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Capital FM Jingle Bell Ball Day 1: Elyar Fox, Union J and Naughty Boy rock the red carpet

Christmas is almost upon us, so what better way to celebrate than grabbing loads of popstars and throwing them all together at one event? Lucky for us, Capital FM did just that with their annual Jingle Bell Ball, and we were there to get all the goss.

Set over two days (December 7 and 8), this year’s Ball featured the likes of Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Union J, Little Mix, Lawson, The Vamps and Elyar Fox. We installed ourselves on the red carpet for the weekend to drool over some pop hotties and generally have a little chinwag with the stars. So, without further ado, here’s what we found out on Day 1.


One Direction scoop three awards at the MTV EMAs. Pop bits.

POP BITS. Those five fabulous One Direction lads are powering on with their quest for world domination as they won not one, not even two, but a whopping THREE awards at last night’s MTV EMA awards. Not only did the lovely lads walk away with the Best Pop and Best UK and Ireland Act gongs, that cheeky Cheshire charmer Harry Styles won a prize of his own for Best Look (well, we certainly agree with that one!)

Among the other winners at the bash on November 10 were Katy Perry, who was crowned Best Female, Miley Cyrus for Most Naked Best Video and the Biebs himself, Justin Bieber, who won the accolade of Best Male.

Not only did the Stylinator spend the evening swanning about being fit and collecting awards, he also found time to hang out with his buddy Nick Grimshaw, who posted a video on Instagram of Harry sat in his Range Rover, getting down to a bit of Miley. Very manly, we must say…

Watch the video below. POP BITS OUT.

nicholasgrimshaw’s video on Instagram

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13 Spookalicious Pop Star Halloween Costumes

With Halloween just three days away, we thought it was time to get all spooky and show you our unlucky number 13 favourite scary pop star costumes!


Happy Birthday Katy Perry! Her 5 Best Tracks

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR KATY PERRY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! *cheers* Yes, it’s Katy Perry’s birthday and instead of giving her a present, we’re treating you instead by re-living five of her best tunes!

1I Kissed A Girl

We’re going right back to the beginning for our KP celebrations with ‘I Kissed A Girl’, the song that catapulted Katy to fame back in 2009. Watch out for the cameo with Ke$ha in the video!

2Hot ‘N’ Cold

We’ve all had a relationship (or imagined one) like this, haven’t we? Katy performs the ultimate break-up song here, one of the reasons why we fell in love with her as much as we did!
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Is this the best girl group ever? Watch Katy Perry, Ellie Goulding, Sara Bareilles and more perform ‘Roar’!

Could this be the formation of the best girl group ever? Well unfortunately it was for one night only! Performing at the ‘We Can Survive’ charity concert in Los Angeles last night, Katy Perry invited some of her celeb guests on stage for the finale of the show, performing her latest single ‘Roar’.

We’ve not seen girl power like this since that Spice Girls concert we attended back in 1998! Last night, performing at the ‘We Can Survive’ charity concert in Los Angeles, some of the best ladies in pop joined Katy Perry to perform her latest single ‘Roar’ for the finale. Raising awareness for young victims of cancer, Katy invited some of her guests such as Ellie Goulding, Sara Bareilles and Bonnie McKee to perform ‘Roar’ with her to end the show … and it was pretty spectacular!

What do you think of the performance? Check the video out for yourselves below.

Is Rixton’s ‘Make Out’ the best pop debut video ever?

Boyband pop debut videos are generally quite safe, aren’t they? They normally consist of frolicing on beaches, looking moody in warehouses or driving around in nice cars. Well, ruddy good boyband, Rixton, have gone and grabbed pop by the ‘Wrecking Balls’ and chucked out the funnest video since 1D’s ‘Best Song Ever’ to go along with their debut single ‘Make Out’.

In the video, Jake, Danny, Charley and Lewi mock some of the hottest videos around including Miley’s ‘Wrecking Ball’, Katy Perry’s ‘Roar’, The Biebs’ ‘Beauty & A Beat’, Gaga’s ‘Applause’ and Robin Thicke’s ‘Blurred Lines’. By parodying some of the videos of the year, the handsome foursome have in turn made one of the videos of the year. It involves lots of cross dressing, fun, water and making out.

