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Fancy getting to know a bit more about Ella Eyre?

The amazing Ella has now taken the crown and become the latest VEVO Lift Artist. Previous acts include our faves Sam Smith and Bastille – (big boots to fill, but this girl most definitely can!)

Obviously this is super good news for all the Ella Eyre fans out there, because this means brand spanking new content! Eeeek!

The latest vid, which you can feast your eyes on right this second, gives an insight into Ella’s journey and personal experiences. Deep stuff.

Well we deffo enjoyed that, and can’t wait to see more from the beauts Ms Eyre.

Pharrell Williams in Adidas

Pharrell’s ‘Happy’ has only gone and been certified 3x Platinum – that means it’s sold A LOT.

We’re pretty ‘happy’ for Pharrell. Bit cheesy, lets start again…

There literally can’t be anybody on this planet who doesn’t like (or secretly like) Pharrel’s ‘Happy’. If you’re sat there saying to yourself ‘nope I definitely don’t like it’, then please stop lying to yourself…

Pharrell has received some pretty big news that ‘Happy’ has now been certified 3x Platinum by the BPI – (the big fancy people who administer the iconic Platinum, Gold & Silver Certified Awards Scheme.)

The ridiculously catchy track has sold just over 1.8m copies since it’s release in June 2013 and went to No.1 in the Official Charts in the final week of 2013. To top it all off, it’s not been out of the top 20 in 2014. Phewwww!

Now who remembers Barbie Girl by Aqua? Primary school disco classic right? Believe it or not that was the last single to be awarded 3x Platinum status in July 2013! Who’d have thought it eh?!

To celebrate Pharrell’s amazing news, we think it’d be rude not to have a celebratory ‘Happy’ dance…

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Cover Corner: Florrie goes cool and calm with Kiesza’s ‘Giant In My Heart’

Florrie, a talented teenage drummer who started off drumming for Girls Aloud, has burst out into the mainstream music scene with a new single and even had a spot on the BBC Opening Stage at T In The Park.


Florrie drumming in ‘Shot You Down

On top of all the other impressive videos she has posted to youtube (such as this badass drum solo), she has recently done a cover of Keisza’s ‘Giant In My Heart‘, which is well worth a listen.

Very chilled, very cool – give it a click and let us know what you think!

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Fifth Harmony debut brand new track ‘Reflection’

The Fifth Harmony ladies have grown up a lot in the last few months and the release of latest single ‘Bo$$’ has cemented the group’s place in the pop big leagues.

The girls are currently on tour with MP! fave Austin Mahone and decided to debut another new track during their set called ‘Reflection’ – a sultry, R&B tinged number about standing in front of the mirror and telling yourself just how darn hot you are. Quite. 

“Oh I ain’t talking about you, I’m talking about my reflection”. 

Now THAT’S a burn if ever we heard one. What do you guys make of the new song? Could it be a single?


It’s finally here… Jessie J, Ariana Grande & Nicki Minaj premiere ‘Bang Bang’ in full!

Well boys and squirrels… It’s finally here! After teasing us for almost a month with snippets of the most exciting pop collaboration to hit the charts in months, the holy trinity of Ariana Grande, Jessie J and Nicki Minaj have premiered ‘Bang Bang’ in full.

The Max Martin produced number ignores all the current chart trends and hits us with a huge and bombastic tune that sounds like an explosion in a sassy factory. Jessie and Ariana’s flawless vocals spare no expense as they attempt to out-diva each other, with sparse rock & roll guitars and horn blasts for company before a ma-HOOSIVE chorus threatens to blow up the speakers and everything in its wake. Nicki’s verse adds an extra layer of cool to proceedings and this girl power confection is now complete. Phew.


Shift K3Y unveils funky new single ‘ I Know’!

Up and coming producer Shift K3Y got us shimmying the night away with his Top 5 disco gem ‘Touch’ earlier this year – and was even covered by MP! faves Union J - but now we’re about ready for another boogie-worthy tune, don’t you think?

