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Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift headlines 2014 iHeartRadio Music Festival! – Plus One Direction, Ariana Grande, Ed Sheeran and MORE!


Taylor Swift is set to  be the star of the 2014 iHeartRadio Festival!

The line-up for the 2014 fest has been revealed and it sounds too good to be true. Don’t worry we’ve checked and double checked and we can confirm, ALL THE NAMES ARE CORRECT.


One Direction, Coldplay, Ariana Grande,  Ed Sheeran, Iggy Azalea, Usher and MORE SPECIAL SURPRISE GUESTS will hit the stage at MGM Grand Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas on September 19 and 20.


Will our fave ginger Ed Sheeran have to keep the peace between Swifty and Styles again? We think they’re past that now, but what a sexy bunch of friends.


What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, they said…


One Direction’s best cover ever

During the years the One Direction lads covered a lot of big hits creating amazing covers that send everyone straight to cloud 9 with rainbows and unicorns.


Besides their X Factor’s cover (that you can watch and re watch forever HERE) let’s have a look at what they’ve hummed over the last 4 years.

‘I’m Yours’ Jason Mraz

‘Wonderwall’ Oasis

‘I Gotta Feeling’ Black Eyed Peas/’Stereo Hearts’ Gym Class Hereos/’Valerie’ Amy Winehouse/’Torn’ Natalie Imbruglia

‘Use Somebody’ Kings Of Leon

‘One Way Or Another’ Blondie

This is the fandom mantra.

‘Teenage Dirtbag’ Wheatus

‘Friends’ Theme Song

‘She Looks So Perfect’ 5 Seconds of Summer

The contagion is reeeeeal.

‘Viva La Vida’ Coldplay

“X Factor, Week 1! Do you remember?” *grab Kleenex box*

What do you think? Which is your favourite? Comments below lovelies.

Screen Shot 2014-07-22 at 10.37.29

Four Years of One Direction. #4YearsOfOneDirection

Celebrate with Lou (@LouMillard) from @Insiders1D and us! After 4 amazing years.

In honor of One Direction’s 4 year anniversary, July 23, 2010 to July 23, 2014, we are looking at flashbacks! Here are some of their biggest, hottest, best moments. So sit back and enjoy this One Direction appreciation flashback friday! (Even though it’s Wednesday.)  

One Direction have been a band for 4 years. Which is a bit crazy if you think about it. It’s time for a stroll down memory lane…

I think we should all personally thank Tricia, Maura, Karen, Anne, and Johannah for bringing our boys into this world and raising them properly.

Screen Shot 2014-07-22 at 10.34.15

Look at those cute fellas!

Harry Styles auditioned with Stevie Wonder’s ‘Isn’t She Lovely.’

Niall Horan auditioned with Ne-Yo’s ‘So Sick.’

Louis Tomlinson auditioned with The Plain White T’s ‘Hey There Delilah.’

Zayn Malik auditioned with Mario Vazquez’s ‘Let Me Love You.’

Liam Payne auditioned with Michael Buble’s ‘Cry Me A River.’

Simon Cowell also deserves a round of applause for forming One Direction. A moment that forever has it’s mark in history has to be One Direction’s first performance together. They sang their rendition of Natalie Imbruglia’s song ‘Torn.’ That song, that performance, that moment (pun intended) started it all!

Screen Shot 2014-07-22 at 10.37.29

And how could we possibly forget The X Factor video diaries?! Seriously fetus One Direction gives me life!

1D-VIDEO-DIARIES-one-direction-27896969-1440-728 one-direction-video-diary-01-2010-11-26-jpg original tumblr_mel6mkhiJs1rdubi9o1_1280 Video-Diary-larry-stylinson-18861300-480-320


And Jimmy!

The boys came in 3rd place but we all know that was not the end.

One Direction continued to deliver on tour.
On their 3rd tour in the last 4 years the boys refuse to disappoint!