If you are still reading this… what’s wrong with you! Check out Rixton’s uber fun video below:

Katy Perry, ‘Prism’ – amazing album alert!

We all love Katy Perry – she’s funny, she’s sweet, she’s sexy, and when she’s not busy promoting perfumes or being a Smurf, she likes to release the odd great song or awesome album from time to time. Fortunately for all us die-hard pop fans, she’s gone and unveiled brand new album ‘Prism’.

‘Prism’ – which was originally supposed to be a dark and moody album and which took its title from Katy letting in the light and making much happier, positive and restorative music after her divorce – found its way onto our PC a few days ago and we’ve given it plenty of spins to determine whether or not you should shell your hard-earned pennies on it, and more importantly, the important info about it.

[column width=half]Which song is best for a drive in a car?

‘International Smile’. Big singalong chorus, sunny, feel-good themes and a general feeling of loveliness all around.

Best song for snuggling up with a loved one?

A lot of them are potential snuggle-worthy material, but it has to go to ‘This Moment’ which is a big lovely ballad and which is different enough to avoid the curse of ‘album fodder’. It feels very Leona Lewis-esque.

Best song for a booty call?

‘Legendary Lovers’ has an anthemic chorus, a sexy bhangra-inspired beat and some Indian sitar stylings that put into mind a more epic version of Selena Gomez’s ‘Come & Get It’. Definitely one for getting down and dirty.

Is there anything like the fun Teenage Dream era?

Kind of. ‘This Is How We Do’ and ‘Birthday’ both feel like they could have been on the last album and are both pretty darn fun and light. Fortunately ‘Birthday’ is much better than the sleazy, cheap double-entendres in its lyrics and it’s a fun, breezy slice of what KP does best – pop at its purest.

Best motivational jam for the gym?

‘Roar’, or ‘Love Me’. Both are big ‘pull yourself up’ inspirational jams and both are big confidence-promoting tracks that are sure to make you channel through the next workout.[/column]

[column width=half last=true]Best candidate for ‘song of summer 2014’?

‘This Is How We Do’ – irreverent fun that’s as intellectual as doing Jaeger body shots off a surfer’s stomach, it’s mindless fun and sure to be the next soundtrack and smash hit single when summer rolls around next year.

Best ballad?

‘Ghost’. It’s all about getting dumped via text and Katy’s breakdown to British funnyman Russell Brand. It’s all very weep-worthy and made us feel like we were getting our hearts broken. At least that’s our excuse for the six pints of Ben & Jerry’s. Honest.

Best wedding song? And by wedding song, we mean ‘first dance song’, not ‘song at a wedding for lamenting that you’re single’.

‘Unconditionally’. It was made for the wedding first dance and full of angelic-sounding synths and choirs that could melt the coldest heart. Perfect for that in-love feeling.

Best song to blow the video budget on?

‘Walking On Air’. It’s a big Nineties dancefloor anthem about being in love and we’d love to see Ms Perry lose herself in the vibes of a big, neon-soaked, glowstick-heavy video where she plays a girl in love and a rave princess.

Best promo song?

Both ‘Dark Horse’ and ‘Walking On Air’ are very good and very different, but ‘Dark Horse’ has a big, dark, trap-flavoured vibe to it that makes it a brilliant club song. We’d still listen to both of them in a club if they came on, but ‘Dark Horse’ is the one we’d go absolutely bonkers to. Good choice, KP.[/column]

‘Prism’ is out for download on 14 October 2013. Listen to new track ‘Legendary Lovers’ below:

Alarm Pop: Katy Perry – ‘Unconditionally’

It’s that time again! No, not Christmas (although it feels a bit like it) … it’s Alarm Pop time, that wonderful time of day when we give you a totally amazepop track to bless your ears with.

Today’s Alarm Pop comes from queen of the jungle herself, Katy Perry. With her upcoming album ‘Prism’ leaking all over the internet (which we totally haven’t listened to…) Katy herself has this morning revealed her brand new track ‘Unconditionally’. Prepare yourselves, it’s a weepy one.