The superstar DJ in the making has just unveiled his brand new single ‘I Know’ and it’s another 90s influenced dance floor jam with silky smooth vocals bouncing atop house piano riffs and squelchy bass. It’s not quite as instant a toe tapper as ‘Touch’, but it’s definitely a grower and perfect for your end of summer playlists. Check out the new track below and see what you think!


Introducing… Sophie and the Bom Boms: Sugary sweet tune-age from your new favourite pop star!

Feeling sluggish today? In need of an intense pop sugar rush to perk you up? Than look no further than your next favourite pop star – Sophie and The Bom Boms!

Sophie Stern (and her respective Bom Boms) has been knocking around the music scene for a while now, cutting her teeth as song writer for pop royalty such as Britney Spears, Conor Maynard, Kendrick Lemar and Ke$ha, to name but a few. She’s recently signed to Columbia Records and is now ready to unleash her own brand of radio friendly pop anthems.

Sophie’s latest single ‘Pray’ is as sweet a piece of ear candy as you’re likely to hear all summer, but the catchy melodies are paired with a serious message about being following your own path in life, even if the world won’t always let you. Wise words indeed. The track is due to be released as part of her forthcoming ‘Shmixtape’ EP, but you can have a listen to the song right here!

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Hilary Duff has just dropped a brand spanking new video. Lizzie McGuire lives on!

I think we can all agree that 1. We adore Hilary Duff and 2. We’ve bloody well missed her! It’s all good though; she’s back with a cracking new video for single ‘Chasing The Sun’.

Now if you hadn’t guessed by the title, the tune has a proper summer vibe to it, which we are loving. To top it off there’s no waiting around to do – it’s available from iTunes right now!

Hilary dropped the video for the catchy little number just yesterday.

Errrrm how do you manage to look that good rolling around in the sand – is that something you can learn or? And where can we get one of those hunky guys?

What are your thoughts on the new vid? Loving it as much as we are?!


MP! Interviews: Anavae. ‘I always wanted to give out free ice cream samples!’

Here at MP! we love having the best new talent around and keeping you all updated with what’s cool. This week get to know Anavae.

For those who haven’t heard about Anavae tell us a bit about yourself and your music? 

- We make alternative rock with hints of electronic bits and pieces.

- We’ve just released a Parallel version to our last EP which is available on iTunes & Spotify and a brand new video which you can check out on our VEVO channel.

Where does the name Anavae come from?

It’s a word we created ourselves after leaving something behind. It’s the anti to enervate. To go forward, to be strong.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

Becca – From what we’re feeling, hating, loving. A lot of my lyrics are about a personal identity crisis. What it means to be human and the point of existence. How to exist, why to, not wanting to. We’re inspired by anything and everything.  Sci-movies, novels, soundscapes, images, voices.

Have you always wanted to be musicians? What would you be if you weren’t? We always fancied being a zoo keeper.

Becca- I work as a freelance photographer when I’m not making music…. but I’ve always wanted to give out free ice cream samples.

If you could go on tour with anyone, who would it be?

Jamie- Nicki Minaj

Becca- Babymetal.

There’s only two of you in the band – do you have a back up plan if you end up hating each other?

We already do. It fuels us.

What would you do if you woke up one morning and you’d swapped bodies with each other? (Keep it clean please!)

Jamie- Go bra shopping.

Becca- Get my whole body painted to camouflage into a brick work and jump out at people…. or do a press up.

Where can we see you perform live in the coming months?

We’re playing a few dates around the UK in August (details and dates can be found on the ‘Tour Date’ tab on our  Facebook page) but anything beyond that is currently a mystery. Lately you’ll mainly find us locked away in a dark room writing. Keep your ears peeled.

Thanks Anavae, that was fun!

Facebook | Twitter | AnavaeVEVO 


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