‘Up All Night’ Tour (2011 – 2012)

The boys dropped their first album “Up All Night” and it stole all our hearts. ;)
Louis, Niall, Harry, Liam, and Zayn’s somewhat matchy outfits!

The boys loved to change the lyrics!
(Naughty Harry) ‘Take Me Home’ Tour (2012 – 2013) One Direction decided to bless us with the “Take Me Home” Album one-direction-take-me-home-1352749748 The boys introduced us to 5 Seconds of Summer! 5sos Liam gifted us by pantsing Harry

One Direction also released ‘This Is Us’ (One of the greatest documentaries of all time!)

This brings us to…
‘Where We Are’ Tour (2013 – 2014)

Harry, Liam, Niall, Zayn, and Louis released Midnight Memories!

The boys are constantly grabbing their private areas during ‘Better Than Words’!


The boys have also grown accustomed to throwing water on the crowd.

The boys continue to grow, One Direction has already announced a new tour ‘On The Road Again 2015′!

One Direction have come so far in the past years. They’ve established a massive fan base that supports them through thick and thin. They are set to become the FIRST billion dollar boy band ever!

By 2015 they will have been on 4 world tours in their 5 years as a band. They have merchandise from pens to perfume. When it comes to our boys and their success I’d say the sky’s the limit!

(Source: Tumblr)


One Direction’s weirdest tweets – Ask us if we give a mother f**k?!

Lou (@LouMillard) from @Insiders1D digged into our favourite lads Twitter profile’s and found their weirdest tweets. Makes sense. 

I think we have all had our own weird moments, but I’d say One Direction have more than the most of us! Don’t get me wrong, they seriously make weird hot! I just have trouble making sense of some of these interesting tweets.

Hello to you Louis. :)

Cravings? I guess we all have those.

Hmm Louis the rapper…

Story Of My Life Niall!

What a happy Irish lad. Rhyming and drinking.

I seriously can not make any sense of this, umm Hazza you okay there?

Assuming this is a compliment, so thanks.

No comment.

And there you have it! The tricks and trades of being a good party guest.

Screen Shot 2014-07-21 at 05.06.41

Smh Harry, I don’t think you should be going around kissing cousins. As for the tough times, at least that’s not a problem anymore. ;)

It’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt, and Zayn I think you gave loads of fans heart attacks. Good one though Zayn, good one

Laughing gas…?

Okay this isn’t that weird, but deep Zayn = hot Zayn.

That must be one amaZayn garden. (I know that’s an old joke, but it still works.)

Talking to yourself is the first sign of madness, the second is posing with one eyebrow lifted up.

Talking to yourself and parrots now…I guess parrots are cool too.

Ever hear of the show ‘Naked and Afraid’?

Again, no comment.

So where is this book sold?

Okay, we can all agree that some of these tweets were weird, funny, interesting, cute, and deep. It was a great laugh. I mean who doesn’t like kissing cousins, winking books, Zayn pranks, glass doors, and coco pops?! So, who do you think had the weirdest tweets? Share in the comments!

one direction valentine

One Direction’s ‘Best Song Ever’ video is one year old today!


On 22 July 2013, One Direction released the funny video for ‘Best Song Ever’, the song was released for the ‘This Is Us’ movie and as the first single taken from their third album ‘Midnight Memories’.

Unlike other One Direction videos this one scored a record: 12.3 millions of views in 24 hours! Amazeballs!


Let’s relive the moment when we were jealous of the stunning Veronica Malik.

1069159_668891736457977_2020318874_n tumblr_mzab7igUj61reac2so1_500
When we fall in love with the geek Marcel.

And when we shaked our hips and bum with Leeroy and the lads.
tumblr_inline_mqcs2j3sal1qkhd9i one-direction-best-song-ever-gif2 slide_309775_2730236_free

Now a year has passed who’s your fave character from the video?


Harry Styles Appreciation Post #HarryAppreciationDay

It’s #HarryAppreciationDay!
Here @1DMofosUpdates tells us why Harry Styles is the best person on the planet.

