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MP! TV Presenter Luke Franks To Host The Voice LOUDER. POP BITS.

POP BITS. Forget the whole Olly leaving the Xtra Factor debacle and worrying about who’s going to keep Caroline away from the contestants now, there is a new singing competition host in town. Luke Franks has just been announced as the host of The Voice LOUDER- we’re not shouting this, it’s actually how it’s spelt. Luke has worked with us here as the host of MP! TV for quite some time and we are delighted that he will be dominating computer screens across the country. The Voice LOUDER takes you backstage to see the reaction to the results as they happen as well as the hilarious highlights from the show. We are delighted for Luke and will definitely be tuning in every week. POP BITS OUT.

Conor Maynard’s Pop Quiz Sheet – Janet Jackson’s nips, Nando’s and evil pandas

MP! – making pop stars do the hard work, so we don’t have to. This week it’s the turn of Britain’s answer to a horny Justin Bieber Conor Maynard to introduce himself to you lot by filling in our brand new, patent-pending MP! Quiz Sheet. Keep reading to see Conor’s (rubbish) poem about how he got started in the music biz, a list of who and who doesn’t influence him and the dullest pop star he can think of (spoiler: it’s himself).

1Correct – the odd one out IS Matt Cardle, because he’s rubbish. Has Conor been swotting up on MP!?

2Some A grade GCSE artwork right there.

3We give Conor 10/10 for this joke – extra points for relevance, given that the Superbowl just happened. A career in comedy should be his plan B.

We LOVE Nando’s here at MP! HQ, so if Conor wants us to come and make sure he’s not lonely, then we’ll jump at the chance. We’ll even hold him too.

5According to the official MP! Psychiatrist (Braithwaite) seeing an evil panda in this pattern means that Conor has a secret tendency to stare at the bums of British alternative rock bands.

Braithwaite visits the Big Top 40 studio – gallery!

This weekend we interviewed Rich Clarke and Kat Shoob – the comforting voices behind the Big Top 40 chart show, and MP! mascot Braithwaite also tagged along. The lucky thing was taught the basics of radio presenting – but of course he ended up getting himself into trouble before the day was over…

Check out Braithwaite’s gallery of pics from the Big Top 40 studio below – he even got to meet new pop sensation Rita Ora!




Rich & Kat from The Big Top 40 – The Big Interview

On Sunday we took MP! mascot Braithwaite on a rare day out to visit Rich Clarke and Kat Shoob – the comforting voices behind the Big Top 40 chart show, broadcast every Sunday between 4 and 7pm. In between making sure Braithwaite didn’t press the “Do Not Push” button, we got to sit in whilst the show was aired live and even chat to the presenters about the best and worst pop star guests, who they’d love to interview in the future, and whether or not they’ve ever done something that got them a massive telling off.

Keep reading to see our exclusive Big Interview with Rich & Kat!

Continue reading Rich & Kat from The Big Top 40 – The Big Interview

Stooshe’s Pop Quiz Sheet – Rihanna’s nips, self portraits and Gremlins

Sitting down and chatting to a nervous new pop act over tea and biscuits, whilst we rush through unprepared questions that the stars are going to get asked 3,000 times that day by different interviewers? Nah, we like to do things VERY differently here at MP!. Instead of boring them to death, we let ballsy girl group Stooshe introduce themselves, by filling in our brand new, patent-pending MP! Quiz Sheet.

Keep reading to see Stooshe’s poem about they formed the band, their own Pop Diary, acts that influence them and their questionable attempt at drawing The Biebs.


Actually, you’re wrong girls – Matt Cardle is the odd one out because he’s rubbish.


So Stooshe had time to leave lipstick marks and splodges of nose foundation all over the page, but were too busy to circle four words to describe themselves? *shakes head*


Tomorrow’s Comp Of The Day will be the chance to take the spare seat next to the band on the voyage into deep space – but we should warn you, Alex plays her iPod really loud and Courtney sometimes talks in her sleep.

According to the official MP! Psychiatrist (Braithwaite), seeing two Gremlins in this pattern means that Stooshe are currently suffering from great emotional stress due to gender confusion.

Lawson pay MP! HQ a visit – here’s the goss

Earlier this week the cheeky Lawson boys popped into MP! HQ to celebrate maximumpop.co.uk officially being the best pop website ever with an acoustic performance of their song ‘Red Sky’ and a couple of hobnobs. Fast forward approximately 600 seconds and we were talking getting naked, supporting The Wanted on their arena tour and when to expect their debut single and album release. And loads more things that your mum would kill us if we told you. Definite result.

[column width=half]

If people don’t know who you are, what are you about in 2 concise sentences?
ANDY: 2 sentences? *points at other members* You take one, you take one. JOEL: I’d say we’re like a pop rock band, we play guitars and stuff and say we’re somewhere between OneRepublic and Ed Sheeran. That’s one of my own. RYAN: I don’t know what to add to that, meaningful pop? ADAM: The Star wrote that. RYAN: We’ve extracted that word for word. JOEL: I think it’s pretty accurate. I’m really happy with that. ADAM: One said that, and one said a younger cooler Script. We’ll take both. Copy and paste.

You’re supportingThe Wanted on their arena tour. Give us the goss – something specific to make it exciting.
ADAM: The main thing that’s good about this one is, last time we did it we had the box. I had to play the box. We all played acoustic guitars, it was kinda understated. We went on, we introduced people to us a bit. This time, we’ve got full drums, guitars, amps, gonna go loud, and something very exciting involving the audience… ANDY: Take a few people out, bring them backstage, give them the proper Lawson treatment *wink* PR PERSON: Careful.

