Maroon 5 announce dates for Spring UK tour. We’ll have a slice of Adam Levine pls.

Maroon 5 are picking up momentum as they hurtle through the music industry with one announcement after another. Between the release of no less than three singles, ‘Maps’, ‘Animals’ and ‘It Was Always You’, in the lead up to the reveal of their fifth studio album, the actual release of said album, titled ‘V’, today, and now, to send their UK fans into an all-out frenzy, they’ve announced dates for their Spring UK tour.

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Usher shows off his MJ moves in ‘She Came To Give It To You’ Ft Nicki Minaj

It looks like Usher has a confession to make as  he pleads  “She came to give it to you.” Prone to a few collaborations in the past (Alicia Keys, Pitbull, Pharrell, Rick Ross, Lil Jon & Ludacris) this bold song title screams for a female feature.  This time it’s all aboard Nicki Minaj star ship.


Usher is seen grooving around the dance floor of a club before a young woman denies him some gravity. Rocking the choreography, Usher’s moves is comparable to the great Michael Jackson or Justin Timberlake.  Spicing things up midway through Nicki shows of her hour-glass figure in a plunge cut black dress. Charismatic facial expressions,  a tarantula and a snake – Nicki goes all out as she raps in the back room surrounded by the clubs CCTV cameras.

I confess, this Pharrell-produced track is certainly worth a look.


Want to meet Alfie? #ThePointlessBook signing dates!

As most of you may know unless you’ve been living in a cave, Alfie Deyes, also known as PointlessBlog is releasing his own book called #ThePointlessBook which is similar to a Wreck This Journal, but suitable for all fellow YouTube fans out there to feel closer to Alfie and connect with him as well as fellow fans with many fun activities for you to do.


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Take a cheeky glimpse at the very first pic of Jennifer Lawrence in ‘Serena’.

If you haven’t heard about this amazing new movie yet, then we presume you’ve been living under some kinda rock. So all you rock livers out there (‘rock livers’ yeah that sounded weird, we’ll never say that again…) will be over the moon to hear Ms Lawrence will be starring in the brand spanking new film ‘Serena’ alongside Bradley Cooper – yum. There’s a pretty darn impressive supporting cast too including Sam Reid, Rhys Ifans, Toby Jones and Sean Harris.

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WATCH: The Maze Runner with Dylan O’Brien is on the way

One of the favourites and cuttest boys in Hollywood, Dylan O’Brien is hitting the big screen again this October with The Maze Runner.

Have a gander at the images he posted on his Twitter…

Joking! Let’s go to the real thing.

Thomas is a teenager boy who wakes up with no memory in a maze called Glace. The place is full of other teenage boys in the same situation. Together, using fragments of their memories, try to find out what has happened and what is happening inside of the massive maze. 

Dylan O’Brien, Will Poulter, Thomas Brodie-Sangster and Kaya Scodelario star in this must see book adaptation.  They’re excited as well it seems.


5 Things Jedward and Tara Reid should collaborate together on.

Tara Reid’s tweet we mentioned recently made us realllly think. Other than a music video what could they collaborate on? We’ve come up with 5 possibilities.

A perfume:
Tara has recently come up with her own fragrance ‘Shark’ inspired by Sharknado but maybe the Jedwards could help her with another? We think it should be called ‘Tarward’, hopefully it won’t smell like tar though. Continue reading

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