Demi Lovato had a hair-flipping good time performing ‘Cool For The Summer’ on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

After slaying the stage at MTV’s Video Music Awards at the weekend, Demi Lovato has now performed her latest hit single ‘Cool For The Summer’ on Jimmy Kimmel Live and it was just as brill as at the VMAs.

Performing on an outside stage again (she’s enjoying that at the moment, isn’t she?) Demi looked hot AF as per usual as she hair flipped and strutted around the stage showing off her powerhouse vocals to the crowd.

‘Cool For The Summer’ is currently #3 on the Official Chart Update, make sure you buy it now to keep it there!


Maroon 5 are releasing a greatest hits album. We can’t wait to bop to ‘This Love’ again.

American baes Maroon 5 have announce plans to release their first greatest hits collection later this month. Aww, they’re all grown up! That’s right, after releasing 22 singles over a career that spans thirteen years, Adam Levine & co. have whittled it down to their best twelve to feature on the album.

we’ll write anything to get an excuse to use a shirtless hot man gif.

‘Singles’ features the band’s three US number one singles ‘Makes Me Wonder’, ‘One More Night’ and ‘Moves Like Jagger’ as well as the GRAMMY Award winning ‘This Love’.

Here’s the full tracklisting…

1. This Love

2. Payphone

3. She Will Be Loved

4. One More Night

5. Moves Like Jagger (Feat. Christina Aguilera)

6. Wake Up Call

7. Misery

8. Maps

9. Makes Me Wonder

10. Animals

11. Daylight

12. Sugar

That’s a lot of hits, isn’t it? Shall we listen to ‘Moves Like Jagger’ again?

Maroon 5 release ‘Singles’ on September 25.

Harry Styles’ SeaWorld comments have made a huge negative impact. Go Hazza.

Patron Saint of Sea Creatures Harry Styles has had quite a negative impact on SeaWorld by the sound of things, and that’s always good right?

When Harry took to the stage in San Diego a few weeks ago and bad mouthed the aquarium, nobody knew what effect it would have. According to a new report, Harry’s comments have had an even worse effect than the 2013 documentary Blackfish which tells the story of an orca who has killed three people since being kept in captivity at the attraction.

A bank analyst (they know what they’re talking about)said : “Perhaps we need to get a little more current on the latest boy bands; however, while this could negatively impact [SeaWorld’s] core demographic in San Diego, we don’t believe it’s too late for [SeaWorld] to rectify its brand impairment issues.”

It’s all explained in this chart below which we don’t really understand but we’re sure clever people like you will:

Julian Bunetta’s been chatting about One Direction’s new album again. Lucky us!

One Direction’s producer Julian Bunetta is sure enjoying speaking about the boys’ upcoming fifth album, isn’t he? This time he’s been talking to Entertainment Weekly about how much the boys are “experimenting” on #1D5.

“The albums I’ve produced [for One Direction] have been pretty diverse, but still had a cohesiveness somehow when they were all put together,” he said.  “I think there will be the same amount of diversity, but it seems to all be coming from the same perspective. We’re experimenting a little with different instrumentation.”

Different instrumentation, you say. How do you mean?

“Just strings and horns. We’re stretching out outside of the perimeters of what a traditional pop boy band would do. We’re just kind of having fun. No rules. That’s what it’s been. We just wanted to make an album that had influences of all the previous albums, but then, an evolved version.”

We can’t wait to hear whatever it is that you come up with Julian.

One Direction and their fans address world leaders in Action1D video.

We love One Direction a lot but we have fallen for them even more since the launch of their very own charity Action1D which asks us – the fans – what we want to see change in the world.

Now, we know we all want new shirtless Harry pics but believe it or not, there are more important things to worry about.

Millions of people across the world still don’t have access to clean water, there are still countries in this world that are struggling with poverty and members of the LGBT community are still fighting for rights, and Directioners have decided that they’ve had enough. They want to see the leaders of the world stand up and tackle these problems and have spoken through Action1D to grab their attention.

Make sure you watch the video by One Direction which features lots and lots of beautiful Directioners telling us what they want to do and make sure you share it to help make a difference.

Have a LOL with Marcus Butler, Alfie Deyes and Niomi smart on the most stupid challenge.

Alfie Deyes invited Marcus Butler and Niomi Smart round his house for a little game of Guess The YouTuber but this time it had a little twist, a very annoying little twist.

In Alfie’s latest pointless video, we have to guess if we’re looking at Niomi Smart or a blueberry tart, PewDiePie or a chicken thigh, or InTheFrow or an old womans’ toe, or something behind InTheFrow.

Cheeky Alfie.

Play along with Alfie, Marcus and Niomi by watching the video below.

Let us know how many you guessed right over on @maximumpop on Twitter.

Series giveaway: get your hands on all 3 books from ‘The School For Good and Evil’

A cross over between Harry Potter and all your favourite fairy tales, ‘The School For Good and Evil’ sees two very different girls, Sophie and Agatha, learning just how to be storybook heroes and villains – and we want you guys to have all 3 books in this incredible series.

Not only that but with reviews like, ““Amazing!!! Brilliant!!! PERFECTO!!! Mindblowing!!! Love it. Absolutely LOVE it” and 4.5/5 stars on Goodreads – why wouldn’t you want a taste of this fantastic fantasy?

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Hobbie Stuart covers Drake’s ‘Hotline Bling’ and The Weeknd’s ‘Can’t Feel My Face’ and it’s heart eyes emoji.

Hobbie Stuart is one of our fave ever YouTube cover artists. He has one of the most loveliest faces ever and an even more lovely voice.

And just look at those arms.

But we’re all here today not to look at his face or very impressive abs (ok, maybe we are a bit) but to listen to his beautiful as he covers not only Drake’s ‘Hotline Bling’, but also The Weeknd’s ‘Can’t Feel My Face‘ in his latest YouTube video.

Have a peek at Hobbie’s new video and fall in love with him all over again:

Fashion Fix: Zoella’s striped open back shirt

Welcome to Fashion Fix! Where we’ll be bringing you some clothing items worn by your faves. If you’re looking to achieve a celeb inspired wardrobe, then look no further – we can help.

Today we are looking at Zoella’s striped shirt she wore in her August favourites video. Let’s take a closer look…

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We got in bed with Brad Simpson and the Janoskians and it was a lot of fun (not like that).

Every Sunday at 8pm, we jump in bed with our phones to watch the latest episode of ‘In Bed With Brad’ on The Vamps’ YouTube channel, and last night’s was probably our favourite yet as it featured five of Australia’s sexiest men – or women.

That’s right, the hunky Janoskians have got all dragged up once again to give Brad a visit in bed and give him the night of his life.

Once in bed, the Janoskians spoke about their ‘Untold and Untrue’ mockumentary, and showed interest in Brad’s life too – asking all about The Vamps’ upcoming second album which is coming really soon, eeeeeeeeek!

Have a look at the brand new episode below:


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