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Ed Sheeran released a new song today. ‘Make It Rain’ will make your face flood with tears.

We didn’t know this was coming and we’re not feeling too good at the moment.

‘Make It Rain’ is taken from the ‘Sons of Anarchy’ soundtrack and is a whopping 6 minutes 42 seconds long.

So while Edward is munching on a Greggs sausage roll, you should probably shimmy over to the iTunes store and press download on it now. 99p well spent in our opinion. Download ‘Make It Rain’ here. 

Ed Sheeran auctions clothes to build children’s hospice, remains pop’s nicest guy

Pop’s nicest man, Ed Sheeran, is donating some clothes to a charity auction that helps raise money for EACH’s ‘Nook’ appeal.

He told fans on Twitter they will be able to bid on clothing that used to belong to him and the money raised will be donated to East Anglia’s Children’s Hospices.

There’s like a variety of hoodies and T-shirts (how very signature Ed) including a ‘Purrvana’ top, a green Ralph Lauren hoody and a hilarious ‘Ginger is Coming’ tee.

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Tuesday’s pop events: Ed Sheeran Wembley pre-sales, Elyar Fox in London and all the gigs in Scotland.

If you’re struggling this morning don’t worry, we’ve got our monkey intern to scour the internet to bring you the best pop events happening tonight.

Click the links below for more details, buy tickets, set your alarms, let’s have some fun.

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And the winners are… Win a copy of Ed Sheeran’s ‘A Visual Journey’.

@edsheeranspain1, @maisiesheeranxx, @swiftixe

Time to get down on Friday.

We’ve got another 3 chances for you to win a copy of Ed Sheeran’s blooming marvellous book, ‘A Visual Journey’. Take a sneak peak of what’s inside including some illustrations of his cute face. 

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Ed Sheeran’s mum making homemade jewellery is the cutest thing ever- it’s like a Sheerio Etsy!

Just when we thought we had finished writing our Christmas lists to Santa (all members of 1D are on the top, FYI), Ed sheeran sends this cute little tweet about his mum’s handiwork and how we can buy it… and then we had to run to the nearest pound shop to get more paper.

There’s so many beautiful pieces on there! Here’s some of our faves…

SING Thong Pendant – £8.00

sing necklace

Enamel Pawprint Thong Bracelet – £8.00

Ed Bracelet

The A Team Pendant – £6.00

Ed Sheeran Necklace

There’s also lots of designs that aren’t Ed inspired but still extremely cute! So much merch. So little money. We need it all.

If you fancy getting us a present this year, you know what to get us.

Ed Sheeran

What’s your fave piece from the website? Get tweeting us @Maximumpop

Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran and more set to take to the stage at this year’s Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

If you’re unfamiliar with the annual Victoria’s Secret fashion show, it’s basically a very fancy catwalk display of extremely impractical and expensive (but very pretty) underwear worn by some of the most famous and in demand models in the world. Oh, and they all wear wings for some reason.



However if you’re anything like us in MP! Towers you’ll know its also one of the best places to see some of the biggest pop stars around perform alongside the be-winged beauties, AND it’s in London for the very first time this year. Hurrah! Our very own Neon Jungle even performed last year and got to rub shoulders with none other than Taylor Swift. JEALOUS.

Well this year Swiftie is back again to shake it out onstage along with Ed Sheeran, Irish singer song writer Hozier, and the amazing Ariana Grande. Sounds pretty fab, right? The show isn’t until December 9th and we’re probably going to have to watch it on YouTube because we’re not glam or rich enough to get a ticket, but it promises to be a good ‘un!