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Our imaginary bffls Ariana Grande and Fifth Harmony won a shed load of awards at the RDMAs this weekend.

Yaaaaaaaaaaaas queens! Most of our pop faves were out in Los Angeles on Saturday night to celebrate the 2015 Radio Disney Music Awards and some of our fave ladies were handed a lot of awards.


The Fifth Harmony ladies won two awards for Best Music Group and Fiercest Fans whilst pop princess of the moment Ariana Grande took away a whopping three gongs for Best Female Artist, Most Talked About Artist and Song of the Year for last year’s number one hit ‘Problem’ featuring Iggy Azalea. Continue reading Our imaginary bffls Ariana Grande and Fifth Harmony won a shed load of awards at the RDMAs this weekend.

Monday’s pop events: Your chance to see One Direction at Universal Orlando Resorts, Ed Sheeran, Katy Perry and Cher Lloyd gigs and design Elyar Fox’s EP cover if you’re arty smarty.

This goes to the peeps feeling arty! And for those who need a boost of pop madness in their lives this Monday morning. Click the links to find out more details.

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Darryl Dishes: Cher Lloyd compares being famous to peeing in front of the world…

The Hits Morning Show presenter, and MP!’s resident pop star pal Darryl Morris is back yet again with more exclusive goss and interviews only on MP!. This week Darryl got to catch up with the lovely and surprisingly down to earth Cher Lloyd ahead of the release of her brand spanking new album ‘Sorry I’m Late’. Jealous? Us? Never. 

Cher Lloyd is back. It’s a headline she must be getting sick of hearing, but there’s no denying Cher’s absence. She’s been busy building her American empire and doing a lot of growing up.

“I was slightly concerned that I hadn’t been back to the UK in such a long time and that lots of people still viewed me as the person I was before. It might be weird for people now”

After graduating from a talent show and launching herself into the music business, Cher was, by her own admission, difficult. I hadn’t met her in the thick of her X Factor growing pains; but I’d heard stories of diva tantrums and horrible interviews. The Cher I met this week couldn’t have been any different. Warm, kind, charismatic. She was charm personified and I felt the start of a genuine friendship.

“My life has always been like somebody having a night out and pulling their trousers down and doing a wee in front of the whole world. If somebody did that they’d be horrified when they sobered up.”

There’s an image I didn’t need. The height of her weeing in public days came at X Factor mentor Cheryl’s house. Cher was brought to her knees by a throat infection and broke down as she thought she’d blown her chances.

“I can’t watch it back, it makes me cringe slightly. I was in such a state that I didn’t want to do it. I’m not happy with the way it went but I’m happy with the outcome, so you can sort of accept it”

The outcome Cher talks of consists of becoming one of the UK’s biggest exports in America, a notoriously tough place to crack. It’s come at a price though and the singer feels guilty about turning her back on her homeland for so long.

“It’s been difficult to get my head around everything but it’s gone so well in America that I’ve just not been willing to give up that opportunity. It’s been really difficult telling my Mum and Dad, but I have to come back… I’ve got to see my Nan and my Granddad. I do get to [Skype] but that makes me sad. It’s not the same. I can see my Mum and I know she’s having a cup of tea and a fag, but I’m not really joining her!”

At least she’s got new husband Craig to lean on. The now married couple travel the world and Craig follows where Cher leads, including to buying a house in the states. So no more dreaded hotels and living out of eleven suitcases.

“We get exited over silly little things like whether they have real milk and not the little UHT things”

If ever you’re making Cher a brew, avoid the long life milk. But don’t expect a diva tantrum if you forget, that Cher is long gone.

‘Sorry I’m Late’ is out July 29th and new single ‘Sirens’ is out now!

The Cher Lloyd album is nearly upon us, and it’s STILL brilliant.

So we’re all agreed now that Cher Lloyd’s new album ‘Sorry I’m Late’ is one of the highlights of the pop calendar, right? 

