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1D’s Harry’s Vomit? The five most bizarre and crazy items sold online.

Last week we were treated with the glorious pictures of Harry Styles being sick, which confirmed that popstars can be sick (you heard it here first!) However it has since been rumoured a fan is selling a ‘scoop’ of the vomit online (no it is not the 1st April) to the highest bidder. So naturally we decided to a list of the five most crazy and bizarre celebrity related items sold online:

1. Harry Styles’ vomit.
Harry Styles Vomit

We’ve already spoke about this but wanted to include it so we had an excuse to search and find a GIF of Harry (we love our job).

2. Britney Spears’ chewing gum

Britney Spears Clapping

Yeah this one is nice. In 2004 a London waiter picked up left over chewing gum from Britney and sold it online for £164, not bad if you ask us. Celebrity chewing gum collecting may now become a ‘thing’.

3. Justin Bieber’s Hair 

Justin Bieber hair

Justin brought a lock of his famous hair onto the Ellen show back in 2011 in order to auction for charity. The winning bid was £25,000 and the winner got the hair in a nice signed box (top marks for presentation Beebs).

4. Justin Timberlake’s Half Eaten Sandwich

Justin Timberlake

Back in the day of N*SYNC on a morning TV programme Mr. Timberlake only had a bite of the food offered to him which may have slightly annoyed the poor person who had made it for him. However it wasn’t all bad as it managed to sell for almost £2,000!

5. Niall Horan’s half eaten toast

Niall Horan

Carrying on the trend that celebrities only eat half of everything is Niall from 1D who’s half eaten toast got bids of over £60,000 on eBay… We certainly wouldn’t turn down a display cabinet with Niall’s toast in it for the MP! headquarters.


Justin Bieber remixes number one ‘All About That Bass’.

Say whaaaat? It seems Justin Bieber has shaken up current UK number one mega smash ‘All About That Bass’ by Meghan Trainor by adding new lyrics and beefing up the song ever more with dub step style beat which has made the song 10000% more catchy (we didn’t think this was possible).

After waiting a seemingly lifetime for some new material from Mr. Bieber, he has begun to hit the studio again starting with recording vocals for this track. Maejor Ali, a producer, helped Justin with the new remixed version of the hit single. He has even added his own spin on some of the lyrics, check it out below and let us know what you think.

Could this be the start of a series of Bieber remixes? Here at MP! we wouldn’t say no to a Justin Bieber feat. The Vamps… only in our dreams.


Smell like a pop star with our favourite celeb pongs of 2014

Nothing really compares to the ego boost you get when you smell good. Catching your own scent as a breeze rolls by, or when your friend turns to you and says, “Hey, is that you? You smell amazing.” And you just shrug, and smile, and inwardly think, “I know I do.”

Let’s combine that elated feeling with your passion for your favourite stars, and this is the list for you. Check out these unreal perfumes from some of today’s biggest celebs.

10. Adrenaline, by Enrique Iglesias

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How much does it cost to hire a pop star? One Direction, Justin Bieber, Ed Sheeran + Taylor Swift. MP! Investigated.

Ever thought about hiring Biebs, Mahone or 1D? Well you can… If you have a spare £100,000 plus.. Here at MP! Towers, we’ve done our research (to benefit you, obviously).


For a whopping £588k+, you can have the Biebster serenade you, personally (no joke, he will actually perform, watch out Selena!) – probably an hour or two late. You’d be the most popular kid in school if you hired Biebs – kind of like the Brooklyn Beckham of your town. 

For just under £150k, you could hire super group 1D (imagine that).


Imagine this Cheshire lad talking about ‘One Thing’ (you)? Awesome right? Well hiring this band would certainly make you the coolest person around, even cooler than Nialler! 

For the small fortune to hire the band, you can act like besties, your friends would be pretty jealous, right? Sneaky. 

Texan superstar Austin Mahone only costs £29,417, so he’s definitely a cheap date! Imagine telling your friends you’d been on a date with the next big star?

2014 Pre-Grammy Gala & Grammy Salute to Industry Icons - Clive Davis

Want to know how long you need to save your pocket money for some more pop stars? We’ve investigated.

– Demi Lovato: £58k
– Jason Derulo: £44k
– The Wanted: £50k
– Selena Gomez: £50k
– Ed Sheeran: £73k
– Taylor Swift: £588k
– Rihanna: £294k

You can hire a private T-Swizzle show for just over £550k, any less and you’ll be greeted with this face.

Start saving & remember to invite us around for your private performance.

Find out more pop star prices here.

Screen Shot 2014-06-06 at 14.07.10

Get noticed by your favourite pop stars at gigs with this handy virtual banner!

Download ‘Bannez’ on the iTunes App Store and Google Play.

Here at MP! we spent a bit of time in front of the mirror with our phones for you. Not because we’re practising our duck faces and taking selfies, oh no! Because we’ve been testing and having a fiddle with a brand new app you NEED to have on your phone for gig emergencies.

With One Direction, The Vamps and amazing festivals just around the corner some extra clever tech guys have been scratching their beards and conjuring up an app that allows you to create a digital banner on your phone. FINALLY, please notice us boys!

Bannez is simple to use, we tested this on our grandma, even she could do it. Just grab your phone and wave it smoothy from side to side, not too slow, not too fast.
Bannez1 The lovely people at Bannez are letting you download some FREE Justin Bieber, One Direction, 5SOS and The Vamps packs with loads more coming soon. 1D BannezYou can download more packs for just 69p. You can’t even get a milky way for 69p nowadays! I’d rather spend my pennies on The Vamps. Once you’ve downloaded a pack you then get the ability to create your own! Now this is gonna be fun.

MP! Bannez

Bannez is available for free on the iTunes App Store and Google Play.


5 Things: Our favourite pop star fragrances. Featuring Rihanna, One Direction and Taylor.

Isn’t it everybody’s dream to smell like their favourite celebrity? Of course it is. There’s nothing better than smothering yourself in the scent of Beyonce or a spray crafted by those beautiful 1D boys. But when it comes to standing in front of the display in Debenhams with various photos of Taylor Swift, Rihanna and Nicki Minaj flashing at you, it can be quite hard to decide which fragrance to buy. That’s why we’ve come up with a list of our favourite pop star perfumes to help you narrow down the selection.

1 rihanna-rogue

Rihanna – Rogue
Rihanna’s latest fragrance Rogue is an “adventurous scent for women who, like herself, radiate edginess and confidence but are also flirty and feminine”, with hints of jasmine, plum and patchouli.

2 one-direction-our-moment

One Direction – Our Moment
The debut fragrance from the 1D boys is “sparkling, juicy and feminine” and features jasmine petals, fresh freesia and frangipani.

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