Where’s Zayn? Here’s 10 possible locations, can you find him?

We love a game of ‘Where’s Wally Zayn’

During the last week a really important question gripped the One Direction fandom:

@1D_Updates_EU comes up with 10 possibilities.

1 - He’s finding an inspirational quote and looking for a beautiful selfie among other beautiful selfies that he never had to retake.

2 - Secretly modelling for Vogue.

3 - Sleeping in the church where Louis’ mum got married (he arrived at the wedding 2 days late and has been there ever since).

4 - He’s lost in the middle of nowhere trying to find his ‘chill’.

5 - He’s taking swimming lessons with the 5 and under group. 

6 - He took Arnie the lizard for a walk and lost him in the park and he’s been trying to find him ever since. 

7 - He’s taking a wee somewhere in Poland. 

8 - Spray painting everyone’s wall’s.

9 - He’s on an island with no wifi.

10 - Sitting in a basement playing FIFA cause he’s too cool for the world.

Any other ideas where Zayn is? Let us know below.

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WATCH: MP! TV: Andreas Moe covers Bruce Springsteen’s ‘Hungry Heart’.

‘Everybody’s got a hungry heart, lay down your money and you play your part.’ We have a very hungry heart after listening to Andreas sing – when will he realise he wants to marry us?

While we’re all waiting for the marriage proposal, sit back, have a dribble over him and watch his pure talent ooze out of every orifice.

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Sunday’s Twitter Take Over: @leahmcfallmusic will be taking over @maximumpop from 7pm

She’s got the best fringe in the business and she’s taking over our Twitter account from 7pm this Sunday.

If you fancy having a chat with Leah McFall head on over to @maximumpop and use the hashtag #LeahMcFallMaxPop.

Find out all the goss about her latest single, what it’s like to work with and if she’d rather be a carrot or a mushroom.

Cya there MP!er’s

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The Vamps takeover Tokyo!

It’s flipping Vamps mania, they’re taking over the world. And we’re bloomin’ loving it.

The boys uploaded their latest video diary to their official YouTube page, documenting their crazy trip to the Japanese capital.

They certainly caused mass hysteria at the airport, in fact the police were called out, we especially like the weird crab move that the police do over there, is that normal?

Although, it wasn’t all work for our awesome foursome, the guys went on an expedition to see one of Japan’s beautiful shrines, we’re kinda gel – not going to lie!

The Vamps also had time to take part in a photo shoot, possibly their best photo shoot to date. Their wardrobe choice wasn’t bad either… phwoar.

All this travelling is making us a little jealous but we’re really proud of our lads getting all the attention they deserve.

cher darryl.jpg

Darryl Dishes: Cher Lloyd compares being famous to peeing in front of the world…

The Hits Morning Show presenter, and MP!’s resident pop star pal Darryl Morris is back yet again with more exclusive goss and interviews only on MP!. This week Darryl got to catch up with the lovely and surprisingly down to earth Cher Lloyd ahead of the release of her brand spanking new album ‘Sorry I’m Late’. Jealous? Us? Never. 

Cher Lloyd is back. It’s a headline she must be getting sick of hearing, but there’s no denying Cher’s absence. She’s been busy building her American empire and doing a lot of growing up.

“I was slightly concerned that I hadn’t been back to the UK in such a long time and that lots of people still viewed me as the person I was before. It might be weird for people now”

After graduating from a talent show and launching herself into the music business, Cher was, by her own admission, difficult. I hadn’t met her in the thick of her X Factor growing pains; but I’d heard stories of diva tantrums and horrible interviews. The Cher I met this week couldn’t have been any different. Warm, kind, charismatic. She was charm personified and I felt the start of a genuine friendship.

“My life has always been like somebody having a night out and pulling their trousers down and doing a wee in front of the whole world. If somebody did that they’d be horrified when they sobered up.”

