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Listen: 19 seconds of One Direction’s ‘Steal My Girl’ and prepare to have confused emotions.

While we were having our yearly work out in front of the TV One Direction decided to leak 19 seconds of ‘Steal My Girl’. We had a quick think and thought of 5 other things you can do in 19 seconds.

  1. Sing about half of Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.
  2. Run 150m or more. If you’re Usain Bolt.
  3. Take around 12 duck face selfies.
  4. Eat 7 marshmallows
  5. Do a high cardio twerking dance routine.

Or you could just spend those 19 seconds listening to ‘Steal My Girl’ and then repeat 67480 times. You’re welcome.

iheart radio 1d

WATCH: 1D performing at iHeart Radio. Oh how we wish we were there!

This weekend was iHeart Radio Music Festival and we were quite jealous of everyone who headed to Vegas for the music filled weekend. Some of our favourites were there, including some boyband called uh… One Direction.

The lads looked absolutely perfect and even hotter than ever which we had no idea was scientifically possible, but it is.

But fear not if you couldn’t see them as we have the entire performance. You are very welcome.

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Liam Payne takes to Twitter regarding gay rumours and naked photos

Another week, another set of naughty pics that may or may not have celebrities in them. This time people are saying some pretty racy photos are involving Liam from 1D. Are they of him or not? Well, according to Liam, he isn’t, and he’s a good person to ask, since he was there (or rather, he wasn’t).

Screen Shot 2014-09-22 at 17.00.31Screen Shot 2014-09-22 at 17.00.49

Let’s all move on now.


LISTEN: It’s Zayn’s snippet from the 1D audio book!

If you didn’t hear the news, for the first time 1D are releasing an audio version of their upcoming book ‘Who We Are’ which releases this Thursday 25th September! 

That’s right, you can have the actual boys from actual One Direction read to you their new book and just melt over their velvety voices as you engulf every since word in their gorgeous accents. *Ahem*.

Here’s Zayn’s clip which was released today. Oh go on, give it a listen. You’re dying to, aren’t ya?

Swoon. Roll on Thursday, eh?

Don’t forget to pre-order it here.

Concert film

1D movie trailer staring YOU! – Can we have your autograph?

October is fast approaching meaning one thing. No, not Halloween. The ‘Where We Are’ concert movie! Whoo! And now you can be in the trailer with the boys!

“But how, Maximum Pop!?” We hear you cry. Well, we’re glad you asked. One Direction have created an app on the film website which allows you to be in the trailer! Cool, right?

Just give the site permission to access either your Twitter, Instagram or Facebook and it will add you in automatically. Just check out us in the trailer. No photos, pls.

So what are you waiting for, movie star? Click here to make the magic happen!

harry excited

One Direction You & I

Listen: Check out a snippet of Harry Styles from the 1D audiobook!

Fancy having the dulcet tones of Harry Styles & Co reading their new book to you every night? Of course you do!

1D are set to release the audiobook of their forthcoming literary opus ‘Who We Are’ and we have a little snippet of Harry’s bit for your listening pleasure. Aren’t we nice like that?

‘Who We Are’ is out on September 25th and available to pre order right now. Hurrah!