your track as well ‘Geronimo’ is a tune! Really catchy, very good tune. Be honest, do you ever accidentally start singing it? Is it that catchy it gets stuck in your own head?
It does, I’m not going to lie. I mean sometimes I wake up in the morning and I’m just like ‘SAY, GERONIMO!’ then I’m like ‘NOOOO’ because once I wake up singing a song I know it’s going to be stuck in my head for the whole day. So yeah it definitely gets stuck in my head as well. It’s been stuck in my head for about a year.

Yeah! It’s proper catchy, it’s well good. Talk to me about the video as well what’s the deal with that?
The video for ‘Geronimo’? We shot it here in London with a guy called Justin Dickel it was incredible. We collaborated with him about the idea and then we showed up and it was just the most amazing set but I mean we’ve got 2 videos for ‘Geronimo’ so you may have seen the cardboard one.

We’ve seen the one where they’ve built letter out of all different things!
Oh yeah! That’s the one I was talking about.

Oh yeah, that’s sick.
It was a really cool day! It was just shot in one day and then George spent about an hour and a half on the treadmill.

He must have been knackered!
Our director became our personal trainer. All the colour in the video represents our band quite well.

Nice, really cool and if you were going to make a music video you may as well have a bit of a work out just to make a whole day of it.
Yeah by the end of the day we were wrecked, it was so jam packed.

How did George get the short straw with all the running?
He sings the first verse so that’s what you get!

Fair enough haha, tell us about what other music you guys listen to? What are you liking at the minute?
There’s three different songwriters in the band so we each have very different influences and artists we listen to. George is really into Coldplay and stadium rock and Jay is into singer-songwriters like Elliot Smith and Death Cab for Cutie. I’m more into like pop music, classic pop like Fleetwood Mac and Rolling Stones and all that good stuff so I think when you put the three of us together you get Sheppard which is like pop-stadium-singer-songwriter…6 piece! It works well together and we’ve got a good album coming out that represents our sound quite well not all the songs sound like ‘Geronimo’ they’re all very different pop music, but there’s a song that’s more jazzy pop then there’s more pop-pop! And there’s ‘Geronimo’ which is just something crazy.

Awesome, that’s cool. Talk to me like in a years time what are Sheppard going to be up to?
I think we’ll be doing a lot of touring; we’ve still got about 3 tours for the year planned, for this year! So I can’t imagine how busy it’s going to get, we’ve just started getting radio play here so we’ll be back and forth from Australia to here then to the US. So just a lot of touring hopefully building our fan base, we’re going to be releasing our album here, it’s out in Australia but you can pre-order it here and we’ll be releasing that around the world soon. Hopefully some new singles as well.

Nice! What’s your tour bus like?
Haha, the tour bus has like a little table in the middle and um it can get quite interesting like you turn around a roundabout and all these lollies and food and beer just goes everywhere haha, it’s kind of like a washing machine of food and drink.

It sounds nice, just sort of everyone spinning about inside. What’s your one snack that you need to take on tour? What do you have on the bus?
We’ve been really getting into Babybel cheese

So weird everytime we stopped off at M&S and we were just going crazy with how good it is, ‘cause normally in Australia at service stations they only have like KFC and McDonalds but here they have like salad and BABYBEL! And it was crazy because we hadn’t seen it since we were about 8 years old in our lunchboxes.

It’s an excellent primary school lunchbox snack!
Everytime we stopped we had to get some more babybel.

Amazing, on that note it’s been a treat and good luck with the record, thanks Amy byeeeee!

Per-order Sheppard’s debut album ‘Bombs Away’ here.

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