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ALARM POP: Ben Kelly ‘City Boy’

Recognise the face of Ben Kelly? There’s a good chance you might! Ben is one of Ireland’s best talents and he first came to our attention via his awesome Youtube videos years ago and then last year he was on The Voice where he became our favourite member of team Jessie J!

Since The Voice, Ben has been busy at work on his debut album as well as performing for the Queen and all over the UK! This week Ben has released his debut EP, ‘City Boy’ and to celebrate, there was an exclusive gig in a trendy North London venue. MP reporter Jon Hornbuckle went along to see Ben take to the stage.

The ‘City Boy’ EP (which you can preview here) is a collection of fun, catchy upbeat pop with big ballads and buckets of personality and you can’t go wrong with that formula!  Alongside the title track, our favourites include ‘Criminally Gorgeous’ which is a slice of pop magic that would put even the poppiest popstars in popworld to shame!

Another highlight is the big ballad of the EP, ‘Lionheart’ – this is one you will be listening to on repeat over and over again and is a chance for Ben to unleash his inner Kelly Clarkson if you will. This song is BIG.

If the EP is as good as this then we cannot wait to see what Ben’s debut album will be like!

Download the EP on iTunes and visit Ben’s website or twitter to keep up to date with all upcoming gigs and releases.

Alarm Pop: Charlie Brown ‘On My Way’

Yesterday we offered up two new pop princesses for you in the form of Bridgit Mendler and Samantha Jade. So now it’s time for a hot (we mean mega hot) new male singer, Charlie Brown (no, not Snoopy’s friend) and his single ‘On My Way’.

Charlie has some big credentials. He supported Dappy on tour in December and has written for the Script  (wait -come back!) as well as Jay Sean and he has the seal of approval from Wiley. Which are all quite impressive if you like that sort of thing. Basically, this guy is likely to be a big, big star some time soon. And if you’re looking for the next big urban-tinged inspirational pop song then you can’t go wrong with this. ‘On My Way’ is a big pop song with a massive hands-in-the-air shout-out-loud chorus that has us waving lighters and singing-along already.

This is the kind of catchy, powerful song they could use in emotional montages on the X-Factor – you know that bit where the auditionee is likeable but their performance was a bit ropey and Nicole and Tulisa said yes but Louis said no and they wait for Gary’s yes worried that the dream is over. Then Gary says yes and we all start crying inspirational tears of hope. This is what  this song sounds like. Listen out for it, it’s going to be huge.

Until then, the song is out on March 24th.

Alarm Pop! Bridgit Mendler – ‘Ready or Not’

Musical fact: one great pop song a day keeps the doctor away. Old, new or exclusive – a song worthy of a place on your iPod that deserves at least one listen for every 17 repeat plays of ‘Boyfriend’. This is ALARM POP!

Are you, like, still listening to Selena Gomez? Oh, dude. SO three months ago! And as for Hillary Duff, she’s married with kids now! If you want to stay down with the kids (an expression nobody under 30 ever uses anymore, FYI) then you need to get on board with the latest Disney Princess poised to take over the universe – Bridgit Mendler.

19 year old California girl Mendler is currently best known for starring in the Disney TV movie Lemonade Mouth and the TV series Good Luck Charlie. Now, like so many pop princesses before her, she’s spreading her wings and launching a pop career. Her first single, ‘Ready or Not’, is a super-catchy pop number with just a hint of urban cool – in no small part due to the familiar sample from ‘Ready or Not’, most famously sung by The Fugees back in the olden days (1996).

Needless to say, Bridgit has given the song a 21st century teen twist, and we defy you not to find yourself humming it for weeks after your first play. Judging by the success of her Mickey Mouse-endorsed forebears, you’re going to be hearing a lot of this song over the next few months – so get on board now and convince your friends/little sister/children (delete as age-appropriate) that you’re totally on-trend. Until the next tween star rolls up in a couple of months’ time, anyway…

Alarm (K-)Pop!
Psy – ‘Gangnam Style’

Musical fact: one great pop song a day keeps the doctor away. Old, new or exclusive – a song worthy of a place on your iPod that deserves at least one listen for every 15 repeat plays of ‘Glad You Came’. This is ALARM POP!

And now for something a bit different. Psy is a South Korean rapper whose latest hit has become something of a global sensation. Clocking a staggering 100 MILLION YouTube views (and rising!), the extremely silly ‘Gangnam Style’ has become the most viewed K-Pop song OF ALL TIME.

