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Watch: One Direction ‘Ready To Run’ on SNL. They’re so adorbs we need to run and hide.

GOOD GOD! Are they trying to give us heart failure?

Harry God Damn Styles is to blame for our high bloody pressure and dizzy hearts. His vocals sounded raspy, his shirt (as always) was on point. The hair was perfectly sculpted beneath the hat. And he was his usual dorky perfect self.

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Watch: Fetus 1D dancing to stuff. It’s hilar.

We have traced the internet looking for one very specific thing and we have finally found it.

Because we love staring at them, and because we really REALLY miss the fetus days, we are sharing with you the best six-second treats from a Vine account named… ‘Fetus 1D Dancing To Stuff’. It’s literally the best thing to grace the internet since Maximum Pop! opened it’s metaphorical doors. Continue reading

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Sound the klaxon! One Direction’s TV Special has had not one but TWO adverts released

Yes, that’s right folks. Christmas has come early as not one, but two adverts from the upcoming NBC One Direction TV special have been released. The special follows the boys around during their sold out world tour and recording of the new album ‘Four’.  Oh and if that’s not enough they’ll be exclusive live performances from the boys too. Check out these laaavley adverts here:

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Amy Adams plays with Zayn Malik’s long hair in new SNL promo

We’re totally jealous of the brilliant Amy Adams in the new ‘Saturday Night Live’ promo.


After completely losing her chill in a hilarious 1D fangirl moment in the previous SNL promo.

Amy, the host of the next SNL episode, tries to flirt and seduce the whole One Direction bunch in the new promo with mischievous tricks. We see what are you doing, Amy…
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15th NRJ Music Awards - Red Carpet Arrivals

Noel Gallagher wins the award for most embarrassing dad, infront of Harry Styles

Imagine sitting in a cafe and Harry Styles walks in, all you are thinking is, does my hair look okay? Do I have anything in my teeth? And please don’t die, yeah us too.

But imagine sitting in a cafe and Harry Styles walks in and your dad is Noel Gallagher, probably a walk in the park? You’re wrong, because it doesn’t matter who your dad is, if he breathes the words “are you going to wet yourself now?” in front of a member of One Direction, you are going to want to curl up and die.

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One Direction HQ Photos from ‘FOUR’ photoshoot appeared online! RIP US.

This post comes with Terms and Conditions.

You must be at least 13 years old to go through this post.
Photos in here can cause you tachycardia, excessive sweating over your whole body, leave you breathless, makes you feel a tingle in some *sensitive* parts of your body.

When you click  ‘Read More’ on this post you EXPRESSLY AGREE to have filthy thoughts and to stare at the photos intensively since your eyes hurt (and they will, for sure).

MP! shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, consequential, special, incidental, punitive, or any other damages at your life existence after you see those photos.

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