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The VMAs add a new category dedicated to lyric videos

MTV VMAs have added a new category for the awards show and this one is dedicated to lyric videos. Hooray!

5sos x

“Lyrics are as important to music fans as ever, and the evolution of lyric videos is evidence of that,”  said  Amy Doyle, MTV’s executive vice president of music and talent programming strategy. “As we started discussing new categories for this year’s show we immediately gravitated to celebrating the emerging art form of the lyric video.”

We love a good lyric video and the five nominated videos are pretty damn good. Katy Perry’s ‘Birthday’, Ariana Grande ft Iggy Azalea’s ‘Problem’, 5 Seconds of Summer’s ‘Don’t Stop’, Austin Mahone ft Pitbull’s ‘Mmm yeah’ and Demi Lovato’s ‘Really Don’t Care’ are the five competing entries in the new category. A tough choice, don’t you agree?

Who do you want to see taking the crown of best lyric video? You should tell us down in the comments, y’know.

It’s World Cat Day – let’s celebrate with celebs and their moggies

If you’re an avid Twitter user who checks the trends almost as much as they check their emails, then you’ll be aware that today is World Cat Day. Hurrah!


In celebration of all kitty cats we’re taking a look at celebrities and their famous felines.

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Twerking ice creams, floating objects and a pizza swimsuit – Katy Perry’s ‘This Is How We Do’ video.

If you haven’t seen Katy Perry’s video for her new track ‘This Is How We Do’ fix that ASAP. For the first 10 seconds or so, you might say that it’s shaping up to be a relatively normal video, but you would be wrong – very, very wrong. Prepare to be captivated by the sheer ‘WTF’-ness of this thing.  And fall in love, just like we have.
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Katy Perry goes 90’s gamer mode for ‘This Is How We Do’ lyric video

It’s fine to suck at Mariah Carey-oke but not OK to fudge up Katy Perry’s hot new single ‘This Is How We Do’.

I mean, c’mon y’all there’s no excuse, really. She’s even uploaded a retro cool lyric video to help you along.

The track nods along to a seriously wicked 90s hip hop beat, which totally explains why the video’s channeling some serious late 80s to early 90s video game graphics.

‘This Is How We Do’ is Katy’s fifth single from her UK #1 album Prism. Not trying to be like, ‘Duh!’ but the song is hands down one of the best and most obvious singles choices on there.

It’s a feel good ode to hanging out with your mates, doing fun stuff and not giving a damn about grown up stuff.

“Yo, shout out to all you kids buying bottle service with your rent money. Respect!”

Now grab your iPhone, open up Snapchat and film yourself singing along. It’s totally how Katy would do.

Night School Resistance: Pop playlist, which pop star would play your favourite characters?

This month we’ve been chatting about all things Night School, premiering the new book trailer, interviewing the author, dream casting the movie and loads more.

We’ve got our resident book worm to merge two things we love, books and pop! Which pop star do you think would play who in the ‘Night School’ series?



The first person who came to mind when we were thinking of a pop star to represent Allie was Katy Perry! They’re both feisty independent gals and here at MP! we love them both.

Carter West


This one was an easy one for us to cast, it had to be Austin Mahone. With his dark features he can also pull a moody look like Carter West. Pass me a napkin, I’m drooling oooof!



Brace yourselves for this, we think Michael Clifford from 5 Seconds of Summer is ideal for the part. He seems like an action packed, fun loving guy, also he can always change his hair colour as some girls thick Sylvain is blonde and others think his hair is dark. Hmmm no mention of green then?



For those of you who haven’t read the ‘Night School’ series, shame on you. Nathaniel is a bit of a bad boy, and we all know how much we like a bad boy. We’ve cast Louis Tomlinson from One Direction as our Nathaniel, another very good reason for us all to drool over him.

Rachel Patel


Rachel is a bit of a workaholic, always has her head in her books. We think Shereen from Neon Jungle would work well as this character, any other ideas MP!ers?



Zoe is like a little bird she’s nimble on her toes but as strong as an ox. We’re casting Ariana Grande for this role, she’s already proved she can act, she’s gorgeous and we think she fits the bill nicely.

What do you think? Who would you cast as the ‘Night School’ characters?

Katy Perry launches her own record label! Plus: Check out her duet with new signing Ferras!

We all know Katy Perry is a woman of many talents. She can sing, dance and rock a myriad of wig styles in the space of one concert. But apparently that’s not enough for the ‘Roar’ singer as she’s only gone and set up her own record label. 

