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One Direction’s fanmail address is:

Modest Management
The Matrix Complex
91 Peterborough Rd


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  1. Hey. Niall,Liam,Louis,Harry,Zyan, i’ve never met you and the boys so lets hope i can some day im going to be writing you and the boys for the 1st time i hope you guys get the letter and write back im 15 love niall :D who dont im not fan crazy crazy but it would be cool to chill with you guys some day i’ve never been out of the state well love you guys have a good day keep the good work up

  2. Hey. Everyone :D how are you (one direction) i would like to ask you a few things?

    Niall ( If we met) can we go to nandos I’ve never tried it ?

    Liam (If we met) Paint ball fight (yeah buddy)

    Harry (if we met) Are you okay i heard about the (taylor) drama i will always be ur fan

    Louis (Now) –> Fallow me _you dont_ have to just saying 8) DORK Jk Ur awesome

    Zyan (Ha Ha) vas happening? your really cool

    1D (All of you) Have a good day :D I will always support you guys no matter what Niall you should do a twitcam right now theres like (5000) girls on your CRAZY ha well ya’ll be good <3
    8) DORKS
    hope i can meet you guys your awesome:D

  3. hi this is marisa,harry…can i have ur e-mail adress and ur #…….can i have liams e-mail adress and # for my little sis?

  4. louis you are so so sos so cuite i would love to meet you what would you like to meet me i would love to meet you.

  5. louis you are cuite mky biggest wish ever is to see you in person tell zayn he is my second favourte but i love you lois william tomlinson

  6. hi i live in trinidad and tobago i cannot send fanmail so i had to comment one direction is and will always be the best boy band ever and for my birthday next year all i wanted was for u guys to perform so hope my wish comes true

  7. hi am so in love with u guys my 1 fav is zayn then niall then harry then louis but no affenise last is liam hey is it truethat zayn smokes and has a baby als is it true that harry an louis are in love and have bromance i wonder ?????????????????????????

  8. hi one directionners

    I am from the Netherlands and I had a few questions

    sorry for my bad english
    but I really wanted to you concert in Amsterdam, but all tickets were sold out, I felt really bad that they were sold out so fast, we did not even have enough money to buy a ticket for sun I wanted so much to the concert, but have maybe you have a few spare ticket so I can maybe still to come and see you?

    I want it so badly, I’m a real fan of you

    and want to do the greetings to niall ? and give him a kiss from me for his birthday xD?
    you are a very cool group, and continue to sing.

    greetings johanna

    from Netherlands

    sorry dit is gedaan met google tranlater en het klopt niet helemaal
    en mag ik mischien ook zon poster dat lijkt me echt heel gaaf

  9. hey,zayn I am a big fan of you and harry you tow are the cutes inone direction love from mary from Bradford xxxxx

  10. hey we are zayn&naill we don’t give our phone numbers….. but if you are really nice we give you a ……….

  11. One Direction.. I love you so much. Can’t wait to see you in April’s concert <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3. Your BIGGEST fan, Rowan Malik-Horan-Payne-Tomlinson-Styles<3<3<3<3<3!!

  12. Hey guys! big fan btw. I was just wondering…WHEN YOU COMING TO ST.LOUIS?! u guys need to come here cause we love u guys here!!

  13. harry…can i have ur # and email adress?!?!?!?! Liam……can i have ur # and email adress 4 my little sister?!?!?!?! I <# U HARRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. hey 1 d im like ur biggest fan and i love ur music and band i got my granny 2 get me ur calender for my roo. My fave song by u is what makes you beautiful cuz its tellen every 1 that they are beautiful in there own way. I soooo want my calender signed by use cuz i like love use. i listen 2 use every day and wathc ur miic vids on youtube. If you have a fan email do u have a fan txt number lol. i would really like use 2 reply but i understand if you cant with all the music ur makin. just want 2 say a gain i love use xxx

  15. Um this is my first time on this site lol Is this their real fanmail? Did anyone try it? DID THEY RESPOND!?!??! LOL

  16. I drew a few pics of Niall and Zayn. In the middle of drawing the others (Harry, Louis and Liam) but so far these are my drawings. It took me 2 months to draw Niall and Zayn, but it was worth it. I LOVE EVERY SINGLE 1 OF YOU AND YOUR ALL MY IDOLS! would love a autograph off of all of you for my birthday….. and here’s my Chibi drawing’s of all of you (your ultimate fan xx)

    <3 From Rhiannon xxx (Clase, Swansea ,Wales)

  17. here is my drawing of Niall and Zayn (Zain) xx Hope you all like it! IT TOOK 2 MONTHS TO DO!

  18. hello Harry
    you are a very good singer and i love you xx
    do you love Taylor Swift? do you like to be girlfriend with her???

  19. You are all five beautiful, we love you so much,, you are our idols ….. By Claudia and Noemi from Italy (Abruzzo) …. Come as soon as possible to do a concert here … please .. . remember that here you have fans ….. ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ WE LOVE YOU!!

  20. i love you guys so much! you guys are amazing in every way possible!! i hvae my whole room is covered with your guys faces! i have the new dolls and they are awesome! I ACTUALLY GET TO COME TO YOUR GUYS CONCERT IN JUNE WHENEVER YOU COME TO LOUISVILLE KENTUCKY! WHICH IS GOING TO BE AMAZING! LOVE YOU GUYS! WITH LOTS OF LOVE! <3
    FROM: Hayley (:

  21. Hi guys! I love you so much, unfortunately I didn’t get tickets to youre concert in Denmark..:(
    But i just wanted to say that you are a big insperation to me, and that even thought I hear eery day what people say about you, im proud to call myself a directioner!!! I really love you and youre music, thank you soooo much:)
    So bye, hope you’ll do another concert in Denmark, so i can get to see my idols.
    #Sofie xxx

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