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Sophia Smith buys Liam Payne lingerie to wear…maybe.

We’re not privileged enough to head out to One Direction’s fragrance launch in NY, next time boys just tell us where and when and we’ll be there.

Cosmopolitan popped over the pond to have a natter with Liam and Niall who looked spiffingly hot.

If you’ve ever wondered what Simon Cowell smells like and lets be honest, we have. He’s minty fresh. 


The Evolution of Liam Payne’s Hair: 6 important pictures you need to see…

If you ever want to pinpoint an important historical period of time in the last five years, you only need to look at the ever-changing mop that is Liam Payne’s hair. The 1D star’s barnet has experienced new and exciting changes ever since the fresh faced hopeful was plucked from obscurity and turned into a superstar almost overnight. Here we take a look back at the fruits of Mr. Payne’s glorious hair follicles over the years…


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QUIZ: What Twit Tweeted that!? 5SOS, 1D, Zoella – Who the hell said that!?

Think you know Twitter like the back of your hand? Psssht we fudging well should do the amount of time we spend on it. But can you remember who said which of these iconic and in some cases down right silly Tweets?


Gizz the quiz below a go and see if you’re an expert Twit, or if you need to spend more time on there…That’s a good excuse to tell your parents! Continue reading


One Direction’s new album breaking news: “What’s the new album Mark?”

One Direction fans went crazy on Twitter the other day as boyband member Niall Horan tweeted about how the group are currently working on the artwork, name, etc for their upcoming fourth album!


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