The winner is… five official Olly Murs t-shirts – comp of the day!

UPDATE: Did you win one of five official Olly Murs t-shirts? Find out by joining MP!’s pop mailer – where the winners will be announced tomorrow at 4pm, alongside the winners of the Cher Lloyd t-shirts and McFly tickets!

Brace yourselves because we’ve got a feeling that today’s competition will make your heart skip skip skip skip skip skip skip a beat. We’re giving five lucky MP!ers the chance to win an official Olly Murs t-shirt – and if you win, you’ll even be able to choose which one you want from his official web store. All you need to do is follow these instructions to enter:



  1. I hope i win this!! I never won the phonecall from him!! A signed t shirt would be awesome!!!

  2. What it would mean to win a t-shirt. So in love with Olly, just hoping it might be my lucky week. Ill be back at 10pm to see the winners anyway. Good Luck everyone!

  3. Really Hope i win, got my maths re take tomorrow and this would make me feel so much bettter! Love Olly Murs!

  4. #OMG I would love to win this :))) he is such a cutie and I could wear this everywhere and show my love for him!! Wish he would marry me already :))

  5. please please please, been feeling really ill recently, and though i have no energy, if i won this if would dance around and scream! ! !

  6. iv entered so many comps to do with olly murs, not won any yet… so hopefully it will be about a millionth time lucky !

  7. I seen Olly live 2 days ago! I love him so much, it would be amazing to win this! <3 

  8. Saw him in concert but couldnt get anything, would love to be able to have something from his tour <3

  9. I’d love to win so much, I have never won anything in my life. If it was something Olly I’d die! :D <3

  10. oh! refresh the page and it now has a link and sais that the winner will be announced at 4pm tomorrow :D <3<3