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Amazing Album Alert: Laurel – ‘Holy Water’. Moody electro balladry from rising UK songstress

We can’t get enough of balls out pop bangers most of the time and almost every day in the MP! office will end in some sort of dance party to our fave tunes. However we also need music to stare pensively at the rain beating against the train window or stare wistfully at the stars whilst contemplating deep thoughts about life and such. We like a bit of balance really.

Enter promising UK singer songwriter Laurel, whose moody electro balladry has been gathering plaudits for some time now. The 20 year old performer and producer has been making music since she was 14 and has even supported the likes of John Newman and MSMR as well selling out her own solo shows. Now she’s getting ready to drop her brand new EP ‘Holy Water’ into our laps and MP! got a sneaky listen to the whole thing.


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Louis Tomlinson

Don’t Forget Where You Belong – Louis Tomlinson has manners and helps out Nathan Fillion clear up after the AMAs. How kind!

The 1D lads may be part of the biggest boyband that’s currently roaming the planet, but that doesn’t mean they don’t do a bit of helping out and work when they can. As Liam Payne once said “You don’t see Take That do their own ironing, do you?”

Last night Nathan Fillion took to Twitter to sing the praises of a member of 5 Seconds of Summer  One Direction (okay, so he got them mixed up, give the man a chance) as they helped him clear up the tables post award ceremony at the AMAs. Continue reading

snapchat collage

Didn’t go to the AMAs? Let’s check out the best of the stars from The AMAs official Snapchat – it’s like we were there!

Another award show has come to a close and while every trophy has been given out and the celebs have probably partied til they’re purple, we are still in awe of all the red carpet wonders and envy everyone who managed to nab themselves a ticket for the glitz and glam. Since we’re still soaked up in the atmosphere, we thought we’d share with you some of the best snapchats sent by The AMAs official account! (if you add them quickly – theamas – you might get to see the last of their story!)

On the red carpet!

No need to rub it in…

Becky G

Check out Becky G looking fab as always! 

Frankie Grande

Are we not going to talk about Frankie Grande and his painted tuxedo? No? Okay…

Ansel Elgort Snapchat

Awkward moment when you didn’t realise The AMAs attire was dress fancy, not fancy dress, Elgort!

Charli XCX

Charli XCX looking absolutely gorgeous as per. 


Oh, the perks of being a YouTuber…

5sos snapchat

We actually want this on a poster. It looks like 5SOS are blinded by their own beauty here. 

1D Snapchat

Sorry, but if 1D were standing right there in front of us, we would not have time to do some Snapchat art- we would be trying not to hyperventilate. 


I-G-G-Y do you look so beautiful all the time? 

Selena Gomez

Selena is rocking the new cartoon accessory look. 


It’s R5!!! 

muke snapchat

The Muke feels are real. 

We’re going to sit in bed in our onesie and watch the highlights of last night as we indulge in some ice cream and envy everyone who attended last night.

chris mears

Nudity Alert: Our 7 favourite Chris Mears naked Instagram snaps

We are loving Chris Mears here at MP! HQ at the moment. Not only is he an incredible diver but he’s launching his music career soon and going by his remix of One Direction’s ‘Steal My Girl’, he is going to be big. Check out our interview with him here.

However we do also like a bit of eye candy… So we have put together our seven favourite naked snaps he has posted on social media, because why not? Life is short and we love abs. All pictures are taken from Chris’ Instagram page.

1. The ‘I’ve Just Cooked A Meal’ Snap
chris mears 7

Professional diver, upcoming musician, and now chef by the looks of it. We start off our list with this lovely snap of Chris in a kitchen…We wonder what he was cooking? Continue reading

McBusted Tourplay

McBusted release their ‘Tourplay’ DVD, get your best air guitar off the shelf and your jumping shoes on.

McBusted have returned back to the O2 Arena in London to celebrate the release of their new DVD “Tourplay and McBusted: Live at the O2″. The boys are promoting the DVD which was filmed during their whopping three night sell out at the arena (yes we MAY have been at all three shows…)

McBusted TP1

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Screen Shot 2014-11-24 at 02.18.47

5 Seconds of Summer share the lyric video for ‘What I Like About You’, well lads, we like a lot.

The 5SOS lads can’t stop surprising their fans and giving them daily treats!

After the announcement of their first ever live album, LIVESOS, they crashed the Interwebz with the lyric video of their cover of the classic rock song ‘What I Like About You’.

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