The Wanted create world’s first ever interactive tour programme

With The Code about to kick off later tonight in Nottingham, spoilers about The Wanted’s first ever arena tour are already being revealed – according to Music Week, the band have created the world’s first ever interactive tour programme!

Available at merch stands around the country over the next few weeks are 10,000, super glossy collector’s edition tour programmes that feature high concept artwork that links to the tour’s “mission impossible” theme – but there are hidden treasure inside too. By using the “Blippar” app (available for iPhone and some Android handsets here), the TWFanmily will be able to scan cryptic “b” symbols throughout the book to unlock all sorts of secret content – including samples of songs, virtual pictures, clues for upcoming competitions and more…

Basically, you download the app, scan the symbol and next thing you know, Tom might be delivering you a secret message on your screen. Sounds pretty fancy to us!

Make sure you let us know if you discover any of the secret content hidden in The Wanted’s tour programme tonight!


  1. It was absolutely amazing! (The tour, I mean) When I met them at the Meet and Greets they were so KIND :’) <3 And that tour programme is absolutely wicked! <3 <3

  2. I went to the tour best money I have ever spent in my life,omg they are amazing live,wish I could go back<3

  3. omg omg omg. BEST NIGHT EVER. #TheCodeLondon! Never to be forgotten! Hyde Park in July, #buzzin.. as nath would say! #TWFanmily <3<3