Justin Bieber fanmail address

Justin Bieber’s fanmail address is:

Justin Bieber
c/o Mercury Records UK
364-366 Kensington High St
W14 8NS




  1. Justin i love you so much i have all your albums and they are all on my ipad aswell i have posters all over my room i am your biggest fan and i would love to meet you xxxxxxxxxx

  2. Hey JB,
    I absolutely LOVE you and I really would like to meet you….!!!
    I really want to see you in concert and I have put it on my birthday list !!!
    ILY LOADS Xxxxx

  3. this is jb’s fan mail adress in USA.

    NEW YORK, NY10019

  4. I wish it was easier to meet him! His British Beliebers are so dedicated, anyone who meets him is lucky. In America they have meet and greets, I think we should have them here! 
                                                        UK ROX!

    1. Here in Belgium we have meet & greets too, I just have never been lucky enough to go to his concert… )’:

    2. OMG you are soo right! I am 17 I never get a chance to get his tickets I live in somerset! I really want to meet him too, I find it unfair that all these little 12 years get to meet him but people like me never do! Yeah I have a door full poster, books, tops, cds but the only reason why I started listening to JB was because off self harm! Yeah it wasnt as bad as people only about a 10 cuts that was because when I listened to JB it helped me coped soo much but JB will never though :( What a shame :( I love you Justin Bieber I am proud to call myself a BELIEBER! I am not a little 12 year saying marry me justin! I am one year younger than him! <3 I wish justin bieber would do a believe tour in Bristol city in somerset then I could go :D

  5. I live in the uk and sent my concert ticket to Justin in the usa i ask him to sign it and he did and i got my signed concert ticket back within a few months and justin does really sign his own fanmail so i was overjoyed!

    1. only sometimes, not all singers write their own songs, some songwriters write it for them, they still make some of their own songs

  6. Hey justin love you so much i try so hard to win tickets never do want to meet you sooo bad plllllllzzzzz try to make it possible for me and dont listen to all the haters their just jealous that you work hard to get to stardom and they cant make it like you can so big fan and if you read this i luv all your song louv you forever bye

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