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One Direction add USA & European tour dates to the ‘On The Road Again Tour’ 2015

['Don't forget where you belong' plays in the background]

While everybody is still recovering, physically and financially, from the ‘Where We Are Tour’ 2014 the unstoppable 1D lads added a bunch of dates to their ‘On The Road Again Tour’ 2015.


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Even more One Direction BTS photos from the ‘Steal My Girl’ video shoot have been released

If you’ve logged on to the Internet at least once in the past two weeks you’ll know there’s something big brewing in the One Direction camp. Yep there’s a new album coming out and yep Harry is back in the good old UK – which means soon he’ll have to look extra cute and snuggly in a coat and LAYERS!

That’s not all though, if you’ve been studying closely you’ll also realise there’s been photos floating about involving a chimp, some exploding colourful balls and a few other wacky and wonderful things.

Enough waffling, here’s the said photos you clicked this article for.


Is it wrong we find Zayn’s knees attractive? Is that a…thing?


Yeah they’re playing with a chimp but did they also have to use a common portaloo?


Louis in this shirt, there’s just no words.


Where can we get a chimp to cuddle?


The chimp is holding Louis’ thigh, we repeat there’s leg touching.

The video for ‘Steal My Girl’ goes live at 4pm GMT today. Christ we can’t help feeling this is going to be more than amazing.

Steal My Girl x

One Direction Steal My Girl Teaser #4: Niall gets tribal and shimmys. A LOT.

FRIDAY 24TH, PEOPLE! The ‘Steal My Girl’ video will here and in full in front of our lovely faces. We’ve been getting ourselves into a bit of a tizz over the amazing teasers so far featuring Harry, Zayn and Liam so far but now it’s Niall’s turn to shine.

Oh, and there’s shimmy-ing. SO MUCH SHIMMY-ING.


We’re not entirely sure what’s going on in the costume department here (we want to say there’s a tribal influence going on somewhere…?) but we’re VERY much in favour of this chest exposing styling overall. Plus, we’re already practicing the Niall Shimmy here in the MP! office…




1D’s Harry’s Vomit? The five most bizarre and crazy items sold online.

Last week we were treated with the glorious pictures of Harry Styles being sick, which confirmed that popstars can be sick (you heard it here first!) However it has since been rumoured a fan is selling a ‘scoop’ of the vomit online (no it is not the 1st April) to the highest bidder. So naturally we decided to a list of the five most crazy and bizarre celebrity related items sold online:

1. Harry Styles’ vomit.
Harry Styles Vomit

We’ve already spoke about this but wanted to include it so we had an excuse to search and find a GIF of Harry (we love our job).

2. Britney Spears’ chewing gum

Britney Spears Clapping

Yeah this one is nice. In 2004 a London waiter picked up left over chewing gum from Britney and sold it online for £164, not bad if you ask us. Celebrity chewing gum collecting may now become a ‘thing’.

3. Justin Bieber’s Hair 

Justin Bieber hair

Justin brought a lock of his famous hair onto the Ellen show back in 2011 in order to auction for charity. The winning bid was £25,000 and the winner got the hair in a nice signed box (top marks for presentation Beebs).

4. Justin Timberlake’s Half Eaten Sandwich

Justin Timberlake

Back in the day of N*SYNC on a morning TV programme Mr. Timberlake only had a bite of the food offered to him which may have slightly annoyed the poor person who had made it for him. However it wasn’t all bad as it managed to sell for almost £2,000!

5. Niall Horan’s half eaten toast

Niall Horan

Carrying on the trend that celebrities only eat half of everything is Niall from 1D who’s half eaten toast got bids of over £60,000 on eBay… We certainly wouldn’t turn down a display cabinet with Niall’s toast in it for the MP! headquarters.