A health warning for MP! readers everywhere: this song, an irritatingly infectious earworm that borders on novelty, is catchier than the common cold.

Should you ever manage to forget what it sounds like (please tell us how),  we guarantee that the utterly bizarre video will stick with you.

The action moves from sauna to jacuzzi to a National Express coach (or its Korean equivalent) adorned with disco balls, to a fairground. There’s a ridiculous dance routine. There are horses.

There’s also a strange storyline, culminating in our hero getting the girl, who joins his ever-growing dance troupe under the strobe lights as the song (thankfully) draws to its conclusion.

Oh no, it’s not over yet. There’s Psy sitting on a toilet.

Gangnam, fact fans, is a posh district of Seoul, the capital of South Korea.

Oh yes,  Maximum Pop! can do geographical trivia too.

Alarm Pop! Austin Mahone: ‘Say Somethin’ – is he the new Biebs?!?

Musical fact: one great pop song a day keeps the doctor away. Old, new or exclusive – a song worthy of a place on your iPod that deserves at least one listen for every 10 repeat plays of ‘What Makes You Beautiful’. This is ALARM POP! 

Excuse us if we raise a cynical eyebrow at the phrase “YouTube sensation”. There’s a sense of “been there, done that, ordered the t-shirt off the artist’s major-label-sponsored web store”. Another day, another “bedroom star”.

But hang on a minute, guys – this new American boy is ACTUALLY QUITE GOOD.  Austin Mahone caused a bit of a stir last year when his version of Canadian rival Justin Bieber’s ‘Mistletoe’ gathered more views than Justin’s original! Could young Mr Mahone be a challenger for Bieber’s pop prince crown?

Hailing from Texas (like Beyoncé, one of the greatest popstars of all time), sporting a baseball cap (like Conor Maynard, one of the cutest boys in pop) and singing the kind of cheekily flirtatious lyrics that wouldn’t sound at all out of place on the next One Direction album (like, er, One Direction), Austin’s achieved over 4 million views on YouTube of ‘Say Somethin’, which comes with a chorus that refuses to leave your head!

Basically, it’s a “will you go out with me?” song, and that is one of our favourite genres of song.

Let’s take a look at the lyric video for ‘Say Somethin’:

Is Austin Mahone the next big teen idol? Don’t forget to have your say in the comments below or tweet us @maximumpop!

Alarm Pop! ‘All I Want Is You’ by Agnes

Do you remember Swedish popstarlet Agnes and her 2008 smash, ‘Release Me’? Well after taking a few years away to watch Countdown, have a cup of tea and come up with some new songs, Agnes is finally ready to release her latest single, ‘All I Want Is You’.

Agnes hasn’t got around to filming a video for this track yet but in the meantime you can check out this lovely lyric video. ‘All I Want Is You’ is a heavenly slice of europop perfection which will probably be the tune the whole dancefloor is singing to in a few months from now!!

Our only concern is that Agnes sounds pretty obsessed with her lover and unless it’s a boyband obsession… it’s probably not worth it. Good song, though!

Alarm Pop!! Parade ‘Light Me Up’ – lyric video and FREE mp3 download!

Parade are BACK.

The girls have been busy in the studio for months working on their second album. ‘Light Me Up’ is the first new song from the sessions and was recorded with pop genius Tim Powell.

It is a ridiculously catchy pop banger that we’ve been singing all morning, and with this helpful lyric video soon you will be too!

What’s more, you can download it for free (that’s ZERO PENCE) right here! What a lovely Wednesday morning surprise. *updates iPod*

‘Light Me Up’ is amazing and we can’t wait to hear more of what Parade have in store.

Alarm Pop!! Angel is simply ‘Wonderful’!

Amazing songs don’t always explode onto the pop horizon. Sometimes they arrive quietly, as if from out of nowhere, and before you know it you’re singing the chorus in your sleep. We’ve had ‘Wonderful’ by Angel stuck in our brains for weeks and it’s just spent two weeks at #20 in the singles chart.

We grabbed Angel for a (very quick!) chat…

Hi, Angel – we love ‘Wonderful’, it’s a ridiculously catchy song.
Thank you! That’s the main thing – as long as you can remember it, that’s what does it for me.

Congratulations on its success! Is the Angel album on the way?
The Angel album is on the way. It’s called About Time and should be out in the next two months!

We can’t wait to hear more from Angel! Follow him on Twitter.