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Big Interview: Amelia Lily chats about sampling her dog on her next single…

One of our favourites here at MP! Towers,  Amelia Lily is back after a brief hiatus following the release of her debut album. Fresh from making her comeback music video in California, for her single ‘California’ – the former X-Factor contestant gave us a quick phone call a few weeks back, to discuss her comeback to music, gerbils, her dog and Sir Tom Jones – pretty casual phone call to be honest!

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Tuesday’s Twitter take over: @AmeliaLilyOffic will be answering your Q’s from 7pm on @maximumpop

‘Cause you’re in Cali-for-ni-a and I’m in London Citaaaay. Yep, we’re stuck in London while Amelia got to swan off to America to film the video for her new summer smash!

Fancy asking Amelia Lily questions you’ve been dying to ask? Think of us as your fairy Godmother’s. Head on over to @maximumpop on Tuesday at 7pm. She’ll be talking about what it’s like to be a pop star and doing other important jobs like taking selfies.

Tuesday 5th August. 7pm. @maximumpop. #AmeliaLilyMaxPop

Pre-Order ‘California’ here

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Amelia Lily unveils sunny video for new single ‘California’

Amelia Lily debuted her brand new single ‘California’ not too long ago and it had “summer anthem” stamped all over it. The accompanying video has just dropped and it continues the summery theme quite nicely.

The cutesy clip sees Amelia fretting over a boy with questionable taste in tennis attire while she herself dazzles in a bright pink dress with her trademark platinum blonde hair in tow. It’s a little bit cheesy at times but suits the bubblegum nature of the track quite well. We’d also like to know where she got that amazing McDonalds fries phone cover…

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Amelia Lily is back with new single ‘California’ and an album on the way…

Amelia Lily is back! One of our faves from X Factor class of 2011, the big voiced rock chick released a handful of amazing, Xenomania (Girls Aloud, The Saturdays) produced singles before having her debut album unceremoniously shelved without explanation. However not to worry as she’s returned with a new record deal and a brand spanking new single for our listening pleasure. Hooray!

‘California’ is a sun-kissed, bouncy pop rock number with some naggingly catchy hooks, particularly the somewhat ridiculous “Cal – i – for – ni – a” and “Done -Dee – Done -Dee – Done” parts, but sometimes a pop song needs a silly lyric or two.

The track out on August 25th and Amelia is also set to bring out that long awaited album sometime in the autumn so watch this space…


Amelia Lily is officially back in the studio: life is worth living again!

We like a bit of Amelia Lily here at MP! Towers: She released a hattrick of three amazing singles – ‘You Bring Me Joy’, ‘Shut Up and Give Me Whatever You Got’ and ‘Party Over’ – but with the exception of her debut single, the follow up singles failed to set the charts alight, causing her ‘Be A Fighter’ album to be shelved indefinitely. Boo.

However, she DID say that she would recording a whole bunch of new tracks, and it seems she’s made good on that promise. The X Factor star recently posted up a video of herself on Instagram, recording vocals in the studio and generally having a good time.

So, could we finally be getting that long awaited debut album? We certainly hope so!


Amelia Lily scraps her ‘Be A Fighter’ album, announces whole new album coming soon – but is the party over? Pop Bits.

POP BITS. Pink-haired pop princess Amelia Lily has announced her long-awaited debut album, ‘Be A Fighter’, has been formally scrapped and another new album is on its way.

Amelia announced the news via her official Twitter account and assured fans that new material with her record company, pop juggernauts Xenomania, is “really exciting”. While we’re certainly disappointed that the album isn’t coming, new music is good news to us, and maye this second start will be exactly what Ms Lily needs to make a proper global popstar. POP BITS OUT.

Check out the video for Amelia Lily’s rather excellent ‘Party Over’ below.

Amelia Lily shows off some futuristic fashions for Sims 3- Pop pics

Amelia Lily has gone all futuristic to help celebrate the launch of The Sims 3 Into The Future. We have never seen a pop star look this hot wearing clothes from 2113 since… erm… EVER!

Amelia Lily revealed that she was excited about the shoot, especially since she is is an avid Sims fan. The Sims 3 Into The Future allows players to switch between the present day and future and you don’t even need a DeLorean to do so!

Alarm Pop: Amelia Lily- ‘Truth Or Dare’

Do you hear that? It’s the sound of another glorious Alarm Pop, helping you through the Tuesday blues.

Our latest Alarm Pop comes from X Factor alumni, pop princess and expert party planner, Amelia Lily. It’s a track called ‘Truth Or Dare’, which Girls Aloud’s Ten: The Hits Tour attendees would have heard live when Ms. Lily supported them at the beginning of the year.

‘Truth Or Dare’ is quite similar to the other material that Amelia has released with a strong ‘Shut Up (And Give Me Whatever You Got)’ vibe. It’s filled with toe-tapping beats and has reminded us just how much we miss A-Lilz pop/rock vocals.

It was originally intended to be released on her permanently delayed album, ‘Be A Fighter’.  With the LP currently being reworked and improved, will ‘Truth Or Dare’ make it on to the album?

What do you think of the track? Would you like to hear it on ‘Be A Fighter’ or do you think Amelia needs to scrap the Xenomania tracks and go for a new sound?

Here's an X Factor Mash up! POP BITS

POP BITS. The X Factor really is good at picking pop stars, isn’t it? Sometimes we feel like we don’t give Louis, Gary, Nicole, Sharon, Simon, Cheryl and Dannii the credit they deserve. After all, they did give us One Direction!

The tenth series of X Factor is drawing near and the musical geniuses behind the X Factor decided to throw together a little mash up for us all to enjoy. It features winners and runner-uppers from the hit TV Talent show including One Direction, Olly Murs, Little Mix, Cher Lloyd and even Shayne Ward! No sign of Matt Cardle though and it seems as though his management isn’t too happy about that.

Are your favourite X Factor contestants in the mash up? Or did they leave someone important out? *cough* Diana Vickers *cough*. POP BITS OUT.

Give the megamix a spin below and let us know what you think:


Amelia Lily’s album ‘Be A Fighter’ delayed again. Pop Bits.

POP BITS. What with JLS splitting up, The Wanted setting the internet alight with their new track, Union J emerging from the recording studio with an ace new tune and One Direction being… well, One Direction, it really is a boy bands world in the big bad pop world out there. It’s hard for solo artists like poor Amelia Lily to even get a look in, never mind the news that the ‘You Bring Me Joy’ songstress’ album ‘Be A Fighter’ has been delayed yet again.

The album was at first meant to tickle our ear drums on the 21st of April but was then pushed back to May 20th and now the album has been moved all the way back to June 29th. The delays have us worried and we fear the worst, that ‘Be A Fighter’ might share the same fate as fellow Xenomania act  Mini Viva’s debut album (i.e. it mightn’t even happen).

We hope that Amelia takes inspiration from her album title and fights to get it out there. We all need to get behind her and help make this album happen, after all it’s only fair after she helped us plan an awesome imaginary party.  Let’s all say a prayer that the party isn’t over for Ms. Lily.

Listen to Amelia’s latest single ‘Party Over’ below. POP BITS OUT.