He can’t bare hurting a single soul.
tumblr_mwrzh50DGv1rx97q3o4_250 tumblr_mwrzh50DGv1rx97q3o5_250 tumblr_mwrzh50DGv1rx97q3o3_250 tumblr_mwrzh50DGv1rx97q3o1_250

harry-styles-and-dog--1379323759-custom-0 article-0-1BD54D71000005DC-666_634x833 article-0-1BD54D99000005DC-810_634x673

He can’t play football for shit but he tries for the people he loves.


And he scored a penalty goal for his team kicking the ball beautifully.

anigif_original-grid-image-10015-1401202513-12 anigif_enhanced-buzz-9970-1401203323-14

He truly loves and respects One Direction’s fans

Screen Shot 2014-07-22 at 12.11.05
He’s polite with everyone around him, even paparazzis

tumblr_mz9gp3LORZ1rko18bo1_250 tumblr_mz9gp3LORZ1rko18bo2_250 tumblr_mz9gp3LORZ1rko18bo3_250 tumblr_mz9gp3LORZ1rko18bo4_250 tumblr_mz9gp3LORZ1rko18bo5_250 tumblr_mz9gp3LORZ1rko18bo6_250 tumblr_mz9gp3LORZ1rko18bo7_250 tumblr_mz9gp3LORZ1rko18bo10_250 tumblr_mz9gp3LORZ1rko18bo8_250 tumblr_mz9gp3LORZ1rko18bo9_250

He’s got swag


He’s a geek

tumblr_mudho9j6W71qfwp40o1_500We <3 Marcel

His jokes are trash but they make him laugh so it’s okay

He’s got moves like Jagger…
tumblr_inline_n86y5mtgIz1s0ydbianigif_enhanced-buzz-14359-1391209173-4-2…Sometimes not


His hair doesn’t know how to behave around his face

And we love his ‘Cotton Crown’ headband


He loves what he does and everybody else can feel it.
tumblr_n940pu7I1X1r1mrcso1_500 anigif_enhanced-5593-1391209890-26 anigif_original-grid-image-29987-1391209901-29

Share the Harry love, comment below with your favourite Styles moments.

Screen Shot 2014-06-30 at 03.23.56

One Direction ‘Where We Are’ concert film is coming to cinemas!


Hope we’ll see the ‘BRAZIL’ tattoo on the big screen!

The One Direction fellas  just announced their ‘Where We Are’ concert film.


Oh Harold, the way that you flip your hair gets us overwhelmed.

The film, recorded at San Siro stadium in Milan, will be on the big screens on the 11th and 12th October 2014 ONLY.


Watch the trailer

Tickets go on sale on 28th July.

For more info check out www.1Dconcertfilm.com

Screen Shot 2014-07-21 at 18.31.44

WATCH: One Direction release ‘You & I’ fragrance backstage video

“What do you want to be when you grow up?” “The fluffy bunny in ‘You & I’ backstage video”.

Back in June the lads announced that they’d be releasing their third official fragrance, ‘You & I’.

Last week Nialler teased us with this picture

Now we have a backstage video!

The black & white footage starts in the super-sassy model Louis’ dressing room.


Look at Louis face admiring the ‘You & I’ bottle.

Look at his face admiring the most fine piece of art in the word…
The he gives this beauty to Harold, who’s strutting his bun backstage.

Then Niall doing some tricks with his scooter
tumblr_n90u4gzJSc1roeq4co1_250 tumblr_n9120o2UeT1sz90ezo5_250

Now we need you to be ALL EYES. Not only because it’s time for Big Payno, and we know how he’s into ‘You & I’, but…

tumblr_n90unzFxkz1spdlt1o1_250 tumblr_n90unzFxkz1spdlt1o2_250 tumblr_n90unzFxkz1spdlt1o3_250 tumblr_n90unzFxkz1spdlt1o4_250
Payne reveals A SECRET RING within the package. Dear Future Husband (who could be Harry, Niall or Liam), forget about the Tiffany’s ring because all I want is this ‘You & I’ ring!