The former X Factor star has been working with some of pop’s finest hit makers and the likes of lead single ‘Sirens’ and ‘Dirty Love’ prove that Ms. Lloyd is here for the long haul. The LP is finally out on July 28th so only a few more sleeps ’till we can get our grubby little mitts on a copy. In other news, ‘Sirens’ is out RIGHT NOW.


MP! Reviews: Key 103 Summer Live

We sent Daniel down to Manchester’s Key 103 Summer Live gig, here’s all the goss from the pop packed night.

With artists such as The Vamps, 5 Seconds of Summer, Foxes, Katy B, Rixton and the return of Cher Lloyd – there was no holding back!
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Listen: Cher Lloyd streams brand new album ‘Sorry I’m Late’ and it’s amazing.

You’d be forgiven for thinking that Cher Lloyd’s forthcoming opus ‘Sorry I’m Late’ would never see the light of day, what with constant delays and a release date so far away it made us a little bit Sad Face at times.

However, the wait is over as Cher has just popped the entire album up online to listen to prior to the official release on July 28th. Hurrah! Definitely a contender for pop album of the year, wouldn’t you agree?

Demi Lovato and Cher Lloyd finally team up for official ‘Really Don’t Care’ video! Hurrah!

Demi Lovato has been involved in some high profile collaborations of late, from duetting with The Vamps on their latest single to getting up onstage and crooning with Ed Sheeran. But the one we’ve really been excited about is her team up with Cher Lloyd on new single ‘Really Don’t Care’. It was one of our fave tracks on the album and we’ve been dying to see the pop tag team get together for an official music video, and we haven’t been left disappointed. 

Demi has just unveiled the fierce new clip for the track, filmed in the midst of L.A. Pride earlier this month, and it looks like it was one hell of a party. Cher finally makes her appearance as we’d hoped and the pair rock out together looking every inch the amazing pop stars that they are. 

Seriously, what a duo they would make.

Demi Lovato and Cher Lloyd finally performed ‘Really Don’t Care’ together and it was amazing. Obviously.

Some of the world’s hottest stars have been gracing the stage at the Good Morning America summer concert series so it was only fitting that Demi Lovato would pop by to sing a song or two.

The former Disney star belted out an energetic version of kiss-off anthem ‘Really Don’t Care’ to thousands of screaming fans in Central Park in New York before bringing out special guest Cher Lloyd, who features on the original track. The girls serve up some major attitude during the performance and now we’re really excited about seeing these girls together again in an official music video. Don’t let us down, ladies!

Cher Lloyd drops gritty ‘Sirens’ video and it’s Oscar winning serious face all around…

Is the bratty Cher Lloyd of old finally growing up? The X Factor star has just released the video for new single ‘Sirens’ and its all kinds of all moody and emotional. 

The gritty clip features Cher acting her socks off, chain smoking and crying for the camera in a dark and dingy flat before her shifty looking boyfriend and his friends get hauled off in a police van. The DRAMZ of it all. However its not all Serious Face as the final scene gives us a glimmer of a happy ending with Cher embracing a small child as the chaos dies down. Oscar worthy performances all around but we’re gonna have to have a bit of a lie down after all that.

Cher Lloyd debuts yet another new track with ‘Bind Your Love’!

When it comes to new Cher Lloyd songs, there’s an embarrassment of riches at the moment. While we’ve been waiting for the release of her second album, the aptly titled ‘Sorry, I’m Late’, Cher has debuted THREE new tracks including ‘Dirty Love’ ‘Human’ and her amazing new single ‘Sirens’ which we can’t wait to get our mitts on when it finally comes out in June.

Well if three new songs aren’t quite enough for you, the X Factor star has decided to drop yet ANOTHER new track from the album. ‘Bind Your Love’ is another emotive, devotional love song, giving Cher another chance to show off her amazing vocal chops, in case it may have slipped our minds.

‘Sorry I’m Late’ is released on July 28th in the UK but at this rate we should have the whole album before its even released!