How to send fanmail



Don’t know any pop star fanmail addresses? Luckily for you, we’ve got a massive list right here.


  1. I sent fanmail to George Shelley from Union J and he sent me a signed picture :3 Nobody will believe me though :(

  2. hi i have just been told from my friend of a very sick little girl in RVI hospital hospital. in newcastle. She has a very very serious brain tumour. She loves JLS and would love to hear from them.

    I wouldn’t like to put too much details on line incase relatives are also chatting. If there is anyone that can help please e mail this address URGENT

  3. Hey……if Niall reads this (which he won’t-_- no one pays attention to ‘oh so sweet Dayton!’) But anyways, I have wanted to meet you forever:) obviously, every fan does. But not because your famous! Yes, every fan says that to-_- but I’m serious! Yet again, FANS SAY THAT! Okay, well, you’ve literally changed my life. I went from a girl who sits in her room thinking of her problems, which leads to some serious pain-_- to a girl who enjoys listening to one direction, a girl who thinks life is worth something and to chase after your dreams, I used to think no one cared anymore and that I should just give up, but you changed my thoughts. Like legit. I’m not lying. I am a serious fan, not gunna lie and be like most fans and say “I’m gunna meet one direction and make them fall in live with me so I can be rich!” No, I’m not like that. I sure in the hell like you guys for you. And I’ll even give reasons. Liam- he acts like a father to you guys! He’s mature but very childish at the same time! An he seems super nice! Harry- he’s a big flirt:) but he can take a girl serious. He’s waiting for the right one, what? He can’t have fun trying to find the right one? Haha!!:) Zayn- yeah sure, think of him as the bad boy! No, he knows how to treat a girl right! How I know? Okay, I admit, I stalk him sometimes:)) Louis- he loves carrots! He’s crazy! An he loves KEVIN! I want a pigeon!! Haha, but he may be inmature at times but he doesn’t play with girls hearts. How I know? Eleanor seems to love him! Why can’t we all? He’s a great guy! Now Niall:)- he loves food almost as much as I do! Am I challenging him? Yes, I am, I love food more than you Niall! Haha, if it’s possible! But anyways he’s a great guy and he can treat a girl good. Obviously he can bring her out to eat somewhere good;) and if your disappointed he won’t date you..screw off, he has work and when he has free time he wants to spend it with his family. Wouldn’t you!? Wow…..this is long. So I’m going to end it with my twitter and Instagram names. Twitter- @kimball_dayton. Instagram- @dayton_kimball12. Thanks of you read this!!:) it really means a lot!!

  4. imrachel oh ifu ever get a private concert request from a wrestler that will be my bestie and me we have tryed lots of things to contact u guys and stuff but unguys r so busy u havent got any of r stuff so we r going to try and gain enough money to pay for a concert

  5. hello if this is really liam then im a big fan of yours and of the sother boys especially harry nd niall tell zayn his bad boy look he always has on his face is scarring me but i still love him lol 1D for life baby oh nd sorry about your breakup :) ily babe

  6. I would love to meet Little mix they rock they are my idols i love jessy and leigh anne and jade and perrie they ROCK!

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