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Ariana Grande sanging

Alarm Pop: Ariana Grande’s ‘Love Me Harder’ acoustic remix

So an acoustic remix of Ariana Grande’s new single ‘Love Me Harder’ is floating about the internet, making everyone fall deeper in love with the song.

It’s like giving your ears a nice warm hug, really.

The stripped down mix is courtesy of Country Club Martini Crew, who have done high energy club remixes for the likes of Beyoncé, Katy Perry and Kylie Minogue.

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The Veronicas

Alarm Pop: The Veronicas ‘You Ruin Me’

Australian twins The Veronicas are back with a dark, bruised ballad titled ‘You Ruin Me’. Prepare yourself for high-definition drama and some pretty heavy lyrics.

The Veronicas You Ruin Me

The piano-based ballad is the first single from the girls’ long-awaited comeback album: The Veronicas.

It has been a long time between drinks. Some of you might remember their 2005 hit ‘4ever’ and 2007 single ‘Untouched’? But it seems like the girls have only gotten better with age.

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Bruno Mars Uptown Funk Mark Ronson

Alarm Pop: Mark Ronson feat. Bruno Mars ‘Uptown Funk’

We’re gonna call it. This is the funkiest tune you will hear all month. Give it up for Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars’ new single ‘Uptown Funk’.

The song is Mark Ronson’s first single in two years. The last we heard from him was ‘Anywhere In The World’ (featuring Katy B), which was the theme song for Coca Cola’s campaign during the 2012 London Olympic Games.

The addictive, foot-tapping new tune is giving us serious flashbacks to Prince and Chic. Get mum and dad around the speakers and ask their opinion.

We’ve heard a lot of artists referencing 90s music this year and there will forever be people imitating 80s pop styles but there really isn’t enough music like this going around at the moment and we’re really loving the nod to 70s funk.

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Marina and The Diamonds

Marina and The Diamonds is back and she’s brought ‘FROOT’ with her

Part of every balanced pop diet is a healthy serving of Marina and The Diamonds, right?

The quirky singer-songwriter is back with a delicious new single titled ‘Froot’ (much to the chagrin of spellcheck).

This is Marina’s first release after the epic 2012 album Electra Heart, which heard her embrace a major pop sound for the first time. In other words, that was her 1989 moment.

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Screen Shot 2014-11-05 at 11.30.47

Alarm Pop: Marlene ‘I Do This For You’

Bells might ring when we say, ‘Hello? Remember Marlene?’. We did a little post on her song ‘Indian Summer’ a few months ago but speak of the devil, here she is with a new single.

‘I Do This For you’ is a cinematic powerpop ballad that sounds like something Katy Perry would trip you on the red carpet for.

We love how vulnerable her vocals sound in the verses before letting rip in the chorus.

The gorgeous Swedish chanteuse has done an equally cinematic video for ‘I Do This For You’, complete with lovely scenery and graceful choreography. Top marks.


Ace Wilder

Alarm Pop: Ace Wilder ‘Riot’ – This makes us want to jump around and throw confetti in the air

Swedish pop singer Ace Wilder has shaken our brains and run away with all our attention with ‘Riot’.

The infectious new single sounds like a Girls Aloud single (as Popjustice so accurately pinned) or perhaps even something by Florrie.

It’s all frivolous hand claps, marching band drums, shout petulant vocals and horns. What’s not to love?

The 32-year old singer and songwriter got her big break after taking part in Melodifestivalen 2014, where she came second place and eventually scored a #1 single in Sweden.

Derek Darker1

Halloween free download: Derek Darker ‘Demons’

For real, for real – he performs under the name Derek Darker. It’s not a Halloween gimmick.

But tell you what’s a good shout, though. This Dublin-bred singer/songwriter is giving away a free download of his track ‘Demons’ as an exclusive for Maximum Pop!, all because it’s Halloween.

The emotive ballad, which sounds like something pulled from Sam Smith or Emeli Sandé’s files, is taken from Derek’s debut EP Conversations with Rose. 

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Alarm Pop: Bianca ‘Step It Up’ – Pull up your leg warmers, we’re going dancing

Ever wish you could step back in time and go disco-hopping with Madonna in the 80s? We imagine this would be the tune to soundtrack the moment.

Check out pop’s freshest newcomer Bianca, who is seriously getting into the groove with her debut single ‘Step It Up’.

Wait til’ you hear the fluorescent synths and the heavy reverb in the vocals. We almost forgot we were streaming it on Soundcloud and not a cassette player.

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everyoung icy blue

Alarm Pop: EverYoung ‘Icy Blue’ – We’ll love them until the sun turns icy blue

So, we were just reminiscing about the time we treated EverYoung to an all-expense paid brunch of crackers, when this popped up.

The awesome foursome is back with a merry new single titled ‘Icy Blue’ and it sounds every bit as warm and loveable as they are.

Eyal, Cherelle, Jack and Hollie treats us to a bubbly tune with summery guitars and free-flowing harmonies. They make it seem so effortless.

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Alarm Pop: Kimbra ‘Miracle’ – Massively camp, indie disco tune alert

You might remember Kimbra as the songbird from the UK #1 hit by Gotye ‘Somebody That I Used to Know’.

Well the New Zealand singer is back with a merry little tune that makes you feel like you’re rollerskating on rainbows with the Jackson 5.

‘Miracle’ is the new single lifted from Kimbra’s second album The Golden Echo, which is yet to be released in the UK, but has already earned rave reviews from all corners of the internet.

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