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Katy Perry premieres ‘Dark Horse’ video in full: ‘Katy Patra’ reigns supreme!

Last week we let you in on a sneak peak of Katy Perry’s grill-tastic ‘Dark Horse’ video and now she’s unveiled the whole thing in all its inexplicably brilliant glory.

The video sees ‘Katy Patra’ sporting an array of colourful costumes and wigs, being courted by various unworthy suitors and engaging in a brief pole dancing routine. Plus, did anyone else know she could do the splits?! So basically it’s business as usual then.

Check out the video below and see what you think.


Katy Perry teases ‘Dark Horse’ video: terrifies with insane grill.

We can always rely on Katy Perry to provide a big budget, high concept (translation: bonkers) video to accompany her chart topping singles and now she has gone and done it again with the teaser for ‘Dark Horse’

In the thirty-second preview, Katy mixes ancient Egypt with modern day hip hop and creates yet another alter ego in the form of ‘Katy Patra’ – see what she did there? She also rocks a pretty terrifying grill in the process. Don’t try this at home, kids!

We reckon history buffs will find the historical revisionism a bit much, but those who love big, ridiculous pop videos will be pretty satisfied. The video premieres in full on the 20th February. What do you think? Are you excited for the new video?


Katy Perry tops US Billboard chart with ‘Dark Horse’!

Katy Perry is one of our favourite pop ladies here at MP! and we’ve been quite partial to her latest album ‘Prism’ which has already spawned two hit singles in the form of motivational-gym-anthem ‘Roar’ and obligatory-soppy-ballad ‘Unconditionally’ . Now ‘Dark Horse’, the third single to be taken from the album, has just entered the US Billboard chart at number 1, making it her 9th chart topper in total.

The song was already amazing to begin with but we think it got a bit of a boost from her bonkers Grammy performance last weekend, which quite literally featured a dark horse. Though not a real one of course…

Never change, Katy. Never change.


STOP EVERYTHING: Ariana Grande is working with Max Martin (and other pop geniuses).

Here at Maximum Pop! we’re massive fans of Ariana Grande’s debut album ‘Yours Truly’. It was the perfect blend of old school R&B and super catchy pop hooks so naturally we’re very curious to see what she comes up with next.

Well we don’t have to wonder any longer, as the lady herself has been giving us the lowdown on the next album and from what we hear, it sounds like it’s going to be choc full of amazing pop tune-age.

This time around she’s enlisting the best of the best pop producers and song writers around including Savan Kotecha (One Direction), Benny Blanco (Ke$ha) and none other than the undisputed god of pop music: Max Martin (Britney, Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, BASICALLY EVERYTHING AMAZING EVER DONE EVER). We can confirm that excitement levels are extremely high here at MP! Towers but what do you think? Are you excited for Ms. Grande’s new music?

Ariana Grande

10 massive give aways! One Direction wardrobe, Taylor Swift tickets, Ariana Grande m&g, The Vamps singles and more

Because the only thing better than being metres from Katy Perry’s cream-spraying, spinning breasts, is being there for free. This week’s gossip roundup of the web’s best give aways. Click the links to the visit the sites and enter.

Login to Teen Events to keep up with all the latest competitions and events from One Direction, The Vamps, Elyar Fox and many more.

Coldplay's Chris Martin brought his mate Jay-Z along for his underground journey.

Gallery: Pictures of pop stars on the tube… they’re just like us you know! – Rihanna, One Direction and er… Geri Halliwell included.

In their never-ending attempt to prove they’re normal human beings, 10 of our favourite pop stars have whipped out their Oyster cards and jumped on the tube.

Oh, when will the day come that we bump into a member of One Direction at Piccadilly Circus station?


Gallery: BRITs 2014 nominations announced – One Direction, Lorde, Ellie Goulding, Disclosure nominated

323 days since last year’s ceremony, the nominations for the 2014 BRIT Awards have been announced. Disclosure and Bastille lead nominations with four each, Ellie Goulding and Rudimental follow with three noms. Check out the gallery below which features ALL nominees and let us know who you’ll be backing.

The 2014 BRIT Awards will be hosted by James Corden on February 19.


Follow, unfollow. This week say hello to James Vamps and Katy Perry, goodbye to Kanye and Ke$ha

Hello Maximum Pop! readers and welcome to ‘Follow, Unfollow’, a brand new feature that will act as your ultimate guide to which popstars you should be following and those you should be unfollowing on Twitter each week. Bursting with the latest, most amazing and, frankly, rather strange tweets, this feature may well become some kind of Bible for the Twittersphere in the future (it probably won’t but we can dream).

3 to follow:

James McVey (@TheVampsJames)
We’ve seen how much you guys like these boys, especially James, and we’re not surprised – have you seen the amount of nipple he uploads!? The boys’ group account has already cracked out over 5,000 tweets, and amassed over 500,000 followers.

Best tweet this week:
Open with caution, sweaty gym pic inside!


Katy Perry (@katyperry)
All hail the Twitter Queen! That’s right, Miss Katy Perry has recently taken over the likes of Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber to become the most followed person on Twitter. Keep up to date with Katy’s career by following her today.

Best tweet this week:
Hmm, is Katy giving us any hints to her next single?

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Meet the family. Pop stars’ brothers and sisters photo gallery!

Ever fantasised about being related to a pop star? The free concert tickets, celeb party invites, hearing their new albums first and without paying a penny. Sounds pretty sweet right? Well this lucky lot of pop star siblings don’t have to imagine – they’re stuck with your favourite superstars as family.

one direction daily mirror

5 massive give aways! Union J, One Direction, Miley Cyrus and Katy Perry

Because the only thing better than being metres from Katy Perry’s cream-spraying, spinning breasts, is being there for free. This week’s gossip roundup of the web’s best give aways. Click the links to the visit the sites and enter.

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