Let’s see all the video in its entire glorious beauty.

So, any ideas about what’s next? Can you wait to use ‘You & I’ and spay it on strangers to convert them and join the 1D Family?

Screen Shot 2014-07-21 at 06.01.16

Niall Appreciation Post #NiallAppreciationDay

It’s #NiallAppreciationDay, let’s celebrate him!
Here @1D_Updates_EU tells us why we love the crazy mofo.

Niall Horan, the sunshine that brightens everyones day. Even if he’s not your favourite, he’s still your favourite.

He has the voice of an angel. When he sings, the world stops. It brings the biggest smile to your face and makes you happy within seconds.

His hugs. He gives the best hugs known to man. We would all sell our family just to have a hug from him.




Niall has a habit of always telling the fans about how much he loves us. Of course we all love it! I mean who doesn’t love hearing that from their favourite on a daily basis.

The lad certainly knows how to dance.


Shakira has got nothing on him! I mean look at those hips move.


If One Direction ever falls through then he can always get a job as a stripper.

Selfies. They’re the worst and best thing to happen to this fandom. The day Niall made his Instagram, is the day all hell broke loose.

We even made the news because he posted a selfie and we all cried. Good times.

You have never experienced true happiness until you’ve heard him laugh. It brings so much joy to our lives.


He does this thing when he laughs hard, he scrunches up his eyes.
His smile looks like it could make flowers grow.

July 16th 2013 was not only a great day for the Horans but also for the fandom. Niall’s sister-in-law gave birth to Theo. Nialls photos with Theo were and still are the best photos we have ever seen.


Look at how cute they both are. Like uncle, like nephew.
Accurate representation of this fandom when it comes to Niall. We all feel you Theo!


Niall must be a fun person to hang out with. People like him bring a lot of joy and happeniess to our lives. He’s a pure person and his heart is so full of love. Everyday should be Niall appreciation day!

Screen Shot 2014-07-21 at 11.15.58

One Direction look outrageously fit at Louis Tomlinson’s mum’s wedding



Yesterday, Sunday 20 July, our beloved boys (with a MIA Zayn) celebrated Louis Tomlinson’s mum Johannah and Dan Deakin’s wedding and they looked their best. Seriously!

Congratulations to the stunning bride and her hubby! Hip hip hooray!

We know why you are here… Yeah the dress is nice but.. what about the guests?

Louis, Liam, Niall and Harry looked at their best. They’re a hybrid from James Bond and The Godfather plus a sparkle of pure glamour.

“I’m so faaaaancy”

zourry_com_20140720_5-2 zourry_com_20140720_6

Scott Disick was at the wedding? Oh no, wait. It’s Tommo!
Louis, in a navy blue suit with bright white shirt and brown shiny brogues and his sassiness looked incredibly cool. We’re wondering what the hell he’s going to wear for his wedding…


This suit fits sooooo perfect.

zourry_com_20140720_43 tumblr_n90vth1PK41rkb15to1_1280

We see no difference. At all.
Sophiam in black looking damn fine.

During the wedding the guys played some croquet and you know how much we love to see some balls in action.

zourry_com_20140720_5-3 zourry_com_20140720_1-3

zourry_com_20140720_18Please, hit us with your best shots!


We always had a crush on the Irish guy but now we’re deeply in love with him.
zourry_com_20140720_3 zourry_com_20140720_38
He’s like a fine red wine, or some kind of fine juice. He gets better with age.

And look how rad Lou looks.

Now. IMPORTANT STUFF. Who wore a black suit, black UNBUTTONED shirt, black boots, black scarf and a black fedora?
zourry_com_20140720_20 Our ovaries are dancing the macarena and we can barely breathe let alone put together a sentence. All we can say is “Oh Christ”.


Zayn? Zayn.


What we can say?

What do you think? What your ovaries are telling you? Let us know, please!