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One Direction – so just what is their ‘Best Song Ever’?

They’re on the edge of unveiling their brand new 3D movie and we just can’t get enough oftheir new tune. Right now, we’re going mad for One Direction. Seriously, we have major 1D-itis at the moment.

So to celebrate, we’ve taking a look back at the singles that Liam, Niall, Harry, Zayn and Louis have given us already and contemplating which one really  is their ‘best song ever’…

‘What Makes You Beautiful’

Their first and certainly one of their best tunes, the boys come racing down the track with a post-summer blast of fun that tells the object of their affections just how beautiful they are despite the girl believing she’s not all that. Guitar strums and singing ‘na-na-na-na-na’ have never sounded so cool.

‘Gotta Be You’

Their first proper ballad and one that sees them step fully into proper boyband territory. Its maybe not the best song they’ve ever done, but let’s face it, it gave us a video of all the boys wrapped up in cute couture and walking around a forest looking moody and lovely. It was worth it just for that.

‘One Thing’

Apparently riding around atop a London bus is all the range but we’ve never given it a shot – fortunately we get to live out that particular fantasy when 1D use it for their song ‘One Thing’ to sing about their one true love and have some fun messing around with each other’s hair and generally being adorable to the extreme.

‘Live While We’re Young’

The only criticism we really have about the song is that it sounds a hell of a lot like ‘What Makes You Beautiful’ but with some extra harmonising. Does that really matter in the long run? No way. It’s still fun and will end up on dozens of teenage rom-com soundtracks, something we’re not too mad about.

‘Little Things’

Penned by ginger-mopped popstar Ed Sheeran, the tune definitely suited the winter release of this tune and while it’s not one you’d really get your freak on to, it’s pleasant and sweet and became the soundtrack of a million fans. This acoustic treat made a bold yet great choice for a second single and its No.1 spot feels deserved.

‘Kiss You’

Easily the best tune that they released as single, Kiss You is a big old pop song that keeps up their sweet lyrics and gives them a nitrous boost of beats and a chorus so addictive it’s a surprise the government hasn’t stepped in. A sunny and fun tune that turned even hardened pop cynics into casual fans.

‘One Way or Another (Teenage Kicks)

Their first solo charity single and it’s an inspired mashup (well it’s two covers and one of them only lasts the middle eight/bridge) of ‘One Way or Another’ and ‘Teenage Kicks’, both of them fantastic teen tunes. The songs are perfectly chosen, encapsulating both of 1D’s main lyrical themes – cute girls! Having fun! – and the video of them doing it across the world and filmed by the boys is quite sweet really.

‘Best Song Ever’

You’ve heard it, you’ve had it on repeat for weeks and the video with plenty of character-swapping and cross-dressing (here’s looking at you, Zayn). Quite frankly, the buzz at MP! HQ has been pretty much whether or not who’s the cutest in the video. Fortunately the tune is also good – it’s probably not the best song ever but it’s still very very good and you can’t say better than that.

‘She’s Not Afraid’

Here’s a fan favourite tune rather than an actual officially released tune. ‘She’s Not Afraid’ is a bonus track on ‘Take Me Home’ and it’s an absolute corker. It has every guitar strum, pounding club beat and big pop chorus you’ve been looking for and is an absolutely fantastic example of how you do great pop music. There’s a lot of fun here and it would have been a brilliant single choice *Sigh* We can but dream.

So then, what do you think is the best song ever that 1D have ever put their name to? Doesn’t matter if it’s a big single or an album track, let us know in the comments and vote in the poll!


Harry Styles regrets some of his tattoos. POP BITS.

POP BITS. The 1D boys are always walking around with their tatts out. They have so many, that it’s impossible not to. They are a beard and leather gilet away from the beginnings of a group of heavy metal bikers.

Hazza revealed when chatting with ‘We Love Pop’ mag that he does regret some of his body art. But if you have 1,765 tattoos you’re bound to not like at least one. One that he particularly dislikes is a tattoo that was done by none other than loveable redhead and songwriter extraodinaire, Ed Sheeran. This doesn’t say much for Ed’s tattooing skills, so maybe he should stick to the songwriting.

