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Watch: Episode 2 of ‘Night School: The Web Series’ – Carter gets his nipples out and shows his soft side.

We’ve waited patiently for a whole week, praise the Lord it’s that time of day again where we can dissect a brand new video from the ‘Night School’ web series.

If you’re not from planet Earth OR you’ve just simply not been paying attention, find out about our new favourite weekly video right here. 

First, let’s catch up with Campbell Challis who plays our dream man Carter West.

Episode two of #NightSchool the web series is here! Happy Friday book lovers.

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Watch: Episode 1 of ‘Night School: The Web Series’ – What’s in Allie’s past?

Imagine our excitement when we heard about a UK exclusive from one of our favourite authors CJ Daugherty. If you’ve been following our Book Club you’ll know that we’re a little bit barmy about the ‘Night School’ series.

But enough of our excited waffling, let’s catch up with Jessica Sargent who plays Allie in ‘Night School: The Web Series’.

The very first #NightSchool web episode premieres today and it’s amazing. #cjdaugherty @littlebrown

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#NightSchool by #cjdaugherty returns with a UK exclusive web series. #yafiction #bookclub A video posted by Maximum Pop! (@maximumpopcouk) on

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You Review: We need 10 MP!er’s to review ‘Insurgent’ by Veronica Roth.

This month we’re talking about all things Divergent series in our Book Club. We’re going to analyse the ins and outs of Tris and Four’s relationship. What’s going on in Caleb’s mind and just how much we’d like to slap Jeanine Matthews.

Seen the Divergent movie? Then you’re guaranteed to LOVE the books, we’re going to be giving you the gossip, behind the scenes exclusives and more.

If you fancy giving ‘Insurgent’ a read, telling us what you thought about it and having your review posted on Maximum Pop! for the whole world to see, then drop us a tweet at @maximumpop.

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You’re going to love ‘All Fall Down’ by Ally Carter- one to put on your 2015 book list!

We love ourselves a good book so when we heard about ‘All Fall Down’ written by Ally Carter, the book worm inside us almost wet itself.

Grace is absolutely certain of three things:

1. She isn’t crazy.
2. Her mother was murdered.
3. Someday she’s going to find the man with the scar, and then she is going to make him pay.

As certain as Grace is about these facts, nobody else believes her –so there’s no  one she can completely trust. Not her grandfather, a powerful ambassador. Not her new friends, who all live on Embassy Row. Not Alexei, the Russian boy next door who is keeping an eye on Grace for reasons she neither likes nor understands.

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December’s MP! Book Club: The Divergent series by Veronica Roth

Pinch, punch, it’s the first day of the month, and that means there’s another new book in the MP! library of awesomeness. This one probably doesn’t need as much of an introduction but we’re going to be delving deep into the realms of the ‘Divergent’ series by Veronica Roth.

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’13 Days of Midnight': prepare for a scare with Orchard Books new YA novel

Get ready for a spooky read that’ll have you turning pages late into the night, starring the YA scene’s newest hero, Luke Manchett.

Created by debut author, Leo Hunt, and taken on by Orchard Books for publishing, ’13 Days of Midnight opens just as Luke inherits a whopping $6 million – as well as 8 murderous ghosts.

Heads up: we cannot guarantee ping-pong playing ghosties.

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Carter, Allie, Sylvain and Eleanor in front of Cimmeria Academy

EXCLUSIVE: Watch the ‘Night School’ web series trailer a whole 24 hours before ANYONE else.

Throw in an attractive guy to the mix of a book trailer and you’ve got our attention. It just so happens to be a fudging awesome book too, nipple and a great read, that’s what we call win-win.

Carter rises from the waters

Following the success of the ‘Night School’ series CJ Daugherty’s treated us this festive season to a series of short films. It’s your lucky day because we’ve got an exclusive first look at the trailer a whole 24 hours before ANYONE else.

For more information on the ‘Night School’ series, click here. 

Night School Resistance high res

And the winner is… Yep a second one! Win tickets to a screening of the ‘Night School’ web series

@SableCaught you’re trotting off to this swanky screening!

Yesterday we gave you some sneaky behind the scenes snaps of the new ‘Night School’ web series. If you missed that take a cheeky look right here, you won’t be disappointed, there’s nipple. 

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Carter rises from the waters

FIRST LOOK: Brand new ‘Night School’ web series

We’ve been a little obsessed over the ‘Night School’ series here at Maximum Pop! for a while now. There’s nothing better than getting lost in the plot and imagining we’re part of that elusive school, we’re pretty sure we could kick some ass too.

If you’re anything like us, it’s time to put down your hot chocolate and listen up. For the first time in the UK there will be a ‘Night School’ web series launching in December, eek! Continue reading