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OMG! 1D’s producer, Julian just confirmed to us what instruments are in album 5!

While we were just minding our own business watching Netflix eating Doritos we spotted a tweet from a familiar looking @ name. It was only bloody Julian who works with 1D on their music!

If you’re wondering what kind of instruments to expect on album 5, Julian has just the answer for you beauties.julian

While there won’t be an accordion (boo) in replacement, there will be something pretty cool… Continue reading OMG! 1D’s producer, Julian just confirmed to us what instruments are in album 5!

One Direction take home six new Guinness World Records. Yes, six!

Do the One Direction even have any room left on their shelves for all their awards? Well, they better clear some space, because they just won six Guinness World Records. That’s right, six! Boom.

Taylor Swift’s not the only one being celebrated by Guinness, you know?

So what are those records exactly?

  1. The first group to debut at No. 1 in the US with their first four albums (Up All Night, Take Me Home, Midnight Memories, and Four)
  2. The first UK group to debut at No. 1 in the US with their debut album (Up All Night)
  3. The highest debut by a UK group on the US singles chart (No. 3 – ‘Live While We’re Young’)
  4. Most popular dance game track (Just Dance 4 – ‘What Makes You Beautiful’)
  5. Most followers on Twitter for a music group (23,393,106)
  6. Most subscribers for a band on YouTube (36,817,975)

Time to celebrate! ‘Scuse us, Rihanna.

Public Service Announcement: Stop throwing things at One Direction (or any performer, ever)

Nothing is more baffling than trying to figure out why someone would spend hundreds of pounds to sit close enough to the stage—just to be able to throw things at the One Direction boys. But apparently they do it, as video from last night’s show in Philadelphia proves.

Here it is from the opposite side of the stage, in case you had your doubts that it hit Harry full in the face.

Harry then went on to check his face a few times to make sure he WASN’T BLEEDING.

Feeling angry yet? You’re not alone. Harry’s mummy went off on Twitter after the show, reminding fans how dangerous this kind of stuff is.

So, here’s a reminder that Harry, Louis, Liam, Niall, and any other performer you might go see are human. When things hit them, they hurt. You are paying good money to see them give it their all to put on a good show; the only things you should be throwing at them are kisses and rose petals.

WIN: Little Mix launch competition to win tickets to see them and One Direction in London.

Little Mix sure are good to us, aren’t they? After giving us a track from their upcoming ‘Get Weird’ album early, they’re now giving us the chance to win free tickets to see them performing with One Direction in London this month.

The girls will be performing at Apple Music Festival alongside One Direction at London’s Roundhouse on September 22 and although tickets are very limited – they’ve managed to nab a few tickets to give away themselves.

For your chance to win tickets, all you need to do is shove in your details on Little Mix’s official website before 12pm UK time on September 8.

Unfortunately there are some boring terms and conditions we need to tell you about too. Fans must be over 14 to enter the competition and anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult or guardian, and you must be able to make your own travel arrangements to The Roundhouse in London, on the day of the performance.

And there we have it, good luck!

Harry Styles’ SeaWorld comments have made a huge negative impact. Go Hazza.

Patron Saint of Sea Creatures Harry Styles has had quite a negative impact on SeaWorld by the sound of things, and that’s always good right?

When Harry took to the stage in San Diego a few weeks ago and bad mouthed the aquarium, nobody knew what effect it would have. According to a new report, Harry’s comments have had an even worse effect than the 2013 documentary Blackfish which tells the story of an orca who has killed three people since being kept in captivity at the attraction.

A bank analyst (they know what they’re talking about)said : “Perhaps we need to get a little more current on the latest boy bands; however, while this could negatively impact [SeaWorld’s] core demographic in San Diego, we don’t believe it’s too late for [SeaWorld] to rectify its brand impairment issues.”

It’s all explained in this chart below which we don’t really understand but we’re sure clever people like you will:

Julian Bunetta’s been chatting about One Direction’s new album again. Lucky us!

One Direction’s producer Julian Bunetta is sure enjoying speaking about the boys’ upcoming fifth album, isn’t he? This time he’s been talking to Entertainment Weekly about how much the boys are “experimenting” on #1D5.

“The albums I’ve produced [for One Direction] have been pretty diverse, but still had a cohesiveness somehow when they were all put together,” he said.  “I think there will be the same amount of diversity, but it seems to all be coming from the same perspective. We’re experimenting a little with different instrumentation.”

Different instrumentation, you say. How do you mean?

“Just strings and horns. We’re stretching out outside of the perimeters of what a traditional pop boy band would do. We’re just kind of having fun. No rules. That’s what it’s been. We just wanted to make an album that had influences of all the previous albums, but then, an evolved version.”

We can’t wait to hear whatever it is that you come up with Julian.

One Direction and their fans address world leaders in Action1D video.

We love One Direction a lot but we have fallen for them even more since the launch of their very own charity Action1D which asks us – the fans – what we want to see change in the world.

Now, we know we all want new shirtless Harry pics but believe it or not, there are more important things to worry about.

Millions of people across the world still don’t have access to clean water, there are still countries in this world that are struggling with poverty and members of the LGBT community are still fighting for rights, and Directioners have decided that they’ve had enough. They want to see the leaders of the world stand up and tackle these problems and have spoken through Action1D to grab their attention.

Make sure you watch the video by One Direction which features lots and lots of beautiful Directioners telling us what they want to do and make sure you share it to help make a difference.

Niam tease us with a sneaky listen to a song off album 5 and WE ARE NOT OKAY.

Those bloody 1D boys are teasing us again. During a recent show, Niall and Liam decided it would be a perfectly okay thing to play a little snippet of a new song off the new album. Well guess what, boys? IT IS TOTALLY NOT OKAY.


Who on earth in their right mind let them do that? However, it’s made us hugely excited for album 5 now. Hurry up and drop it already, lads!

Looks like One Direction skipped the VMAs to go celebrate at their bass player’s bachelor party

So, one Direction’s bass player Sandy Beales recently got engaged. (They’re kind of the cutest couple.)

And what does an engagement mean? A wedding. And what does a wedding mean? Why, a bachelor party of course. And why do we care? Because the One Direction boys were in attendance! Continue reading Looks like One Direction skipped the VMAs to go celebrate at their bass player’s bachelor party

Fashion Fix: Harry Styles’ rainbow bracelet

Welcome to Fashion Fix! Where we’ll be bringing you some clothing items worn by your faves. If you’re looking to achieve a celeb inspired wardrobe, then look no further – we can help.

Today’s Fashion Fix is Harry Styles’ rainbow bracelet he wore on stage recently. Let’s take a closer look…

Harry 1d bracelet

As soon as we saw that bracelet, we knew exactly where to find the exact match! Continue reading Fashion Fix: Harry Styles’ rainbow bracelet