It’s ok Stylerz, you’re still beautiful to us, no matter how many scribbles you permanently mark your perfect body with. POP BITS OUT.

Cody Simpson ‘Surfer’s Paradise’ – amazing album alert!

Young Aussie heartthrob Cody Simpson is something of an MP! HQ fan favourite as he provides some classic summer tuneage as the months rolls by. Fortunately for us, he’s gone and released new EP ‘Surfer’s Paradise’ – but is it any good or is it not fit to clean Bieber’s boots?

For the most part, it’s a big success on Mr Simpson’s part as he’s collected together a handful of truly fantastic tracks for his follow-up record. ‘If You Left Him For Me’ is the most obvious and immediate hit here, laying out a smooth EDM and electropop beat for Cody to croon over and providing plenty of soundtrack for the latest cool house party.

Other cuts are just as good with the Maroon 5-esque ‘No Ceiling’, a fun and cute ditty and island anthem closer ‘Love’, a relaxed tune that uses some reggae influences from Ziggy Marley to great effect.

However, some other songs don’t fare as well – ‘La Da Dee’ is a bit of a harmless but ultimately throwaway tune that while it apes Owl City, it fails to capture any aural magic. ‘Summertime of Our Lives’ too, is very generic if enjoyable, and it’s a real shame that a lot of stuff on the album seems to be inspired too much by other artists – the fantastic ‘Pretty Brown Eyes’, a tune for all the fangirls, is so Justin-Timberlake-inspired that he even drops JT into the lyrics.

With definite influences (‘Imma Be Cool’ is a One Direction track in the making and ‘Sinkin’ In’ is all but a mellow Ed Sheeran song), the verdict is that when Cody is original, he’s very good and when he uses the light touch of influences, he produces some cracking tunes, but when he leans too hard on those influences, he becomes a bit forgettable. And we want nothing more than to always remember Cody.

Check out the summer-party-meets-Saved-By-the-Bell video for ‘Pretty Brown Eyes’ below:

Download or Ditch: Shane Filan – ‘Everything To Me’

Hello and welcome to Download or Ditch. Now you know the rules – we have one tune and you’re gonna tell us whether to snap it up like a 1Der on a sampler of the boys’ new album or drop it like it’s a plate of stinking fish. Simple, really.

Shane Filan may be an unfamiliar name to many ears but recognise him as Shane off Westlife and soon the memories of this hunky frontman come flooding back. With many likening his new sound to a proto-Ed Sheeran, we have every faith that he might end up becoming the latest household name in his own right, particularly with new single ‘Everything To Me’. But is it a stunning debut or a stinking failure?

While we’ve certainly heard songs like ‘Everything To Me’ before, there’s no denying it’s a catchy and innocent enough ditty with the generally gooey sentiments that we reckon will send girls and boys across the land clutching their melting hearts and signing up to be part of Shane’s fan club.  West who again?

Shane’s vocals are pretty stellar and while the whole thing has too much of a ’1D doing Live Lounge’ vibe to it, it’s certainly one we could see with some decent promo lighting up the UK charts. It’s also timed perfectly with all notions of sweet summer romance drifting through the air like the smell of suntan lotion and burnt barbecue.

So, what do you think? Is this a Downloader of a Ditcher? Check out the lyric video for ‘Everything To Me’ below and then cast your votes. Voting is now closed!

Results: Whoa! Shane Filan Fans were out in force on this one (or maybe he converted a hell of a lot of new ones) and this track was voted as a definite Downloader with a massively amazing 96.54%.

Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran to perform at Britain’s Got Talent Final. POP BITS.

