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Friday’s event round up: 5SOS Twitcam, Josh Cuthbert follow spree, The Wanted, The Vamps, Elyar Fox and Loveable Rogues gigs

You’ve made it, it’s Friday, time for the weekend MP!ers. There’s some tasty treats in store for you tonight too, log in to Twitter from 6:30 and try and get a follow off Josh from Union J. If you’re not one of the lucky ones this time stay there until 8pm and have a dribble over 5 Seconds of Summer who’re doing a Twitcam.


Wednesday’s BIG interview: Tom and Siva from The Wanted talking solo plans

After exclusively bringing you news on Nathan Sykes’ plans post-TW, we’ve had a gold ol’ catchup with Siva and Tom from the band. Yes, it’s another MASSIVE MP! interview.

S&T’s plans include solo music, fashion, management, and writing – but you’ll have to click play to find out who’s planning what. And listen out for a 100% guaranteed commitment to never go head-to-head in the music charts. Let’s see how long that one lasts.


Win Bin: £250 to spend on Nicole Scherzinger’s clothes, a meet and greet with Nina Nesbitt and tickets to see Katy Perry, Elyar Fox, The Vamps and The Wanted

Competitions ahoy! Strike a pose and be in with the chance to take your very own selfies with Nina Nesbitt, if that doesn’t float ya goat enter to win tickets to see Elyar Fox, The Vamps, The Wanted and Katy Perry. 



‘Word of Mouth’ tour set to be a “rock concert with a boyband”. Nathan Sykes shares all the gossip with world’s best pop site Maximum Pop!

Fireworks, setlists, megamixes, instrument-jumping and 10 Top 10 singles in 4 brilliant years. Nathan Sykes has a natter on the phone with MP!’s Luke Franks about The Wanted’s last-ever-for-now-at-least ‘Word of Mouth’ tour.  The whole thing’s so close we can feel the sads already. Someone hold us.

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darryl morris 672

Darryl Dishes: Pixie Lott’s feet, The Vamps, The Wanted going solo, DJ Martin Garrix

Darryl Dishes in his weekly column packed to bursting with pop star goss, trivia and silliness. This week… Pixie Lott’s toes. Why not?

I have emails to reply to, I need to empty my suitcase after a recent ski trip and I definitely need to clean up the coffee I’ve just spilt on my kitchen floor. But I’m busy. Busy looking at Pixie Lott’s feet. And if you think that sounds like a weird thing to do, then you’d be right, but I’m not the only one. Innocently researching ahead of her recent appearance on my radio show, it was impossible to miss the website dedicated to pictures of Pixie’s toes. Quite who has put this together, I don’t know, and why, I don’t want to know; but it’s hard not to become a bit captivated.

“Oh I heard about that,” laughed Pixie as I turned my computer screen towards her. “It’s a bit weird but people are into different things I guess.”

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room 94

Room 94 album review: we have the exclusive first listen to the debut Room 94 album ‘No Strings Attached’

no strings attachedMP! has the highest echelons of pop at our beck and call, and so we managed to snag ourselves a rather brilliant sneak peek at Room 94′s debut album ‘No Strings Attached’ and even provided some answers to the pertinent questions on your minds, because we’re good like that.

Are there any great party tunes on ‘No Strings Attached’?
Yes, several, actually. ‘We Came Here to Dance’ is a vibrant, anthemic party anthem that actually is the one song aimed at solely making you dance, while ‘Superstar’ does the same thing with a The Vamps-style vibe and a chorus that is very good indeed.

Is there a cheeky sex-related spoken-word message at the beginning of a song?
Funny you should ask. ‘One Night’ is an ode to a one night stand and no-strings-attached nookie (hence the album’s title) and has a cheeky clip from a studio session attached to the beginning. The song itself is fun, ridiculous and sounds like The Wanted just went mental for a track. We approve.

Best song for looking forward to summer?
‘Chasing Summer’ seems like a really obvious answer and it should be with its rocky and almost epic vibe. However, we’d also throw the standout ‘Come Calm Me Down’ into the ring because it’s an effervescent blast of catchy pop-rock that reminds us of the new 1D album in the best way.

Best song that resembles real awkward human emotion?
Album closer ‘Shine Your Light’ is pretty cool and is easily the best ballad on the LP, bringing things to  a sweet and chilled end, like the sunrise following an all-night rave. We like this one. Not as good as Rita Ora’s ‘Shine Ya Light’, however.

Best thing about the album?
It’s solid, fun pop-rock that doesn’t try to reinvent the wheel but looks set to be the soundtrack for drinking way too many Jagerbombs and having a great time. Plus, they’ve used keg of beer on their album cover which is always a good indicator in the ‘party’ stakes.

All in all, ‘No Strings Attached’ isn’t going to change the face of pop, but sometimes you just need an album that’s trying hard to make a mark and wants its listeners to have a good time. ‘No Strings Attached’ gives that an admirable go, and you can’t say fairer than that can you?

Check out single ‘Superstar’ below. ‘No Strings Attached’ is released March 10. Download on iTunes.


Listen: Nathan Sykes on being signed to Scooter’s management “That’s news to me”. Exclusive interview part 2

Maximum Pop!s Nathan from The Wanted interview part 2. Nathan’s waiting for a call from Scooter, only 20 years old (you knew that), and undecided whether he’s going to be an artist or a songwriter after the band’s split. Oh dear god. Do you want any tissues? Interview by Luke Franks.


Listen: Nathan from The Wanted talks the band’s breakup exclusively with Maximum Pop!

Warning: This interview contains the the phrase “it’s probably going to be quite a lengthy one, if I’m honest”.

In Part 1 of our exclusive interview with Nathan The Wanted we chat about the TW’s breakup/split/we’re-enemies-now rumours. Listen for the 100% official low-down on the split in Nathan’s own words. Interview by Luke Franks.

the wanted we own the night acoustic

The winners are! See The Wanted and The Vamps at the ‘Word Of Mouth’ tour. We’ve got tickets for every UK date

Note: instructions for winners are posted below the winners’ list.

Congratulations to the winners of a pair of ‘Word Of Mouth’ tour tickets:

LIVERPOOL ARENA // Ellis Grace Moran
ABERDEEN AECC // Sophie Coull
GLASGOW HYDRO // Ashleigh Carpenter
DUBLIN 02 ARENA, IRELAND // Rebecca O’Brien
LONDON 02 ARENA // Kimmie MacDonald
CARDIFF ARENA // Caitlin Louise
BRIGHTON CENTRE // Marta Łukowiak

NOTE: If you won, send us a message to our Facebook page with your full address, email address and phone number. Use the account you used to post the message below.

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