‘Unconditionally’ is a bit of a blend of Katy’s previous ballads, with “BABY YOU’RE A FIREWORK” high notes and totes emosh ‘Thinking Of You’ – like lyrics. Either way MPers, it’s probably going to have you blubbering over unconditional love, wondering why your favvy member of One Direction doesn’t fancy you back. Not that we know anything about that…

Well we’re going to be belting “I WILL LOVE YOU, UNCONDITIONAAALLY” in our showers for weeks. Check out the song for yourselves below!

The MP! Top Ten: The Results

*Tense X Factor thudding music (you can also flick the lights in the room on and off if you would like to increase the tense mood)* The results are in for the MP! Top Ten.

You had your say and we have calculated (and recalculated) the votes and we can reveal that the MP! Top Ten is, as follows:

Selena Gomez- ‘Slow Down’ makes it’s first appearance in the MP! Top Ten in tenth place, closely followed by a new entry from The Saturdays, ‘Disco Love’, in at number 9. The number 8 spot is held by Nariana with their duet ‘Almost Is Never Enough’ whilst Union J’s ‘Carry You’ is still going strong at number 7. Miley Cyrus’ ‘Wrecking Ball smashes in at number 6 and another new entry, ‘R U Crazy?’ by Conor Maynard, takes fifth place.

The Wanted have moved up one place to number 4 from last week with ‘We Own The Night’ whilst Katy Perry’s ‘Roar’ holds on to her spot in third place. But who came out on top in MP! Top Ten. We can reveal it was EXTREMELY close with just two votes in the difference. The Vamps came in second with ‘Can We Dance’ and One Direction hold onto the top spot with ‘Best Song Ever’!

Phew! That was tense. If you have any songs you’d like to see in the MP! Top Ten, let us know in the comment box below. Don’t forget to subscribe to us on Spotify and follow the MP! Top Ten playlist.

Luminites offer some troubled MP! readers advice.

In their amazepop new track, Luminites are telling people to ‘Do Something’ but some of our MP! readers don’t know what to do. It’s time for Luminites to put their money where their incredibly vocally gifted mouths are and help out some troubled MPers. Here’s what happened:

Dear Luminites,

I went to a mates party recently and sang a song whilst I swung on a giant wrecking ball without many clothes on, now she won’t speak to me

How do I fix our relationship?

Hannah, 20

Dear Hannah,

This is a difficult situation and we’ve been in a similar predicament before. It’s a difficult time but don’t stress, you will get invited to parties again. Take your wrecking ball and even a JCB but wear clothes and maybe even perfume.

Dear Luminites,

I’m getting married to a girl. Result. But now I’ve got to plan a wedding and I’m really busy. Could you choose a theme and our first dance.

Zayn, 20

Dear Zayn,

If I were you, I’d choose this tune called ‘Best Song Ever’. But just know that when you get married there is only “One Direction” from there. You’ve either got it or not, it’s in your ‘DNA’ or it isn’t. If you get a bit tired just drink some Red Bull and grow some ‘Wings’.

Dear Luminites,

I’m part of a double act and we have become quite successful. We have performed all over the country but I can’t help but feel that my partner is getting all the attention and praise? How can I divert some of the limelight back to me?

Ashleigh, 18

Dear Ashleigh,

That’s a barking mad question. It’s a dog eat dog world out there. Don’t growling about it, just get on with it.

Dear Luminites,

I’m in Jedward. Help.

John, 21

Dear John,

You guys are doing a great job. Please continue to do it.

Dear Luminites,

I’ve just got back from an expedition to the jungle to work with some endangered animals. I sang dogs to them and brushed an alligators teeth. I’m considering quitting my day job and becoming a zoo keeper. What do you think?

Katy, 28

Dear Katy,

This definitely is something to ‘Roar’ about. How many more puns can we fit in? Do you like “Perry Perry” chicken?

That was some Grade A pop star advice from Luminites. Check out the lyric video for their new single ‘Do Something’ below: