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Harry Styles vs 10 Hot Celebs When They Were 21-Years Old

Happy 21st Birthday, Harry!

As a special treat for your big day, we’re taking you for a ride in our time machine (a standard equipment in every pop blog HQ) and introducing you to 10 lovely (and rather hunky) celebs when they were 21.


Harry Styles

Harry, trot over and meet 21-year old David ‘Golden Balls’ Beckham.

Harry Styles David Beckham 21 years old

Leo Di Caprio was babein’ at 21. Don’t you agree?

Harry Styles Leo Di Caprio 21

Well, this is awkward. Sorry Harry but we think Dougie Poynter rocked it first.

Harry Styles Dougie Poynter bandana

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10 ways to wear a bandana for OTRA – look slick for the Bandana Project!

Last year, fans across North America held a pretty epic project. They wore bandanas of specific colours to represent their favourite boys. Thousands of people participated and made friends through the clever idea. The fan action was so good that even Liam took part! This year, fans are making the American success a global project and want YOU to get involved. So we’ve come up with different ways that you can wear your bandanas in a funky way.



1. Hair

unknown (6)
It’s basically on trend right now and one of the most popular ways to wear a bandana! Here’s some of our favourite hairstyles

2. Bracelet


If you’re big on jewellery, then this a pretty cute and simple way to wear your bandana! The girls from @bandanaproject are selling some bandana bracelets pretty cheap, so go grab one!

3. Bows

unknown (1)
Show off your love for your favourite 1D ship by wearing a bow! In your air, as a broach, it’s up to you! You can buy the official Bandana Project ones here.

4. Phone case

unknown (2)Go that extra step and pick out a cute bandana print phone case!

5. Earringsunknown (4)

Buy some cute hoop earrings and cut up a bandana to wrap around the hoops. Et voila!

6. Pocketsunknown (5)
Cut your bandana of choice into the shape of your pocket and sew or fabric glue on.

7. Bagunknown (3)
Get a bandana print bag. It’s useful and a different way to wear a bandana!

8. Nailsbadnana nails

This tutorial shows you how to wear fabric nails- why not try it with a bandana?

9. Shoe laces

Shoe lacesSnazz up your shoes with cute bandana shoe laces. Pretty unique, right?

10. Belt

bandana beltA necessary accessory piece which would look awesome with the bandana look.

So, there’s our 10 ways to wear a bandana! Have any ideas of your own? Tweet us @maximumpop with how you plan to wear your bandana and make sure you follow @bandanaproject and tweet them with #BANDANAPROJECT

The best 1D songs written by Liam and Louis – #TEAMLILO

You know how hard it is for us to pick our favourite 1D member- it’s basically impossible! But we can easily show a lot of love for Liam and Louis AKA the dream team of songwriting.

We’ve always loved every song the lads have released- from ‘What Makes You Beautiful’ right up to ‘No Control’, but the songs written by Payno and Tommo are so good that it can be hard to function when we listen to them. Here are our top songs by #TEAMLILO.

1. Change Your TicketChange Your Ticket

Just how much have the boys matured here? They’ve gone from wanting to stay up all night and breaking tables to wanting their lover to sneakily stay in the hotel with them for that extra bit longer. We wonder why… probably to break more tables, actually.

2. Better Than WordsBetter Than Words

Besides the fact that this song is cleverly made up of other song titles because there’s no words to describe their love for someone, this song gave us the beautiful Niall crotch move on the Where We Are Tour and destroyed our ovaries good and proper. Thank you, boys. We actually mean that. Continue reading The best 1D songs written by Liam and Louis – #TEAMLILO

One Direction amongst the most influential people in the UK. Even more reason to fancy them.

Your baes and ours One Direction are amongst some of the most influential people in the UK, according to Debrett’s – a British social skills source.


The site have compiled their annual list and have stated that One Direction are “one of the most popular boy bands to emerge from England in recent times,” and have “led to a resurgence in popularity for the boy band phenomenon.” It’s all very proper, isn’t it?

Calvin Harris, Ed Sheeran, Sam Smith and the daddy af Simon Cowell also appear on the list.

No female musicians feature on the list this year. We’ll try harder next year shall we Cheryl?

Read the full list here.

“Too many people care for me NOT to release the song I wrote with Harry Styles” Meghan Trainor spills more One Direction gossip.

The Hits Morning Show presenter, and MP!’s resident pop star pal Darryl Morris is back with more exclusive goss only on MP!. This week the ‘All About That Bass’ and ‘Lips Are Movin’ blonde bombshell Meghan Trainor popped in for a natter and of course Darryl asked the question on everyone’s lips. What happened with Harry Styles?

Meghan Trainor’s life has become a bit like one of her videos; an almost nauseating whirlwind of colour and excitement. When we met last week she was on the UK leg of a whistle-stop tour of the world, promoting the bundle of pop joy that is ‘Lips Are Movin’. Continue reading “Too many people care for me NOT to release the song I wrote with Harry Styles” Meghan Trainor spills more One Direction gossip.

5 Years of One Direction: 5 Years in 5 Minutes

This year is a special year for the 1D lads – it’s their fifth year together as a band! Oh, hasn’t time flown, eh? As always, Directioners have something up their sleeves to wow the boys and this special occasion is no exception.

Fans are holding a special project for Directioners around the world to get involved in. The project? 5 Years in 5 minutes. There will be 5 songs for 5 different parts of the world and meet ups across each major city to record groups of fans singing their song.

5 years 5 minutesFor more information on how to get involved, tweet @Years5Minutes. Get practicing your vocals, peeps!

“My least favourite member of 1D is Chris”: We interview YouTube fave Grace Helbig

We speak to YouTuber, future chat show host and now a New York Times’ best-selling author (ooooh!) Grace Helbig about her brilliant new book called ‘Grace’s Guide: The Art of Pretending to Be a Grown-Up’. For anybody who hasn’t bought it yet, read what Grace has to say about her book, what she gets up to when she’s on her own and find out who her favourite member of the Kardashian family is…


In your book you say that hanging out by yourself is actually one of your favourite things to do. Apart from filming your hilarious YouTube videos, what else do you get up to when you’re on your own?
I’ll order in food, make myself a drink (plus a couple more drinks), watch reality television, youtube videos, shop online for clothes and home decor, get lost in the dark corners of Etsy, the usual. Continue reading “My least favourite member of 1D is Chris”: We interview YouTube fave Grace Helbig

MP! on Spotify: Get Happy with 5SOS, Meghan Trainor and The Janoskians

Bad day at school? Soaked from the rain? Feeling cold, and miserable, and everyone is the whole world is being extraordinarily irritating?

mornings animated GIF

Try MP!’s pick-me-up playlist. With tunes from 5SOS and Avicii, this set of tracks are full of good vibes and upbeat rhythms to shake off that gloomy mood.

Happy Pug animated GIF

Get listening.

OTRA Checklist – Everything you need for your One Direction tour date

There’s less than two weeks until ‘On The Road Again’ starts- eek! No time for messing about, you need to be prepared! Yes, even if your tour date isn’t until October, you can never be too early to start preparing.

We’ve created a checklist for you lovely lot to follow so you’re fully prepared for when you go see the lads on tour. Aren’t we good to you?

1. Tickets


These are pretty vital if you stand any chance of going to see 1 Dizzle on tour. If yours haven’t arrived yet, don’t worry- they can take up to ten days prior to your show to arrive. If they still haven’t by then, call your ticket retailer. Once you do get them, make sure you put them somewhere safe you remember them. Continue reading OTRA Checklist – Everything you need for your One Direction tour date