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Perrie Edwards speaks for the first time about Zayn leaving One Direction.

Little Mix took part in an awesome Mad Max inspired shoot for Fabulous magazine last week and in the accompanying interview, questions turned to Zayn Malik’s departure from One Direction. His fiancee Perrie Edwards was sweet as ever in her response, revealing that not even she knows the truth behind his reasons for leaving the band.


Answering if Zayn was ok since he quit the band three months ago, Perrie replied: “He’s really good. Hopefully everyone understands that it was one of the hardest decisions he’s ever made in his life.”

She continued: “I don’t think anyone other than him really knows what he was feeling in his head and heart, but he made that decision as was 100 percent on it.”

And don’t you worry, his family are around him, supporting him all the time, right Pez?

“The fans have been great and his family have been great. I love them all, they’re lush. And obviously I’ve been there for him. As long as he’s happy, that’s all that matters.”

There is something in our eye and it’s definitely not tears. Ok, maybe it is.

Nicki Minaj wants to collaborate with One Direction. Here’s five songs we want to hear.

We think we’ve started something here. After suggesting that Zayn Malik should be featured on an updated male mix of Jessie J, Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj’s ‘Bang Bang‘, Miss Minaj has stated she’d love to collaborate with One Direction.

Nicki covering herself in Between Us, trying to seduce the 1D boys
Nicki covering herself in Between Us, trying to seduce the 1D boys

Is she trying to help the 1D boys get back at Zayn for leaving and (kind of) threatening to steal her hit?

Speaking to our friends at The Sun, Nicki said: “I do want to work with One Direction. I mean, of course, who wouldn’t? They’re cute.”

Wouldn’t it be great for Nicki and the #ladz to team up on a remix of one of their songs? Here’s 5 we’d love to hear…

1 Steal My Anaconda

2 The Night Is Still Changing

3 What Makes You Fly

Number 4 Pound The Alarm While We’re Young

5 Best Starship Ever

Ok, they were pretty lame. Tell us what songs you’d like to see Nicki and 1D team up on over on Twitter.


It’s been exactly a year since Harry Styles was last photographed shirtless. Show us the nipples, Haz.

June 30 2014 was a historic day. We’re sure you’ll remember exactly where you were and what you were doing, right? No? What, do you mean, no?


Let us remind you. Exactly one year ago today was the last time that Harry Styles was photographed topless. THAT’S A WHOLE 36 DAYS WITHOUT SEEING HARRY STYLES’ TUMMY.

Why’s he been keeping his clothes on? Maybe he really is pregnant.

Let’s remind ourselves of that glorious skin, shall we?

tumblr_inline_nqrba8ukkb1s4klwc_500 tumblr_inline_nqrba3202t1s4klwc_500

We wonder what it looks like now. Are there any new tattoos? Any new nipples?

Share your favourite topless Harry Styles moments with us over on Twitter.

We know exactly why we’re all attracted to boybands. Forward this to your parents ASAP.

Sick of your parents teasing you over your obsession with boybands? Tired of people telling you “he’ll never know who you are”? Do you wonder why it is that you’re so attracted to boyband members?



We’ve got all the answers that you need. Is it their curly hair? Their bad-boy styled tattoos? Their perfectly tailored outfits? The way they hit those high notes?

No. It’s none of that. It’s all down to the science that goes into the formation of boybands. That’s right, we’re going all scientific on your asses.

Relationship therapist Paul Hokemeyer, Ph.D. has revealed that neuroplasticity is to blame for our obsessions. We have no idea how you pronounce that.

“This has to do with neuroplasticity and the way our brains crave the pleasures of our past. If your brain was imprinted with a pleasurable cause and effect, it will desperately hold onto that memory recall. We stick to what works.”

So basically, because we fell in love with One Direction on The X Factor, that’s why we also fell in love with The Wanted. And 5 Seconds of Summer. And Collabro. And Stereo Kicks. And any other boyband we can get our hands on. To be fair, the fact that some of them get their kit off probably doesn’t help, either.


And mum, Dr. Hokemeyer has told us that you like boybands just as much as we do, so stop pretending you don’t.

“They’re reminded of that infatuation they once experienced on a similar level and all of the memories come flooding back.”

So there we have it. You can’t mock us for loving a band of boys ever again. We’ve got a doctor’s note and everything.

The best Niall Horan GIFs for every situation. #5YearsOfOneDirection

One Direction are turning 5 years old very soon and we can’t believe how fast time has flown.

