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Zayn Malik signs deal with Iggy Azalea’s manager. We are ready for that rap album.

Zayn Malik is rumoured to have signed a deal with Turn First Artists after leaving record label Syco Music and management team Modest! earlier this month.



The former One Direction star will now be managed by Sarah Stennett, who also manages the career of rap goddess Iggy “Iggy Iggs” Azalea.

So can we expect a full rap album from El Maliko? Maybe, if his cover of ‘No Type’ is anything to go by.

The management team also help the careers of Ellie Goulding and Rita Ora amongst others so we’re sure Zayn’s going to be a guaranteed star. He was always going to be, wasn’t he?

At least we can send him fanmail now.

WATCH: 1D destroy a Naughty Boy Piñata – we are saying absolutely nothing… lol

Oh, those pesky boybanders are a right riot, aren’t they? One Direction were in Kansas City last night when some cheeky fan had a pretty good idea to get noticed…

Some fans brought along a piñata, which sounds very innocent, until you see who’s face is slapped on the front. Ohai, Naughty Boy.


The boys picked up on this and, uh, well it definitely got battered about just like any piñata would do. But this one took a bit more of a brutal beating. Watch it all kick off below…

Well, we’re glad you got that out of your system, Louis. Seems like you’ve been itching to do that…

We had a natter with the masterminds behind the #Rea1Deal – world domination, Directioners?

 We recently told you about the #Rea1Deal and we think it’s an amazing project! So we caught up with the girls over at @1DFansMovement to find out a bit more about the project.
1d gif xo
Hi girls! So, could you explain to us in brief what the project is about? 
The project is all about promoting the boys and their music. To people outside the fandom, One Direction is just What Makes You Beautiful cause that’s their breakout song. We wanted to show how much they have evolved musically that’s why we want to showcase the songs that the fans love but never got the chance to really flaunt it or show the world how beautiful music is and now far from that bubblegum pop majority of the people know. We have a poll which allows you to choose 4 songs that were never a single and think that deserves recognition which can show other people the capabilities of the boys. After collecting those responses, we would pick the top 4 songs and promote them during the 1D month where we would be releasing fan made videos and do what this fandom is known for, take over the world and be heard as one. We would also promote the next single from the next album and the album itself.

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Team Louis or Team Liam? We can’t decide, they both fight so beautifully.

Now come on boys, you know fighting is never a good thing …

Well unless you are covering each other in powerade on stage. Who doesn’t appreciate a moment of One Direction see through t-shirt time? If you do, then we aren’t sure you are human.

Wet One Direction is just another reason why OT4 are slaying at life. There are many ways you can thank us for this master piece in glorious powerade fighting but for now knowing how much you enjoyed it is enough for us. Plus we too appreciate this video and will be pre occupied watching it on repeat for a good hour or five.

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Louis Tomlinson is the real Prince Charming of charity

Between their shows in Baltimore, Maryland and Columbus, Ohio next month, One Direction have a ten day break. The boys could use this time to relax and destress from their whirlwind world tour, but Louis Tomlinson is choosing to spend it giving back instead.

Yesterday, Louis tweeted that he will be hosting a “Cinderella Ball” on August 10th for Believe in Magic, an organization that helps give terminally ill children once-in-a-lifetime experiences. One Direction has supported Believe in Magic almost as long as they’ve been a band, and along with the charities Eden Dora Trust and Bluebell Children’s Hospice, Louis has taken a special interest. With so many younger siblings, it’s no surprise that he gravitates towards children’s charities.

Originally invite-only, tickets to the Ball can now be purchased for £500 each, or £4500 for a table of 10. It will be held in Central London, and there’s a distinct possibility that Louis will be dressed up for the occasion.

Worth every penny!

Liam Payne is the hottest 1D member – Jimmy Fallon says so. We just can’t!

One Direction and Jimmy Fallon are old friends – they sing together, they joke together and just have a lot of fun.


Truth be told, we all have our fave 1D member (or two),  but Jimmy clearly doesn’t play this game anymore. During this episode of the Tonight Show he was finally ready to set the question straight – who is the hottest member of One Direction?

Harry Styles!’, happily shouted some guy in the audience. We understand you, buddy, we clearly do – who can resist those beautiful curls and wide smile?

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One Direction surprised us with a tour diary video and it’s better than words

One Direction have been on the road again in North America since their show in San Diego on 9 July. This leg, starting in southern California and ending in Boston, is part of the Honda Civic Tour, who absolutely made our day yesterday when they tweeted a link to a new video.

1D Tour Diary, you say? 2 minutes and 41 seconds of never-before-seen, backstage footage? It’s a One Direction miracle.

We got to see Harry boxing.

The four boys’ pre-show huddle.

Niall gearing up to go on stage.

Liam working on those glutes and thighs.

Liam and Louis’s pure excitement. “SEATLE-E-E!”

A toe-to-head look at Harry’s outfit, featuring sparkly gold boots.

Louis hanging out with his little sister (and 1D’s assistant groomer) Lottie.

And so much more. But don’t take our word for it—check out the video for yourself below and let us know what you think!

The secret to getting Harry Styles’ attention at a One Direction concert? It’s simple.

There are good ways to get Harry Styles’ attention when he’s on stage. You could dress up as a whale and hold an anti-SeaWorld sign. You could bring him an iced coffee from Albert’s. You could hand him a rainbow flag.

But there are also bad ways. Because Harry really doesn’t like it when you…

Put your hands down after he kindly asked you to put them up.

Are impatiently waiting for them to sing ‘Fireproof.’

Wear noise-canceling headphones to the concert.

Don’t give him the standing ovation he deserves for his phenomenal dance moves.

Try to mimic his phenomenal dance moves and don’t quite nail it.

Cry at Liam’s high notes but not his.

And can’t clap your hands and stomp your feet at the same time.

The choice is up to you. Go out and buy a whale costume—stay hydrated, though, it might get hot at the show—or try one of these surefire ways to get Harry Styles’ (albeit negative) attention. Just be ready for Sassy Harry to come out.

Oh, we forgive you, Harold.

Well we’re kind of obsessed with Niall Horan in stripe tees…

The boys of One Direction are undoubtably some of the hottest boys in the game, and in our lives.  They have the style, the voices, and the personality that has won us all over (multiple times).

Each boy has their own style, and one we’ve come to appreciate is Niall in striped tees. So, lets just take a second to enjoy him.

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Harry Styles is a fashion icon, movie muse, and gay rights advocate. In case you needed more reasons to love him.

Harry Styles is a very visible guy. He’s singing on stages, he’s gracing magazine covers, he’s sitting on the top of best dressed lists, he’s strutting down the streets of Los Angeles.

Well looky who I found in my latest copy @cheshirelife @harrystyles #influencer

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But fans noticed Harry recently somewhere they never expected—in an animated film. In Pixar’s newest film ‘Inside Out’that tells the story of a girl having to cope with moving to a new city by bringing her emotions to life as actual characters, the girl’s ideal boyfriend looks an awful lot like the One Direction star. Long, curly hair? Check. Tall and lanky? Check. Tight jeans? Check. The film’s director Peter Docter told Digital Spy, “[Harry]’s the greatest hits of what an imaginary boyfriend would look like. We asked a lot of people!”

Harry’s doesn’t only look the part of the ideal boyfriend, though; his personal values are just as good as his appearance. He uses his high visibility and fame to speak out about issues important to him. As a well-known fashion icon, even making it onto GQ’s List of the 20 Most Stylish Men Alive, Harry is smart; he knows the things he wears get noticed. While words in interviews may get twisted, clothing with messages comes across loud and clear.

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