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Perrie Edwards doesn’t think she’s the sexiest woman in pop. Is she blind?

This week Little Mix star Perrie Edwards was voted the Sexiest Woman in Pop, alongside her beau Zayn Malik who was voted the Sexiest Man in Pop, by Capital FM readers. But the ‘Black Magic’ singer doesn’t think she’s deserving of the award.

Taking to her band’s official Twitter account after the news was revealed, Perrie posted the following:

Well Perrie, the public don’t think the award should have gone to Queen B as Beyonce only made number seven on the list.

Zayn won the male equivalent of the poll, beating his former One Direction bandmates Harry Styles, Niall Horan and Louis Tomlinson who sit at numbers three, six and eight respectively.

What about Liam? We thought he was mean to be the sexiest member?

Click here to see the best concert banner of all time.

As soon as we book tickets to see our faves in concert, we begin the months of planning it takes to prepare a banner in order to catch the attention of our idols. We’ve made them with lights, colourful card, massive photos, everything, but admittedly, none of them have ever been as good as this one.

At the latest One Direction gig in Indianapolis, Harry met the tallest man ever, the band performed ‘Drag Me Down’ and one amazing Directioner made a banner about that whole Louis baby drama.

Amidst all the drama, what we’d failed to realise… Louis is already – and always has been – daddy AF.



Round of applause, everybody.

Harry Styles meets the “biggest guy he’s ever seen” at One Direction gig.

Harry Styles was stunned at last night’s One Direction concert in Indianapolis as he met the “biggest guys he’s ever seen.” Not like that, you filthy buggars. Biggest as in height.

And what a show it was, as well as coming across the giant, Harry & Co. also performed their new surprise single ‘Drag Me Down’ for the first ever time.

Here’s how the sighting of One Direction’s quite literally biggest fan went down in a series of GIFs.












Wow… wow, indeed. Have you even been stuck behind a tall person at a gig? Let us know your experience over at @maximumpop.

Is there a new One Direction song called ‘Raise Me Up’ on the way?

Just like we did with Little Mix last week, we think we might possibly have the title of a brand new One Direction track.

With the surprise release of ‘Drag Me Down’ yesterday morning, it seemed like One Direction had their single released planned expertly but did they change their minds about what track was to lead #1D5 last minute and forget to tell their social media team because it seems that the four lads were set to release a different track, the quite literally opposite ‘Raise Me Up’.

“What are you talking about Maximum Pop! you absolute weirdos?” we hear you asking. Well our sweet swans, we are talking about the update OT4 made on Spotify to announce the new single.  Continue reading Is there a new One Direction song called ‘Raise Me Up’ on the way?

Niall Horan in a suit is a very pretty thing so we’ve put together an appreciation post.

We’re not too sure what it is about men in suits that we love so much, but the only thing that strengthens our infatuation is when boyband members slip into the fitted material and make our insides feel all funny.

One boyband member that we have noticed looks especially dashing is One Direction‘s Niall Horan. With his blonde hair, sparkling blue eyes and perfect white teeth smile, the sight of him in a suit turns us into a psycho bride… the only sad thing is we haven’t even met him yet *sob*.

Have a look at our wedding scrapbook photo galley below, and pick your favourite Niall suit.

Which Niall suit is your fave? Tweet us @maximumpop to let us know.

Not a drill: One Direction have performed ‘Drag Me Down’ live for the first time.

OH MY GOD, IT’S HAPPENED. Everybody try to regain consciousness, take deep breaths, sit down and… we don’t know… cuddle something?

Sips of water are necessary and it’s probably best that you stay seated and try not to move your arms too much during the video below, you may ended up punching somebody with excitement. We did. Sorry Mum.

As you may WILL DEFINITELY be aware, One Direction totally Yoncéd us on Friday morning by casually releasing their brand new single. You’ll probably also know that OT4 are on quite a big tour at the moment and, you guessed it, ‘Drag Me Down’ is now part of the tour’s setlist.

Last night, at the boys’ gig in Indianapolis in the grand ole’ U-S-of-A, Liam, Harry, Louis and Niall treated a small crowd of 70,000 people to the first live performance of the track, and it looked and sounded a little bit like this…

You punched your mum, didn’t you?

‘Drag Me Down’ is One Direction’s most successful global single launch to date! Can you hear the slay bells?

We were in for a right shocker yesterday morning when we woke up to discover One Direction released their single ‘Drag Me Down’ without any kind of warning and it seems like we weren’t the only ones, either.

It seems as though surprise releases are the way to go as ‘Drag Me Down’ is officially 1D’s most successful global single launch to date. Slaying again, Directioners!

Niall fangirling

In total, so far, the song has hit No.1 in a staggering 82 countries. If that isn’t amazing enough, ‘Drag Me Down’ was the top worldwide Twitter trend for over ten hours yesterday, with 22k tweets per minute being sent, and 3.2 million tweets by 3pm today. Directioners are seriously dominating right now.

How exciting is this?! We’re not sure if our bodies are totally ready or totally not ready at all for the music video, but will we even get a warning? Tweet us your excitement @maximumpop and keep the song on repeat because it is officially our summer choon.

One Direction’s ‘Drag Me Down’ has been out for 4 hours so here’s a lyric quiz.

We know you’ve already listened to One Direction’s ‘Drag Me Down’ more times than you’d care to admit when any other time, you’d probably be fast asleep dreaming of Harry rubbing his quad nips in your face.

Well it’s time to fix up and look sharp because we’re about to test your lyrical knowledge. Do you know your NOBODY NOBODIES from your fire in the hearts? Continue reading One Direction’s ‘Drag Me Down’ has been out for 4 hours so here’s a lyric quiz.

One Direction released a new single while you were asleep… NOBODY NOBODY does it better.

Okay we were trying to have a lie in but when you’re 1D af you know that’s never an option. If there’s not rumours and cryptic Tweets being sent at God knows what time making our phone vibrate One Direction are just casually dropping a brand new single.

Mark it in your calendars for July 31st 2015 is the day that the first 1D 4/4 single was unveiled to the world. And of course it doesn’t disappoint.

This is the first single from album five and if the sound of ‘Drag Me Down’ is anything to go by we’re going to need to bring an extra pair of undies to the next concert with us.

1D Drag Me Down

If you’re feeling like the ultimate brave warrior you can listen out for the laugh at the end which will leave you in a quivering pool of sweat.

Thoughts over on @maximumpop if you’re alive after that please.