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Say goodbye to your Saturday nights and hello to your new favourite pop stars on Twitter. Here’s the stars of tonight’s X Factor show on Twitter. Join us on @maximumpop for X Factor live tweets. We make crap jokes and perv on pop stars. It’s more fun when you’re with us.


Mockingjay Pt. 1: New character posters revealed

The cinematic release is closing in: Mockingjay Part 1 will hit silver screens across the UK November 21st. The third-instalment of the box office-smashing series is set to be the best yet, with the stakes higher and action more explosive. Not only that, but with Lorde contributing to, as well as curating, the soundtrack, this movie is already a big deal.

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WATCH: Ariana Grande flip her high ponytail at the iHeartRadio Theater

After watching Ari strut her stuff at this year’s VMAs we got a little sad at not being there. Seriously MP! budget, can you not run to a flight out there?

Lucky for us and the rest of you Ariana’s chucked on to that widely used video platform a rendition of ‘Break Free’ at the iHeartRadio Theater in LA.

There’s lots of hair swishing, some easily recreated dance moves you can learn at home and some mind boggling vocals.

Let’s have a gander and put our hair up high, be carful you don’t resemble a Teletubbie.

‘My Everything’ is available to download now. 


Sophia Smith buys Liam Payne lingerie to wear…maybe.

We’re not privileged enough to head out to One Direction’s fragrance launch in NY, next time boys just tell us where and when and we’ll be there.

Cosmopolitan popped over the pond to have a natter with Liam and Niall who looked spiffingly hot.

If you’ve ever wondered what Simon Cowell smells like and lets be honest, we have. He’s minty fresh. 

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Taylor Swift shakes it off with the cheerleaders – pom poms at the ready!

‘Shake it off’ has been stuck in our head like a bad smell stuck in your dads new car. IT JUST WON’T BUDGE! Not only is the song an absolute pop belter but Tay Tay knows how to have a good time and make an awesome video.

We love Taylor even more for promoting her awful dancing, it makes us feel more welcome in da clerrrbs. Since T-Swizz is basically the nicest person in the galaxy she’s taking us behind the scenes starting with this section where we see her get tossed up into the air like a human javelin.

What do you think? Can you shake it, shake it like a pro or are you more Taylor level?


The Evolution of Liam Payne’s Hair: 6 important pictures you need to see…

If you ever want to pinpoint an important historical period of time in the last five years, you only need to look at the ever-changing mop that is Liam Payne’s hair. The 1D star’s barnet has experienced new and exciting changes ever since the fresh faced hopeful was plucked from obscurity and turned into a superstar almost overnight. Here we take a look back at the fruits of Mr. Payne’s glorious hair follicles over the years…


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