There’s an image I didn’t need. The height of her weeing in public days came at X Factor mentor Cheryl’s house. Cher was brought to her knees by a throat infection and broke down as she thought she’d blown her chances.

“I can’t watch it back, it makes me cringe slightly. I was in such a state that I didn’t want to do it. I’m not happy with the way it went but I’m happy with the outcome, so you can sort of accept it”

The outcome Cher talks of consists of becoming one of the UK’s biggest exports in America, a notoriously tough place to crack. It’s come at a price though and the singer feels guilty about turning her back on her homeland for so long.

“It’s been difficult to get my head around everything but it’s gone so well in America that I’ve just not been willing to give up that opportunity. It’s been really difficult telling my Mum and Dad, but I have to come back… I’ve got to see my Nan and my Granddad. I do get to [Skype] but that makes me sad. It’s not the same. I can see my Mum and I know she’s having a cup of tea and a fag, but I’m not really joining her!”

At least she’s got new husband Craig to lean on. The now married couple travel the world and Craig follows where Cher leads, including to buying a house in the states. So no more dreaded hotels and living out of eleven suitcases.

“We get exited over silly little things like whether they have real milk and not the little UHT things”

If ever you’re making Cher a brew, avoid the long life milk. But don’t expect a diva tantrum if you forget, that Cher is long gone.

‘Sorry I’m Late’ is out July 29th and new single ‘Sirens’ is out now!

amelia tennis.jpg

Amelia Lily unveils sunny video for new single ‘California’

Amelia Lily debuted her brand new single ‘California’ not too long ago and it had “summer anthem” stamped all over it. The accompanying video has just dropped and it continues the summery theme quite nicely.

The cutesy clip sees Amelia fretting over a boy with questionable taste in tennis attire while she herself dazzles in a bright pink dress with her trademark platinum blonde hair in tow. It’s a little bit cheesy at times but suits the bubblegum nature of the track quite well. We’d also like to know where she got that amazing McDonalds fries phone cover…


WATCH: Kingsland Road’s video for ‘Dirty Dancer’.

Anyone remember these boys from X Factor 2013?

Well, the boys, who survived to the fourth week of last year’s reality TV show, have had some time writing and getting their look together and have come back with a new track this summer!

With a debut album due in January 2015, we don’t think we’ve seen the last of this high-energy five-piece.

We think they’ve come a long way since 2013 – what do you think?



Cover Corner: Gary Oldman covers Iggy Azalea’s ‘Fancy’

Everybody knows who Gary Oldman is. Even if you don’t really know his name, you’re bound to have seen him in something. gary-oldman-apologizes-jimmy-kimmel Seriously, the guy is in: Harry Potter tumblr_n1fj2gHMMR1tp7w3ro1_250 Batman.tumblr_m8i5rkLO0A1rtmlvfo1_500 Friends

And voiced this crazy evil peacock in Kung Fu Panda 2tumblr_n0ys7urluw1s1w5kvo4_250 Now, Gary shows he’s a man of many talents and branches into the world of music…

While promoting his new movie, ‘Dawn of the Planet of the Apes’, on a visit to Captial FM, the 55-year old star recorded his own version of Iggy Azalea’s ‘Fancy’. gary-oldman-on-capital-1405580509-custom-0 He can keep his face straight as well as we can. Get ready for giggles.

We wonder what Iggy thinks of Gary’s attempt…


Monday’s Twitter Take Over: @VeeBergin author of ‘The Rain’ will be taking over @maximumpop from 7PM

Calling all bookworms and budding writers!

Author of ‘The Rain’ Virginia Bergin will be taking over the @maximumpop account on Monday from 7pm.

Find out all the ‘The Rain’ goss, how she overcomes writers block and anything else that’s been making you ponder. Like her opinion on Harry Styles hairband, because come on, we all have something to say about that, don’t we?

To get noticed and your questions answered use the hashtag #TheRainMaxPop this is going to be fun, and weird. But mostly fun.

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