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Smell like a pop star with our favourite celeb pongs of 2014

Nothing really compares to the ego boost you get when you smell good. Catching your own scent as a breeze rolls by, or when your friend turns to you and says, “Hey, is that you? You smell amazing.” And you just shrug, and smile, and inwardly think, “I know I do.”

Let’s combine that elated feeling with your passion for your favourite stars, and this is the list for you. Check out these unreal perfumes from some of today’s biggest celebs.

10. Adrenaline, by Enrique Iglesias

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1D & Sico

Niall Horan and Simon Cowell slam break up rumours – Strike up the band!

Strike up the band, join our congaline and let’s party because Niall and Simon Cowell confront the supposed break up rumors.


In a recent interview, Mr Cowell was quoted saying “Bands don’t stay together forever. I think they will make at least two more albums and they are in the middle of making one now.”

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QUIZ: Who’s your One Direction boyfriend and how do you fall in love?

One of the biggest questions on our minds is how we will ever get a member of One Direction to fall in love with us. It’s a very frustrating topic, right?

Well not anymore. After a lot of scientific research and studying each boy for a very long period of time, we have finally come up with this simple quiz that helps work out just how you will steal One Direction’s hearts.


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Quiz: Where’s Zayn Malik? Can you find him?


There’s been ice bucket challenges happening left, right and flipping centre. Niall has gasped his way through it in a see through white shirt, Union J very nearly got mobbed afterwards and Neon Jungle basically disappeared under the torrential icy downpour! But wherefore art thou Zayn Malik?

We thought why not play ‘Where’s Wally Zayn’ to celebrate this occasion, of course we’ve superimposed him into life like situations that he probably encounters every day being in 1D.

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