Please list the pros and cons of Ed Sheeran and the pros and cons of a baked potato.
ADAM: We think Ed is going to win every time. JOEL: We’re massive fans. ANDY: I’ve got his album in my car. We’d never say a bad word about him. MP!: And a baked potato? JOEL: The issue with a baked potato is they take so long to cook… [MP!: Ed Sheeran’s already red *laughs manically* *explains joke*] ANDY: Benefit of a baked potato. You can put butter on a baked potato. EVERYONE: You can put butter on Ed Sheeran too although he’s probably not into that. ADAM: Potato has hard skin, whereas Ed Sheeran has soft skin. I’m a big fan of faces and how soft they are. [MASSIVE CHAT ABOUT MEMBER OF MP! TEAM BEING NAKED]

New single, new album? When can we expect them?
ANDY: Our debut single is going to be coming out in Spring time. No set dates yet. Early May, April maybe. Second single over the Summer and an album end of Summer. The single isn’t decided yet but expect it in Spring. The single will be one of the tracks we play on the tour.


[column width=half last=true]

What’s life on the road like? You’re going back in the van…
ADAM: Oh, we love it. RYAN: Everything you see picture wise with our arses all over the internet, that’s pretty much all that happens on tour. ADAM: We get very naked and watch a lot of DVDs. ADAM: Yeah the van smells pretty bad. JOEL: “We get naked and watch DVDs” doesn’t sound great. ANDY: We watch a lot of Mike Myers, Jim Carey. Our top 5… Austin Powers, Bear Grylls, Family Guy. We watched The Script. Just got the Friends box set so that will probably make an appearance on The Wanted tour, and 24. Just got 24. We spend A LOT of time in the van. 10 hours the other day. We started dancing to ‘Man In The Mirror’. ADAM: It turns you kinda mental. JOEL: When I got home I felt like I was floating. ANDY: I get really cravel sick me. ADAM: Cravel sick?!? ANDY: Cravel sick.

You just finished your own headline tour. Tell us about the madness.
ADAM: Highlight was the first night in Brighton. This girl popped out of the crowd onto the stage. As soon as two were on, the whole front row did a massive stage invasion. We didn’t know if we could keep on going as people were standing on pedals and stuff. Everyone was jumping around, having the best time ever. We’ll never forget that, it was great. Definite highlight. RYAN: There weren’t any lowlights y’know, I didn’t have one bad time. ANDY: 10 hour drive back from Glasgow? RYAN: Lowlight but it was a laugh. RYAN: Andrew Lloyd Webber came down to one night, big fan of Lawson, I think he’s trying to cast me as Jesus.

What about Fanfair who are joining you on The Wanted tour?
ANDY: Looking forward to spending time with them. They’re a great laugh. They came to our gigs a few times. We went out and checked them out, they’re actually very good. Great singers and that.

So you’re endorsing them? You think they’re cool?
RYAN: Just fancy them mainly.


Lana Del Rey inspired by another Femme Fatale, Olly Murs announces new single, Adele set for surprise duet and brand new Parade choreography – gossip!

[column width=half]

Lana Del Rey is currently outselling the entire UK Top Ten with her incredible debut album Born To Die, but the mysterious singer has admitted that she’s not usually inspired by other female artists. But luckily she does have a soft spot for the biggest Femme Fatale of them all – Britney Spears! She says, “There is something about Britney that compelled me – the way she sings and just the way she looks.”

According to Labrinth, Adele and Tinie Tempah really are hoping to work on a duet together. “We talked about doing that, so it might just end up happening this year.” We’re secretly crossing our fingers to hear Adele rapping about being down with the freshers, but if it’s more a case of ‘Empire State Of Mind’ 2012, then that will be fine too.


[column width=half last=true]

Brit Award nominee and Xtra Factor presenter Olly Murs has revealed that the third single to be released from his latest album will be ‘Oh My Goodness’. The track will be available on April 1st with a new b-side – and whilst we’re not necessarily Olly’s biggest fan, we reckon it’s not that bad. Listen to ‘Oh My Goodness’ here. Trumpets ahoy.

And finally, yesterday MP! and Thing went to watch Parade in their gruelling and demanding rehearsals. We got to see a sneak preview of some brand new choreography (Thing tried to secretly film it, but put his finger over the lens by accident) and according to the band our faces lit up like children on Christmas day! A+ girls.


Cover Drive – The Big Interview

Last week MP! hung out with our new popstar BFF’s Cover Drive. The Bajan band, made up of Bar-Man (the one with the dreads), T-Ray (the 17-year-old), Jamar (the Bruno Mars lookalike) and Amanda (the girl) sung us some tunes, christened Thing and answered loads of silly questions. Read on as they reveal their HUGE crush on The Saturdays, tell us their (frankly wimpy) Nando’s spice rating and teach us a Bajan phrase about a donkey’s bum… Continue reading Cover Drive – The Big Interview

Cover Drive sing Twilight acoustic for MP:TV

MP! mascot started his work experience by meeting Cover Drive a couple of weeks ago, and managed to film them singing their cover of Jessie J’s ‘Domino’. He earned himself £20 and three biscuits for that. But it turns out that’s not ALL he filmed – Cover Drive also treated Thing to an exclusive acoustic version of their brand new single ‘Twilight’.

Losing all the Top 40 production and letting the sweetness of the song shine through, prepare to fall in love with this version of the band’s second single which won’t be available on iTunes on Sunday…

However, you can download the original version of ‘Twilight’ from iTunes in about 48 hours – and check back Monday to read our hilarious Big Interview with the band where they talk Bajan phrases, Nando’s spices and celebrity crushes.