Katy will be heading up Metamorphosis Music, a joint venture with her own label Capitol Records, and she’s already got her first signing! Singer songwriter Ferras has just released ‘Legends Never Die’, a haunting ballad featuring K Pezza herself, and he’ll also be joining her on the North American leg of Prismatic tour so you can’t say he hasn’t got the big guns behind him. 

Speaking about her new signing Ms. Perry said “I believe Ferras is going to be an important artist to watch unfold. I am so ecstatic the world gets to hear his music now bring online and on tour with me.” Certified by Katy P and with a pretty good song to boot. We’re impressed but what about you guys? Does Ferras have what it takes to make it big?

MP! Investigates: The best pop star parents. Happy Father’s Day!

It’s that time of year again. Father’s Day. We’ve already been told multiple times it’s children’s day every day of the year and we’ve been out and bought a novelty card and a box of miniature heroes.

Here at MP! we investigated the best pop star Dads. The Daddy cools if you will, the head honcho. The men we need to thank for some of their delightful son’s.

Harry and Des Styles - We have this man to thank for the curls, the charisma and lets face it, pretty much everything Harry has to offer.


Luke and Andrew Hemmings - Does Luke get his cheeky grin and guitar talents from his dad? We’ll ask if we ever bump into him.


Lady Gaga and Joe Germanotta - Mummy and Daddy Gaga, what a cute family shot. No meat dresses or popping out of aliens in this one!


Ed and John Sheeran - The man we have to thank for Ed’s new album ‘multiply’. Ed played his Dad the entire album for him to scrutinise and stripped songs back to how the demos sounded after his Dad’s words of wisdom.


Niall and Bobby Horan – We’ve heard he’s one of the nicest Dads in pop, he even invited a Spanish 1D fan into his family home and gave her one of Niall’s hats.


Taylor and Scott Swift – Just look how cute they are together. Taylor’s mum is normally the one in the limelight, running around at her gigs and picking people to have pizza with her. We think Scott needs some MP! attention too.


Do you think we should tell him to fill up the swimming pool? :/

Katy Perry and Keith Hudson - Katy’s Dad is a preacher over in America, he ‘reportedly’ said she was a devil child after singing about kissing a girl. Not cool Keith.


Bradley and Derek Simpson - This is one for the family portrait wall. The lovely Simpson family, we have no words to describe our love for this!


Beyoncé and Matthew Knowles - Thanks for producing a lady who can have multiple key changes in one song. We salute you sir!


And the MP! award for the hottest pop star daddy-o…

Tom Fletcher queue the super cute Tom and baby Buzz montage!

tom-fletcher-buzz-giovanna-hospital tom-fletcher--a tom-fletcher1--a tumblr_n52bzjdOKT1txmtzho1_500

Maroon 5 preview clip of new single ‘Maps’!

After selling squillions with their last album ‘Overexposed’ – which contained certified pop gold singles such as ‘Moves Like Jagger’ and ‘One More Night’ – those Maroon 5 boys are back and gearing up to release some music. Hurrah!

Taking some time out from his judging duties on The Voice US, Adam Levine & Co have just teased a clip from their new single ‘Maps’ in anticipation of the song’s premiere on Monday June 16th. The preview doesn’t exactly make it clear whether the song will be a ballad or a banger but we DO know that it’s been produced by professional hit makers Benny Blanco (Katy Perry, Kesha) and One Republic frontman Ryan Tedder (Ella Henderson, Beyoncé) so you know it’s going to be good a good one. Welcome back, guys!

Missed Radio 1’s Big Weekend? Here’s all the bits you NEED to see.

We really need a Bank Holiday after BBC Radio 1’s Big Weekend! Even if we watched all the performances from our sofa. Are you still on your sofa? Good, don’t move because we’re going to give you all the bits! And all the feelings too. So. Many. Feelings.

ONE DIRECTION (Plus: H’s hair and funny faces)

Screen Shot 2014-05-26 at 03.45.57260514-harryface1

Always a cute cupcake.

BASTILLE – They’re secret astronauts don’t ya know?



PHARRELL. (Happy as always)

LILY ALLEN (Bonus: She’s the Selfie Queen)

TWIN ATLANTIC – They already have our hearts and souls


And they did a bit of ‘Best Song Ever’ and ‘ Story Of My Life’


ED SHEERAN (Bonus: this is his new song)


THE 1975 (Always fit despite all the chocolate)

(Matty, can you please tell us where we can find your shirt? Thanks xxx)



THE VAMPS (Bonus: leather and kilts)


She looks like a majestic peacock. We love ya!
Screen Shot 2014-05-26 at 04.29.34


Now we’re off for a nap. Exhausting.