POP BITS. Since Taylor Swift is busy writing songs about One Direction, and Ed Sheeran is busy writing songs for them, it was only a matter of time before they teamed up. T- Swizzle and E- Sheer (this would be their names if they were Hip Hop artists) have finally come together to produce the beautiful ballad ‘Everything Has Changed’. The pair are due to set the Britain’s Got Talent stage alight when they perform the song together on Saturday. The Korean pop sensation, Psy, will also be performing but we are hoping that he won’t be joining in on Taylor and Ed’s duet. The BGT Final sounds like it’s going to be the most pleasing results show on telly since Christopher Maloney got booted off the X Factor. We’re not sure what we’re looking forward to most: Seeing the performance of ‘Everything Has Changed’ or watching the Luminites work their musical magic again?

You can watch the video for ‘Everything Has Changed’ below. POP BITS OUT.

Conor Maynard talks girlfriends, Rita Ora, Nando’s and America!

[column width=half]
How true are your lyrics? For example, ‘Can’t Say No’ – are you really a womanizer?
I’m only 19 but I am old enough to go out to clubs and to have fun, but ‘Can’t Say No’ is tongue-in-cheek. It’s not really a representation of me. It’s just easy to sing along to and makes you want to dance.

Do you get annoyed when people compare you to Justin Bieber?
Comparisons come early in your career and it’s always better when people get to make their own opinions. I think it’s best to get further along and let people decide for themselves.

How difficult was it filming the music video to ‘Vegas Girl’ where you chat up lots of ladies?
The video was such a surreal situation. To have to walk up to a girl and ask for her number is just something I would never do. The conversation with the director where we were choosing what to say went on for ages, I thought it had to be realistic. The director suggested I said ‘Oh hey you’re really beautiful, can I have your number?’ but I would never say that so we stuck with ‘Hey can I have your number? I know some good massage techniques!’ and another line was ‘Can I have your insurance number, because I think you’ve broken my heart!’

Pretty cheesy. If there was one girl who you couldn’t say no to, who would it be?
There is a collaboration with Rita Ora on the album so if I had to choose one girl I can’t say no to it would have to be Rita – though I may have to fight off Rob Kardashian first! I would probably do a runner, I’ve never met him but he is a bit bigger than me. But I saw an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians where he did a charity boxing match and got destroyed and I was like “oh my goodness!”

Who else would you love to collaborate with?
Out of anyone, dead or alive, I would have to choose Michael Jackson to collaborate with. No competition.

We hear you have an exclusive Black Card from Nando’s – has it had much abuse yet?
Yes! I think I’ve used it every day.
[column width=half last=true]
Who came up with the amazing tequila line in ‘Vegas Girl’?
I came up with the tequila line. It was around halfway through the song and I thought it hadn’t really shown off my vocals yet so I wanted to do something different and it just happened the tequila line was just before it so we stuck with that.

What would you say to Simon Cowell if you were stuck in a lift with him?
I would ask him if he would put me through on The X Factor or not because it would be interesting to know. He would probably say no and then I would cry.

Where would you take a girl on a date?
I would have to choose the beach, it is just such a romantic place. I mean, I come from Brighton where we have pebble beaches so it’s probably worse and much more painful.

What do you look for in a girl?
I don’t really know because if I look at past relationships I have been in and they have all been lots of different types of girls. I have only had one long term relationship but I have had lots of mini ones too.

‘Vegas Girl’ has appeared on the Billboard Pop Chart – do you want to break America? One Direction, The Wanted, Ed Sheeran and Cher Lloyd are all having a lot of success over there.
I do want to break America! It’s quite scary, it is a big place to try and break. It’s an amazing place, but for me I don’t think I could live anywhere other than the UK, I love my home too much but then again I am only 19 so I haven’t really been able to experience America properly.

What’s been your top highlight of the past 12 months?
The highlight of the last year for me would be the people I have been working in the studio with from Pharrell to Ne-Yo to Rita Ora and other amazing names. I have learnt so much from people that are legendary in the industry.

Thank you very much, Conor!
Thanks, Maximum Pop!

‘Turn Around’ is the next single from Conor’s album Contrast, which is out now!

The week ahead on Planet Pop: Pop Diary

Having trouble planning your week in pop? Look no further!
Here are some of the best events happening this week, as listed in our Pop Diary!


  • Scouting For Girls (Putney)
  • Lady Gaga (Twickenham) will be performing live in the UK this week.
  • Ed Sheeran will be playing the iTunes Festival
  • Olly Murs will be playing the iTunes Festival
  • Plan B will be playing the iTunes Festival
  • Emeli Sandé will be playing the iTunes Festival
  • JLS will be playing the iTunes Festival
  • Conor Maynard will be playing the iTunes Festival
  • The Vaccines will be signing copies of their new album ‘Come of Age’ at HMV Manchester.


  • Scouting For Girls release their album ‘The Light Between Us’
  • The Vaccines release their album ‘Come of Age’
  • The Script ft. Will.i.am – ‘Hall of Fame’
  • Smiler ft. Tawiah & Professor Green – ‘Top of the World’
  • Pink – ‘Blow Me (One Last Kiss)’
  • Ne-Yo – ‘Let Me Love You (Until You Learn To Love Yourself)’
  • Cheryl – ‘Under The Sun’


  • One Direction, Taylor Swift, Rihanna and Pink will perform at The MTV Video Awards 2012 will be broadcast live, with performances from  (1am, MTV, Friday 7th September).
  • Little Mix will be appearing on Daybreak (6am, ITV1, Monday 3rd September)
  • Joe McElderry & Stacey Solomon will be chatting to the Loose Women (12.30pm, ITV1, Wednesday 5th September).
  • The Vaccines will be taking over BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge (10am, BBC Radio 1, Monday 3rd September).


Ed Sheeran’s + is the most downloaded album in North America

Guitar-wielding ginger Ed Sheeran has topped the iTunes album charts in both the US and Canada with the deluxe edition of +.

Upon hearing the news of his US success, the normally rather serious young man excitedly tweeted, “Oh my word!! My album is -#1 on USA iTunes!,!,!! so happy right now.” That’s some alarming punctuation right there, Mr Sheeran. See us after class.

The phenomenal UK success of Ed’s album at home (certified quadruple platinum in the UK; actual sales translation: A LOT) looks set to be replicated across the pond, continuing the trend of British pop invading Stateside charts, with Adele and One Direction also holding strong with their albums and The Wanted seemingly never off the radio.

N.B. A wicked whisper that a potato is creeping up the Billboard Hot 100 as we speak has, so far, been proven to be unsubstantiated rumour.

The winners are… one of 3 pairs of tickets to Capital’s Summertime Ball

Oi you impatient lot. Here are the 3 people who’ve won a pair of tickets to this year’s biggest pop gig. Jess Stickley, David Rewes, Stephen Buckingham. We’ve sent you an email with details for claiming your tickets. Everyone else, another Comp of the Day coming up soon…

In just 11 days some of Planet Pop’s biggest names are heading to London’s Wembley Stadium for the pop gig of the year. Coldplay, Conor Maynard, Cover Drive, Example, Ed Sheeran, Flo Rida, Jessie J, Justin Bieber, Katy Perry, Kelly Clarkson, Lawson, Pitbull, Rita Ora, Usher and The Wanted will be performing at London’s SOLD OUT Summertime Ball. And we’ve got 3 pairs of tickets up for grabs. For your chance to win these money-can’t-buy tickets for you and a VERY lucky mate simply.



Bad news :( Capital FM’s Summertime Ball is SOLD OUT

Want to see Coldplay, Justin Bieber, Usher, Katy Perry, The Wanted, Jessie J, Ed Sheeran, Flo Rida, Kelly Clarkson, Example and Pit-Bull all on the same line up? Tough. 80,000 tickets for Capital FM’s Summertime Ball – which has one of this year’s best line-ups – have sold out in just 2 days, with the last pair going just before 6am this morning. Capital’s Summertime Ball will take place at London’s Wembley Stadium on Saturday June 9th.

And if you consider an incredibly lucky person then make sure you tune into Capital FM nationwide for the chance to win tickets.