As BIG fans, we have been here from the first note Liam sang in ‘Torn’ in front of Simon in that glorious day and as BIG fans in these five years we have filled several hard disks with every imaginable 1D GIF.


Now is the time to go down the memory lane to celebrate and we couldn’t think of a better way than bringing you the best GIFs of the boys.

First stop Mr. Niall Horan.


Our relationship with Niall went from “Why is he so cute? Like why is he so fricking adorable?” to “why is he so hot, hot damn, call a police and a fireman” so how about we just stare at some Niall GIFs?

Here are the best 20 Niall GIFs, for all kinds of situations:

When you wake up like this.


When you are the king of the selfie.


When Harry Styles says you give the best hugs.


When you finally show up in the correct clothes because there is not dress code for the day.


When you saw something you shouldn´t and you are scared for life.


When you finish class and you realize you have two months of vacations ahead of you.

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Niall adds another ball game into his court by attending Wimbledon. Ooh-Er

After seeing Liam and Andy Murray team up on the tennis court recently, we thought it would be Payno all over the big tournaments going on right now, but we were oh-so-wrong.

Nialler was snapped on the Glamour UK Instagram playing a little bit of table tennis at Wimbledon (no, he wasn’t competing, sadly. Put your pompoms down) and was looking mighty fine.

#niallhoran of #OneDirection playing tennis at #wimbledon (well table tennis)

A photo posted by Glamour UK Magazine (@glamouruk) on

We don’t know a lot about tennis, but there’s something we cannot help but notice…

Niall tennis


Niall Golf


Niall basketball


Niall football


Niall Shrug

Just a thought.

We’re off to try and nab tickets to Wimbledon and see if we can do some stalking a very interesting tournament.

Watch Ed Sheeran and the Rolling Stones perform together – who else have rocked with the Stones?

Ed Sheeran is out in the US living his life! The British singer joined the Rolling Stones onstage in Kansas City during their Zip Code tour.

Just sung a song on stage with these ladz

A photo posted by @teddysphotos on

Ed already was invited by the Stones as their opening act, but during the performance of their hit “Beast of Burden”, Mick, Ronnie, Keith and Charlie welcomed Sheeran on stage to sing together.

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Niall Horan, the worst celebrity on earth? We beg to differ.

Niall is a man of simple pleasures.

He loves to golf. (He’s pretty much the most exciting thing to happen to the sport since, you know, ever.)

He loves beers. Plural.

And he loves to keep up with the latest trends in men’s headwear. Oh, and beer.

The amazing thing about Niall is, despite how much his life has changed with fame, he is still the same golf-, beer-, and hat-loving guy he always was. He recently told Top of Pop magazine, “What’s happened over the last few years has been incredible. But I just stay the same person I was and grow up with it.”

Calling himself the worst celebrity on earth, Niall also said that he mostly avoids the paparazzi when he’s out. “I’ll just go somewhere where the paps won’t look for me. I don’t particularly put myself out there.”

Lucky for us, Niall keeps us in the loop with selfies on Instagram, golf updates on Twitter (you know you pretend to care, too), and—when the paps do manage to get a shot—the very important chest hair progress report.

We think these things make you the best celebrity on earth, Nialler.

Teenage Kicks #036: Niall Horan’s Nike’s he wore at Glastonbury

Welcome back to Teenage Kicks! Where we find the funkiest footwear in all of pop land. Let’s see what we’ve discovered today…

Niall has been at Glastonbury this week with partner in crime Mr Louis Tomlinson. We caught him walking through the festival and couldn’t help but notice his shoes.

Niall Glastonbury


Niall is wearing Nike SB Stefan Janoski Max which are available from the Nike website for £90. Clearly comfy for walking, sports and festival goers! Although probably not wise to wear them in muddy situations.

If you get your mitts on these beautiful shoes, please send us a shoefie and tweet it to us @maximumpop along with #MPTeenageKicks so we can admire your sweet feet treat.

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Why is Louis Tomlinson scouring the globe for the fittest females?

The last time a member of One Direction was spotted holding hands with a mystery girl, all hell broke loose. Brace yourself for bad memories.
Louis, the self-proclaimed “biggest liability” on a night out, has spent a lot of his free time on tour so far partying it up with his pals. Without Zayn as his main wingman, Louis seems to bring a core group of lads with him while traveling, and they’ve been spotted at nightclubs and bars around the world.

LADS in Dubai minus Oli/Andre !

A photo posted by Louis Tomlinson (@louist91) on

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