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WATCH: Taylor Swift’s new video for ‘Shake It Off’ includes a Lady Gaga-esque character and sick beats.

We’re writing this after watching Ms. Swift’s Livestream and to be honest, we’re feeling a little light headed. With 3 massive announcements we thought we’d only get to hear the new song, BUT NO!

Feast your eyes and ears, on this. ‘Shake It Out’.

What do you think of it? Are you liking the new sounds from Taylor? Or do you think she should stick to her country twanged pop mixture?

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Neon Jungle, Jedward, Greg James, Nick Jonas – 10 people we need to see do the #ALSIceBucketChallenge

So, this Ice Bucket Challenge is a thing.

While everyone is cooling down and we’re preparing ice cubes because JUST IN CASE, we’re pondering who we need to see undergo this challenge for charity.

And we wait all night for the BEST ICE BUCKET CHALLENGE EVER






— 1D Street Team PH ♔ (@Official1D_PHIL) August 13, 2014



*Ichi, ni, san… ICE!*








Who you need to see challenged? Comment phhhlleeease!


Tuesday’s Twitter Takeover: @wearesheppard will be answering your Q’s on @maximumpop from 7pm

There’s loads of good things that come from Australia, 5SOS, those sexy accents and fit lads on surfboards… the Minogue sisters. WELL it’s time to add Sheppard to that list. We’ve been humming along to ‘Geronimo’ for weeks now and they just smashed it at V festival.

They’re taking over @maximumpop from 7pm tomorrow to answer all your Q’s and take an unhealthy amount of selfies. WE CAN’T WAIT.

Get your questions in for them using #SheppardMaxPop

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MP! TV: Neon Jungle do the blind portrait challenge.

We know they can sing, dance and are basically the queens of all things sass. But can they draw with their eyes closed? It’s a skill that not many of our pop star pals have.

Commentary includes, ‘Oh my God, it looks like a duck!’ and ‘That looks a little bit disturbed doesn’t it?’. So it’s safe to say you’re all in for a treat.

Musical artists and…. actual artists as well.

If you want to WIN these signed works of art then keep your eyes on our Twitter.

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MP! TV: The Loveable Rogues plan their launch party with us.

‘This and That’ by the Loveable Rogues came out last week, so we thought what better way to celebrate them smashing into the top 40, than planning their launch party with us.

We must apologise to Luke’s nan Margret for all the innuendos and general love in her direction. She does love a bit of the Rogues though.

‘This and That’ is available to download now, right here.

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Harry Styles sharing food with the masses, first his burger, now a cupcake.

It would make our entire life if Harry Styles or any member of One Direction noticed us, so we are totally envious of one fan who was lucky enough to drive pass Mr Styles.

Not only that, but he only went and gave her a cupcake and a hug!

harry 1


Screen Shot 2014-08-18 at 15.49.13

Here’s the said cupcake. We’re not sure of the flavour but here at MP! HQ we reckon Harry is a vanilla man.

First Harry shares a burger with the paparazzi and now a cupcake with a fan. What food would you like to share with Harry? We’d like to nibble his banana.


Simon Cowell talks 1D future and predicted split – Gulp

Whenever our non Directioner friends talk to us about One Direction splitting up, we can’t help but put our fingers in our ears whilst singing ‘Midnight Memories’. It’s a natural reaction. But Simon Cowell has recently spoken to The Daily Star on his predictions about the group.

1D & Sico

Speaking to the Daily Star Sunday paper, he said: ‘Bands don’t stay together forever.’

”I think they will make at least two more albums together and they are in the middle of one right now.”

Say it isn’t so, Uncle Si! Say it isn’t so.

Niall crying

However, when talking about those pesky “Harry leaving the band” rumours, his comments were: ‘No, I don’t think that is going to happen for a while. Eventually I am sure they all will.’

‘Eventually’ being when they reach the Rolling Stones age and are well into the retirement age. Right? RIGHT?!

Thankfully, Harry has also commented on the situation earlier this year, saying ”I’m 100 per cent in this band. I still want to be touring with One Direction in ten years. I’ll be doing it until I’m old and people are telling me to stop.”

Let’s hope Harry is right and proves SiCo wrong and follow up with well over 2 more albums and will still be a band when we have our own kids graduating from university.

What do you think, then? Think the boys are going to pack it in sooner than they said or is Mr Styles right?  Comments,pls. kthxbai.

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