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Rejoice! 1D officially confirm ‘You & I’ as next single! Plus: Video to premiere next week!

Rejoice! After setting tongues wagging by filming a mysterious music video last month, the 1D boys have officially announced that soppy ballad ‘You & I’ will indeed be the next single from ‘Midnight Memories’.

The guys confirmed the news in an extremely brief video with Harry rocking a fashion forward headband to keep his ever-growing mop of hair in order.

The video will premiere on April 18th so not long to go now!

one direction where we are

One Direction are releasing new single ‘You & I’… and they’ve already filmed the video!

It’s not long until the 1D boys head out on their ma-hoosive stadium world tour but while they’re off gallivanting around the globe, it would be rude to leave the charts without some new music from the band…

Thankfully they’ve decided to release the slushy, romantic ballad ‘You & I’ from their squillion selling album ‘Midnight Memories’ to keep us happy. Excellent choice, boys.

Plus, the guys recently finished  filming the accompanying video last month on Clevedon pier in Somerset so it won’t be long until we get to see the finished product. Colour us excited!


Are you looking forward to the new video?


Monday’s Win Bin: Win a signed copy The Craft by Lou Teasdale, Gwen Stefani OPI nail varnish, Tinie Tempah tickets and a Ginge London beanie

In today’s Win Bin, get all the goss from Lou Teasdale in her book ‘The Craft’. It’s been signed by the magical woman herself, and she’s touched all of One Direction, which means it might have a little bit of their germs on. Also up for grabs tickets to see Tinie Tempah and a Ginge London beanie. Sassy. 


Thursday’s Win Bin: Win The Fooo signed swag, tickets to see Neon Jungle, One Direction, Wireless Festival and more!

Here at MP! we’re super excited for the summer and festival season. You can see the likes of Bruno Mars, Ellie Goulding, Pharrell, Tinie Tempah, John Newman and more at Wireless Festival this July. Also in the Win Bin today, money-can’t-buy tickets to see Neon Jungle, One Direction tickets and £40 worth of OPI nail varnish to keep you all looking smaaaart. 

1d perfume

1D announce details of new perfume ‘That Moment’! Here’s what you need to know…

After educating the masses on pink grapefruit and jasmine, 1D are about to launch their new limited edition fragrance ‘That Moment’.

And in case the perfume itself wasn’t enough to keep us satisfied, the boys have also announced a full range of ‘That Moment’ beauty products including shower gel, body lotion and a dinky little rollerball to carry around in your purse.

one d beauty.jpg

We’ve also got a new promo poster which features the guys channelling their inner male model, complete with upturned collars and full on Serious Face.


‘That Moment’ is out in the UK on April 2nd so start saving your pennies now.


Thursday’s Win Bin: Win tickets to see One Direction, McBusted, Kylie and premiere tickets to The Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 1

Fancy strutting your stuff on the red carpet with Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson? Well grab your gowns and suits ’cause you’re in with a chance! Just click the link below and let them know your best Hunger Games strategy. We’d smuggle M&Ms in our socks and put them up people’s noses when they sleep. 


Wednesday’s USA Win Bin: 1D dolls, tickets to see Bruno Mars, One Direction and Hunter Hayes

Up for grabs today in the good ol’ U S of A’s win bin, tickets to see One Direction, Bruno Mars and Hunter Hayes. There’s also the chance to win all 5 1D dolls, just treat them all the same or one will get upset.


The One Direction Art Gallery: Check out the talented Nadia’s beautiful drawings

One Direction might be the most talented people we know, but these fans come close. They’ve turned passion, hard work and some pencils into fine works of art. So we’ve curated a Maximum Pop! One Direction Gallery series. Get to know Nadia.

Tell us about yourself.
My name is Nadia. I’m a 20 year old architecture student from Sydney, Australia, and I draw both One Direction and Ed Sheeran fan art.

When did you start drawing? Would you like this passion of yours to be a career or is it just a hobby?
I’ve always been an artistic person, but I started drawing seriously around 4 years ago when I did a short life drawing course as part of my studies in High School. I’ve wanted to become an architect for as long as I can remember, so even though I love to draw, fan art is just a hobby for me and something I do for fun! The drawing skill has lent itself to my chosen career of Architecture and has given me something to escape to when I’m drowning in my workload.

How would you describe your style and what techniques do you use?
My style is realism, which means the artworks I produce resemble the reference images. A lot of people have commented on my drawings with “OMG THAT’S A DRAWING???” or “I THOUGHT THAT WAS A PHOTO” and that’s what realism’s all about.
I like to use a range of media including charcoal, pencil, water colours, and I have dabbled in digital painting as well. But I’m well known in the One Direction fandom for drawing white pencil drawings where I only draw the light and how it bounces off the boys during their concerts.

What inspires you and why? or When and why did you start doing fan art?
Art is always inspired from something the artist is passionate about. In my case I’m passionate about TV shows and music artists, including One Direction. So in the beginning I chose to use them as references to help me improve my drawing. Over time I gained a large following and I chose to draw them exclusively as I enjoyed making others happy and all the acknowledgements I received from the 1D fandom. But all the fan art I draw is first and foremost to help myself develop my drawing skills.

How many fan art drawings have you made? Which one is your favourite and why?
Since I’ve started posting my artworks online, I’ve drawn over 180 works, of which only 80 are One Direction fan arts. My favourite work by far is the white pencil drawing of Harry. The lighting from the reference image was just incredible and it translated so well into my style of drawing.

What was the hardest to draw and why?
The hardest part about my white pencil drawings is getting the proportions right. All you usually have to go on is a shadow and a silhouette. Body parts and clothing are invisible in the shadow so it’s difficult to draw where things are. Especially because you can never completely erase white pencil, so as soon as you put pencil to paper, it’s permanent.

Tips for drawing One Direction.
The biggest tip I can give you is to practice, practicePRACTICE. Drawing is all about trial and error. If you don’t get something right in one drawing, you’ll try harder to get it right in the next, and after a while you’ll be able to get so any things right that your drawings will start to look awesome! So get 10000 images of the boys and just start drawing!

Say hello to Nadia:


Check out 1D, Ariana Grande and a host of other celebs “Talkin’ Dirty”!

Disclaimer: When Jason Derulo’s ‘Talk Dirty’ comes on in “the clurb”, we accept no responsibility for any injuries caused to others as a result of whatever shapes we throw on the dance floor.

Despite already releasing a music vid for the booty-shaking tune, Jason ‘Ja-son De-RUUUULO’ Derulo has enlisted the likes of pop princess Ariana Grande, Will-i-am, Robin Thicke and 1D to make a whole new promo to promote his new album.

All the celebs get down& dirty to the song for the camera, but it’s the 1D boys who steal the show with some excellent and surprisingly well synchronized (!) moves. Theres even some air-saxophone from Niall!